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Yekaterina Klimova: "As a mother and wife I'm not the most enviable option"

In an interview, the actress reflects on how difficult it is to combine work and family

Ekaterina Klimova as the personification of spring: the years go by, added projects and children, and she seems to not change at all. The same slim, beautiful, smiling, as a few years ago, when we also shot the cover of "Atmosphere." No wonder that in many interviews her asking the same question: how does she look great with such a crazy life schedule? We decided to talk about inner change and find out what today's Katya Klimova jealous of yourself twenty years. Details — in an interview with the April issue of "Atmosphere".

— Ekaterina, you were talking about your Gypsy roots. Nomadic people have a love of freedom. You mostly feel like a man free or dependent?

With age for me has changed the meaning of the word. For any freedom you have to pay. I like a man burdened with a family, children, whose profession takes most of the time, well aware of this. For many years I can't afford any Hobbies, I don't have time to watch TV or read a book. So anyone to discuss this topic, not me. But there is a freedom of choice in profession: I could star in those pictures that is really interesting to me. I no longer have any youth complexes, which at the time I was very limited. In addition, as it turned out, many things are forced upon us by society: a successful woman should try all the expensive novelties of the beauty industry, to live on the ruble, to wear jewelry from Cartier and it is urgent to get rid of the iPhone as it came new. And actually it's not so important.

— Are you have moments when you want to quit, to run away?

I'm impulsive and such outbursts happen. But I have a lot of obligations. Besides, I often go to film expeditions: for me, on the contrary, the road moments when I'm home. I stretch it a time to be with family, children. Get pleasure from what you might cook them something delicious for lunch.

Екатерина Климова: «Как мать и жена я не самый завидный вариант»

Dress Alla Couture; shoes, Stuart Weitzman; jewelry, VALTERAФото: Alina Golub

— Don't be tempted to sit longer on maternity leave?

— Tell you a secret, even now virtually no such thing. Very few women allow themselves to be on leave to care for a child a year or two. We have strong, ambitious and don't want to lose the won positions in his career. I'm probably the most striking representative of the women who try to combine family and work, but it is not always possible. Every child is mine, as you said, maternity leave is becoming shorter. I finished shooting in mid-August, and my youngest daughter Bella was born on September 30. And in December I again starred in the film "I love my husband". It was hard to get away from the tiny daughters, but, unfortunately, came across an interesting scenario. (Smiles.)

— That is the trend of "I was born in the year of the Horse and the plow just" saved?

— And be glad to escape from the dogs, but I can't. I'm like a horse with blinders: I'm flying by inertia on these projects, performances, tours, red carpet. Have contracts, you can't let people down on some activities ask you friends... I guess I should learn to say "no". First, strive to success, and then get the other side of popularity. As a public profession, even in your personal life you mean. Can't relax, knowing that you can come at any time, sometimes the wrong. In the coupe knock in the hotel room. Can not imagine how to live a Hollywood superstar! (Smiles.)

— On the way family life affects your popularity?

— As far as I remember, I was always active, as my dad flying. So parents are used to it, and the children grew up with a mom-actress. I console myself with the thought that since we have a big Italian family — four children, grandparents, dads, nannies — they do not feel deficiency of love and my forced absence does not prevent them to live a normal life. Of course, we have no idyll: to combine family and work difficult. But what to do: there are people who are obsessed with the profession, and I among them.

Екатерина Климова: «Как мать и жена я не самый завидный вариант»

Dress Alla Couture; shoes, Stuart Weitzman; jewelry, VALTERAФото: Alina Golub

— That is, you can hardly afford a family trip to the shopping center of the type "Fleet", where our shoot?

— No, why, we sometimes spend so closed in such complexes like this and go to the movies and cafes to sit and go to the rink. Lisa, by the way, likes to play the slot machines. She is a very lucky man and soft toys that seem just impossible to catch, pulls out on time. Can have fun in the supermarket to ride together on the big trucks with the products. Acting disordered life: work for six months without leave and almost seven days a week, and then suddenly it happens break, which miraculously coincides with the holidays of children.

And shopping you love?

— Yes, I like to go shopping: for women this is akin to anti-stress therapy. Happy to do the shopping, when the opportunity presents itself. As a rule, I'm not leaving: went into one boutique to another, got on some sale...

— How children react, if during a run to the shops to you, someone comes up for an autograph or asks to be photographed?

— With understanding — moving away to the sidelines, waiting. From time to time, they did not notice that their parents have something special, thought maybe the mom on the TV show. They rarely come to me for photography or for performances at the theatre.

Why? They are not interested?

