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Nina Shatskaya: "I don't want to be like anyone"

How she blushes and thinks that his main advantage? The actress responded to our quick poll

— What color do you associate yourself?

— Depends on my mood, my favourite red and white.

— Did you say you had read Schopenhauer, although you didn't read?

— No, I am not usually too shy to say something I do not know.

Someday in a fit of rage you hit the dishes, tore Newspapers, throwing objects?

— No. When my friends say they broke the set in a dispute with her lover, I really envy them.

— Did you happen to give the donated gifts?

— Yes, unfortunately. And I'm not alone in this sense. Very often make gifts, knowing that they can give.

— What can make you blush?

— Rudeness. I can't stand him.

— Your reaction at the sight of his own double?

— Very negative, not like twins. From childhood said do not want to be like anyone else.

— Your best feature?

— Dedication and discipline. This quality, which to me is very easy to work and generally communicate.

The most unexpected thing you afford?

— Can gather during the day, take a suitcase and fly away to the edge of the world.

— What talent would you most like to possess?

— I would love to have a large memory, in order to provide a wide variety of texts.

— You know the exact amount that's in your wallet?

In this sense, I am flighty, you never know how much money I have.

— That you promised yourself this morning?

I recently fulfilled so many promises to myself that now allow you to be lazy. Go with the flow of life.


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