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Svetlana Kolpakova: "stress help me bath and a walk with the dog" discussed with the star of "the Golden Horde" and "Mothers" of the virtual world and the human integrity

Svetlana Kolpakova is an actress, in demand not only in movies and serials, but also in the theater. She doesn't spare himself when it comes to work, and yet calls himself a happy man.

— Svetlana, as you know, on a horoscope Aries. What are the distinctive features of the representatives of this sign are peculiar to you?

— Think, persistence, perseverance and hard work.

— It helps to profession or a hindrance? From what his hell would like to get rid of?

— To me these traits only help in the profession. So any to get rid of would not want. All the acting in the piggy Bank!

— When you have decided that the public should be interested only in your work, closing the topic of parents and romantic relationships?

— This is a principled position. She was with me always!

Rumors heard about yourself?

— I'm not that serious keep track of what's going on around my person.

But, in spite of its closeness, you are quite active user of social networks. It is true that he was in the virtual world through theatre?

— Yes, it's quick communication. When I was rehearsing in the play "Zoyka's apartment", I do not use social networks. But the production group headed by Kirill Serebrennikov were advanced and modern. In order to promptly exchange information on work, all participants were encouraged to have a Facebook page. Assigned me to the role of Madame Ivanova, and therefore the avatar made a similar — Madam Kolpakova. The role was subsequently changed, and Madam Kolpakova has remained incredibly amuses me.

Светлана Колпакова: «От стрессов мне помогают баня и прогулка с собакой»

In the TV series "the Golden eagle" Svetlana tried on a retro image and turned into a Princess, Radmilovac: materials of press-services

— Since when do you remember yourself?

Years with five or six like started dancing.

And when he decided to become an actress?

— When he entered the theatre.

— As Pike chose you?

— How did you pick me Pike, I still don't know, but I'm happy that she did!

— Are you planning to finish and graduate at the Department of "Plastic expressiveness of the actor"? What did it get you?

— I was always interested in everything connected with the plastic. I thought, continuing his studies in this Department, can not only keep fit, but also get their wonderful teachers that don't have time to learn during the training period.

— You hit the Mat, which was led by tobacco, immediately after school. What surprised you in the famous theatre?

— Surprised by the large number of artists, producers and venues. (Laughs.)

— What was the relationship with Oleg Pavlovich?

— Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov was a wonderful professional (had the opportunity to play with him in the theater) and human relationships. It is to him I owe my creative life. I was not his student, but for me it will forever remain one of the most important teachers in the acting profession.

Светлана Колпакова: «От стрессов мне помогают баня и прогулка с собакой»

In the TV series "Mom" Svetlana (pictured with actor Sergey Lavygin) played a large mom and coped well, although their children, the actress, while netphoto: materials of press-services

— Are you a sociable person? With partners come together easily?

Yes. But if on the stage or the set, something goes wrong, I don't use it. Accept and work on!

— What's most important for you in relations of healthy and unhealthy?

— Honesty and respect to each other.

— In 2010, for theatrical achievements you've gained a gold medal at the ceremony of "Triumph". How did you feel?

— Afraid of being late to the show, which started at the butt with the end of the ceremony.

— You said you consider yourself more of a theater actress, and film it for you a new challenge. Have not changed their attitude to this?

— I'd like to admit that my view has changed... a lot of interesting offers from the movies, but employment history is still at the Chekhov Moscow art theatre.

— How to cope with stress after large loads in theater and film?

— Walk the dog, go to the beautician in the bath!

— Heard that you love to travel. What countries are at the heart of what really like?

— Italy. And Vietnam — there hats are beautiful.

— What country did not coincide with your ideas about it?

— Until all the countries where I've been, not cheated on me in my expectations. Everywhere there is something to love and something one might be interested in. In General you are right: I love to travel. However, even more I love coming home.

— Fashionable yoga don't practice? Trip to Buddhist temples?

— My main hobby is my profession.


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