— They have their own busy life. Now they are studying at the Lomonosov school, and I am very pleased. I seriously question the study. I don't even such an important rating, how much real knowledge of the subject. But what I really want to instill in them independence, to provide freedom of choice. Lisa loves music and plays many instruments: piano, guitar, ukulele. When I brought home the Celtic harp to practice for the filming of the film "Love and sax", the daughter has mastered it much faster. And the sons into sports. Matthew is Boxing, Korney attracted to chess. He wants to become an aircraft designer. And Bella goes to class musical development.

Екатерина Климова: «Как мать и жена я не самый завидный вариант»

Dress, YANINA COUTURE; shoes, Stuart Weitzman; jewelry, VALTERAФото: Alina Golub

— She's only two years?

Two and a half. But it also has its own interests, it wants to communicate with his peers.

— And Lisa is already sixteen. You become friends?

— I hope. But to be honest, I never tried. In my opinion, mom should be first and foremost authority. Children depend on us and sometimes manipulate their good behavior and grades, about attention to us, in order to avoid punishment. And only when they become independent, it is possible to speak about friendship. Now I'm trying to stay sober in our relationship. I don't want Lisa thought that at some point, familiarity will allow me to close my eyes to her misconduct. There must be mutual respect, no selfish motives. First, we need to educate the people, and then be friends with him.

— It helps you with younger children?

— Certainly helps. But life has changed. It before parents could send us in the five years to the store for bread. We ourselves went on the tram, in the subway. Came home from school and fueled their own food. Now this is simply impossible to imagine. Children engaged in nanny, and they became infantile, more helpless in terms of life, although the information they have to handle a lot more than us at the time. Bella good with phones, knows how to go to settings and connect wifi. On the Lisa never had the responsibility as the older sister with the younger, to feed, wash, put to sleep... I always believed that this is my problem, and she has school and a life. Of course, the children do have some household chores: they clean the toys, you can wash the dishes, take out the trash, but it's not in such amount as we had when the elder brother or sister in the literal sense of the word parents.

— Previously, it was believed that the girl should be the mistress.

— As my mother used to say: marry — learn! (Laughs.) Indeed, some things in us naturally and then unfold in the right environment, when you become a wife and mother. Only I am married, I finally understood why my mother almost every day mopping the floors. In his house you see every speck.

Екатерина Климова: «Как мать и жена я не самый завидный вариант»

Dress, YANINA COUTURE; shoes, Stuart Weitzman; jewelry, VALTERAФото: Alina Golub

— You are a perfectionist in this regard?

— Oh, Yes! I love to clean, and with every year the situation all the worse. (Laughs.) I like to create coziness. And since people in the house a lot, every thing try to find a place and teach this to yourself and others. For example, the curtain must be drawn with equal intervals. While I was in the cupboard the cups were rearranged — it is necessary to return to the place. Children room overgrown with unnecessary items, which yesterday were castles and garages in their fantasies — it is necessary to disassemble. (Laughs.) When my boys come home from school and see doors garbage bags, saying, "Oh, your mom's here!". And I remember from my childhood, like old apartments in the attic were stored some boxes, hung in the closet grandfather's pre-war coat, smelling of mothballs... So try to clear away the rubble. Children grow up — their belongings immediately find new owners. Although some expensive Souvenirs I keep in a special box of their drawings, notes, postcard on March 8...

— Are you a romantic person?

— Sentimental: I touch sad movies or books. But my substantive understanding of life. I like the comfort, and often my relationship to the person also translates into a financial equivalent. Alas! Gifts I try to choose practical. (Laughs.) Even romance tend to constant shower of suffering, and I don't want to suffer, I need it to go well.

— In a marriage needs romance? Is to think of something to give new impetus to the relations?

— Coming up — definitely not. I want to care for relationship as for the precious vase. After all, if it is not cleaned, not polished, do not put flowers, it is covered with a layer of dust. But inadvertently, it generally can break. So to risk the relationship to the desire I have. Shake them, add the pepper — thank you! On the contrary, try to preserve what you have. With age for me got a special value respect, mutual understanding, comfort of existence next.

Екатерина Климова: «Как мать и жена я не самый завидный вариант»

Dress Alla Couture; jewelry, VALTERAФото: Alina Golub

— You now love yourself more than when you were young?

— Something more, something less. All the time. When you're young, the more often dissatisfied with themselves. Pay more attention to their disadvantages, don't like the nose or the figure seems not so graceful. And growing up, you start to appreciate the beauty not external. I admire Julia Roberts: she was not a girl, no charm of youth, but it is effulgence, light. Well, when you realize that you are heading in the right direction. I love the body that I am, my thoughts, my consciousness. To me a comfort. But the pretty twenty year old Catherine Klimova, who could admire a blade of grass from creeping on her ladybug anymore. (Smiles.) Maybe in old age I will again observe the insects and to write poetry...

— There you have feelings of professional jealousy when someone got the role due to their appearance and youth?

