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Evgeniy Sidikhin: "being a father is a great happiness" discussed with the famous Comedy actor debut, a father's everyday life and work on the dacha

Actor Eugene Sidikhin caught the fancy of fans in the roles of men near whom at least safely. However, there are roles, in which Eugene is not less convincing.

— If I understand correctly, the "Vacation President" — the first Comedy in your big filmography. How is it shooting?

— I actually first played in the Comedy. It was interesting, famously. My hero is the mythical General some mythical organization that protects the President. At a time when the President disappears, the General has come on hard times. I imagined him as a brave person who is willing to rush into the fire and into the water.

— If the Comedy you played for the first time, the role of a fearless person for you is a usual thing. Does this mean that you and life are not afraid of anything?

— Everyone is afraid of something, formed fears, depending on what happened to him. And I certainly have fears, and I would think, before committing some rash act. Although depending on what kind of case. My life has been different situations, and extreme, but it is not, you know, I want to say.

And funny situations on the road happen?

— Of course. Recently in Omsk the man approached with the little girl. And he said to me: "When was the film "Russian transit", you don't know it is to you all the time hands were pulling. So I brought her". And at that moment I was disguised: the military, in underwear underwear. The girl was frightened and began to hide behind dad. Did not know me.

Евгений Сидихин: «Быть отцом — это большое счастье»

"Vacation of the President" — the first Comedy in the filmography of Eugene Sidikhin. However, the role he played quite serious — General, Profoto: materials of press-services

— You often play brutal men, the defenders and guards. Is there a role you'd like to play, but not ever?

Is, and I make every effort not to play it at the moment. We are talking about the theatre. We are rehearsing a play by Romain Gary "Promise at dawn". I have not yet made a portrait of your character, to talk about it. In General, I do not refuse a role just because I want to play king Lear. However, in my situation, when I refused, but later regretted it. I was called into the picture Ryazanov. I read the script I didn't like it, bored: like Comedy, but the character is a strange person. And when Ryazanov called me, he apparently fell under this my mood, and I said I was busy. Then, of course, sorry. This was a movie "hi, fool".

— Looking at you, the impression that you are deeply positive man without flaws and with a lot of advantages. What do you say about this?

— I can't say what my advantages or disadvantages, have to say my family, I did not even think about it!..

— What about the classic lack of creative people — being late?..

— I set the alarm for seven in the morning, but always Wake up a quarter to seven. Even if I go to bed at five in the morning. Don't know what it is — the burden of responsibility or something else, but I always Wake up for the past many years. It's a shame, because these fifteen minutes I could go back to sleep. (Smiles.)

Евгений Сидихин: «Быть отцом — это большое счастье»

Evgeniy Sidikhin with his wife Tatiana Borkowski and daughters Pauline, Aglaia and Anticipate:

— Are you the father of many children. Probably, it is difficult to bring up three daughters?

— Three or five — it doesn't matter, but being a father is great happiness. They are all girls different. Were born in different planets: one in summer, another in winter, the third in the fall. You can tell they are from different galaxies. I feel a great pleasure when in the theater I see my eldest daughter Pauline. At the same time worried about her. The youngest, Naomi, goes to a dance Studio, she is very passionate about all the time and shows us what they have learned. Average, Aglaia, before she took up basketball seriously, but now only for fun. Her attention is directed to the study. I played sports in childhood, and it is wonderful that there are such opportunities. When Aglaya went to the basketball section, we did not pay for doing nothing, were the endless trips and competitions. We, of course, my wife was worried about her, went, sick, when you had the chance. I remembered then how my father is as sick of me in childhood.

— Now sports Hobbies present in your life?

— I used to swim in the pool, did so. But now I have a house outside the city. And that's where, if you work hard you get a load of that, I think, is enough.

— Anything on the plot?

— I do not bother. I thing to keep this site at least more or less normal condition. After all, it's not easy: it is necessary to come to mow, and it's killing my back. And then when you have some free time, I got into construction and started the mess in the house. Also interesting: and creativity, and at the same time, load physical. But it's just Hobbies. I believe that my spouse makes it better. She advises very well.

— You are an amazing Renaissance man. Do you have any other talents that we don't know?

— I've been doing astrological picture — on some computer I was calculated. And I said, "Talent you've got, of course not, but don't worry: you'll be a good father." (Smiles.) I was then still a child, a young man, but remember it.


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