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Vera Shpak: "My young man be treated with healthy cynicism to the actor's experiences"

This actress is very speaking the name. And although it is a long time in the profession, some still ask what she has the hero of the film "Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation"

— The belief that your connection to Rob a dentist Anton Semyonovich Shpak?

— All life connects me with him! (Laughs.) Even when I have not seen this film, I knew about its citations relatively Shpak. This is a favorite joke of my name. And my mom is a dentist.

— When did you realize that not in vain did slang for prospects to become an actress?

— Since my childhood I wanted to be an actress. But at the end of tenth grade I went to England for a month, to teach the language. I really liked it. And the mistaken popular belief that "first you need to get a profession, and then do all nonsense", prevailed, and I went to the faculty of foreign languages in Minsk. He then moved to Peter. There was also language, excellent teachers, but had the feeling that I'm not in his place. Remember the moment when I realized that it is impossible to give up the dream. You need to use all the features, and then figure out, turned out or not. I went on preparatory courses in Spbgati. And when I started to go on tours to Moscow, I realized that everything is not in vain. Closer to the competition in the Theater, the feeling was this: if you do not take, do not understand how to live. Return in foreign languages is no longer wanted.

— The School–Studio of MKHAT your teacher was Konstantin Raikin. What he gave you?

Love to theatre, to business, which is engaged in himself. Konstantin Abramovich is a huge fan of the theater. The dedication and sincerity he relates to this, the falling grains into the souls of his disciples. From the first day we were told, told and shown that it is impossible to do this job half-heartedly, only to fully dedicate yourself.

— Why immediately after the theatre you are not left Moscow and went back to Peter?

— I really wanted to work in a good and Bolshoi theatre. Unfortunately, in Moscow I did not get to those theaters in which I would like to play. There were options to stay, but when Valery V. Fokin said that he was taking me, no questions arose. It's the Alexandrinsky, it's Fokin, this is a big, serious and interesting theatre. Yes, and my mother lives in St. Petersburg.

— You are lucky in life with steering...

— That's it. To do Raikin, practically off the street, not really and preparing and doing theatre, I could not imagine. Then Fokin with the Imperial theatre. When I returned to Moscow, again I was lucky — I met Sergey Vitalyevich Bezrukov on the set of "unavailable" Misha Hleborodov. After the shooting, two weeks later, Sergey has called me and has called in the Moscow provincial theatre. Went without hesitation. In General, life gives me such people, whom you want to go and learn from them.

— Do you have the internal taboo on particular role, character, Director, partner?

— Of course, I thought about it, but has not yet proposed anything, what would I unequivocally refused. Again, it all depends on the material. I sometimes think that we have too much violence not only in life but in art, film, theater, television. Anger for anger. I would like somehow to influence his work — to bring more "light".

— You're afraid of something, for example, that will offer better, lose weight, sex scenes?

— The sex scenes? If you want, why not. If you trust the team, if you know that it will bring to the film will not go while I'm young and beautiful, can. (Laughs.) And to lose weight or gain weight, shave my head, so that every actor dreams that he was asked to do something similar for interesting roles.

It's amazing how you manage to stay "young beautiful" with endless shots of so-called "chinacomm" on the site. Or bring something of their own?

— When the process is going, cook something, unfortunately, very difficult. There is no time. I try to order on site lunch diet. The worst thing, it seems to me, "sit on the sideboard": drying, buns, sandwiches. This is something I still struggle. I remember a couple of years ago I had a project for which I bought a lot of nuts. And if hungry, I ate them. From that project I still have one girl called Squirrel. (Laughs.)

— What difficulties on the set of a long series, such as "Serebryanyy Bor", "Black cat"?

— We're preparing, think about your hero, and the more scenes you have played, the clearer you make your character. It is difficult it is not to lose, living in parallel with his life, playing in plays, acting in the other scenes. And I have then in parallel with another three of the project. This is the difficulty. I'm not even talking about the physical form, which must be constant for the entire project: both came and went.

In 2018 will be at least five projects with your participation. The fatigue from that amount of material is present?

— It is so beautiful! This state of sin is called fatigue. Great joy for the actress, when she's got a lot of work, despite the sleep in planes and green face from exhaustion. (Laughs.)

— Actress for you now a profession?

— It was the wrong wording. I understood when he entered the theatre. My mother is a doctor. And in the first year, when we talked to her, she said: "I thought there is nothing harder medical. But what do you do in the first year... I think in the army easier." And it's true. In terms of work — is a great profession, and a very interesting profession. But I'm not a doctor, who came home from the hospital and "off". Acting is life. You constantly see around you, observe, think, try to justify, to explain something, for someone to spy on you all the time in the process.

— What should be the companion of a successful actress?

— First and foremost, this person needs to understand who his companion is and what they do. At the Institute, I realized that man is not very theatrical, it will be difficult to understand the lifestyle of the actor: we play in the evenings, we have no weekends and holidays, we leave for expedition, we have a night shift. We may not appear for weeks at home, and not always possible for this house to follow. Man working on a five-day schedule, with days off on Saturday and Sunday will be quite difficult. Although there are examples where and how people live. Most importantly, the person next to you, understood and respected what you do.

— Who is your young man in the profession?

— I was lucky. He works in theater a lighting designer and understands the process. Knows what and how. Apply with a healthy cynicism of my acting experiences.


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