— In the theater for sure this does not happen. On the contrary, I'm asking someone to duplicate my performances, because periodically leaving on maternity leave. (Laughs.) Never clung to the role. And in the movies sometimes worry that somewhere was not approved. But then I realized: if a role is not yours, it is not be your. All that is done, the better. If I took the project would not have happened another, much more interesting. Besides, I have so much work that no time to ponder on such topics.

Екатерина Климова: «Как мать и жена я не самый завидный вариант»

Dress, YANINA COUTURE; jewelry, VALTERAФото: Alina Golub

— In the theater immediately feel the reaction of the audience. Movie — not so...

— There is a problem. Between the actor and spectator of many intermediaries. I always thought to myself: let me to the audience, and we understand each other. (Laughs.) But early in his career you are not you. Somehow put on wrong, you pronounce the text that you wrote, and I dare not paraphrase him, obediently carry out the will of the Director. Only gradually, step by step, become yourself. Say: can I wear a skirt, I like this length is not? Can I have this sentence say the same thing, but slightly differently? And while you as-is, comes to the viewer, it may take some time. Not everyone have the strength to save yourself, believe that you exist. Begin to adapt to the mainstream: Oh, but now trendy plump lips, come and I will increase? Maybe play dirty play and get naked? Or change orientation? Then I like?.. (Laughs.)

Is how to find your man.

— Male one, and a lot of viewers. But in principle — Yes. The recipe is to "be yourself" can be applied to everything. Of course, it is impossible to blossom, to become smug, impenetrable, inflexible, selfish.

— That globally forced to become an actress — the desire popularity, love?

— I can't say that as a child I was very active in show creativity. Instead, I was a private, quiet child. Sometimes I did ask a girlfriend to buy bread. Was too embarrassed to tell the cashier: "I loaf white and half black". I always thought that this profession brought me — lucky. Now I understand that after all initially we predefined some way. Interestingly, the earliest baby photos I have everywhere tear-stained face. Mom says: "it is not clear, but for some reason, when you instructed the camera, you began to cry". Maybe I already knew something about this girl, saw that in the future I have a lot to do, and in that time still was not prepared for the attention of: not wearing makeup and not dressed up! (Laughs.)

Екатерина Климова: «Как мать и жена я не самый завидный вариант»

Dress, YANINA COUTURE; jewelry, VALTERAФото: Alina Golub

— Are you satisfied with how is your creative life?

Yes. Sometimes I think I sleep, it is not happening with me. It is difficult to give a report each day. We look at ourselves in the mirror and don't notice change. But if I present such a popular actress, showed the twenty-year Katya Klimova, she wouldn't believe it, I guess. If to assess objectively my career, it turned out well. I think I have a pretty diverse role. And probably no one character I was not fond of. I do not have excessive ambitions — to conquer Hollywood for example.

— Do you think the movie helping someone to live?

— Now, thanks to social networks you can learn a lot about yourself and your work. (Smiles.) Sometimes I get interesting letters. Not about the fact that "I want to be an actress" or "where you bought, which starred in 'the Trees"?". There are constructive comments. And sometimes someone admits that our painting has helped him to solve a personal problem, has changed my life. And then I immediately like wings grow. (Smiles.) I always try to configure itself: if I was touched by this story, she and the audience will not leave anyone indifferent.

— In some ways you feel your age?

— I'm getting serious. But in my heart I remain a little girl that wants to sleep, and walk, but, alas, there are responsibilities. Age is felt that limiting yourself in dreams. Once you start to ask yourself: do you really want this? And you know what you have to do? Of course, I have dreams, but they are different — that all were healthy and happy and peace on earth. (Laughs.)

Екатерина Климова: «Как мать и жена я не самый завидный вариант»

Sweater and pants, all Cepheya; jewelry, VALTERAФото: Alina Golub

— Is it all so seriously? And with friends in a café to go and sing karaoke?..

— Have girlfriends with whom have been friends for many years, and new ones appear. In principle I am an outdoor person, but not so hot to maintain the relationship, as it once was. When possible, we meet with the girls. But I guess to each is the same as mother and wife: not the most enviable option.

— One of your colleague told me that when the work is all in solid 'five", it is necessary to switch to a family where all "three" pull up there and go back to work...

— Sounds so cute in theory, but in reality it is impossible. Sometimes it comes on all fronts, and then some Cola in all subjects. "Five" is the result not of today. It is obtained when the long, hard work. And I don't see how it is today satisfactory? I don't know how not to spend. Still I have the excitement before going on stage, I feel like his heart will explode. In such moments I don't know why I do this profession. (Laughs.) And as for parenting, this "five" is also earning immediately. But so nice when someone says, "What are you good kids!". So were sown the necessary grain.


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