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Zoya Berber: "they All want me to steal to get married in the village to take" met with the actress and talked about the habit of joking on the set, star disease, and the types for wedding

Zoya Berber first appeared on screens eight years ago in the sitcom "Real boys." Yeah so got used to her character in the street still call out to Leroy, although a shortage of roles the actress is not complaining.

— What you remember before filming the "Real boys"?

— Pants with bunt, hoodies, headphones rap artists, a complete misunderstanding of what will happen next.

— Now things have changed...

— I learned to wear dresses and skirts. (Laughs.) Became a mother. Now I can withstand, I think, a 15-hour day. Came the experience of doing TV shows. Now about traveling, this was Pro sports, quietly affected the repair. (Laughs.)

But it's all positive things, but negative are?

— At some point, when we started touring with the "Boys" began to appear on whims. But since we have a very solid team, we're not whispering behind my back, head do all the talking. So, I arrived: "So, we are all on a par. What acted up?" And then I realized that I began to take in some kind of wrong direction. Quickly corrected himself.

Зоя Бербер: «Все хотят меня украсть, замуж взять, в аул увезти»

A little less than three years ago, Zoya Berber and screenwriter Alexander Sinegubov became parents of a daughter, Nadezhdivka:

— You in my life anyone ever associate with your character Leroy by Oborin?

— Constantly. Previously, in most cases, I was called out to Leroy, now I'm out of 50/50. But why not? The product is great, once it became popular.

From the side it may seem that around your person walks a lot of rumors...

There used to be smaller. Now began to appear. For example, I don't like to talk about his personal life, so this can be anything to distribute. For a long time it was thought that I live with Kolya Naumov from "the Boys", though we told everyone that it is not so. If you have three children, my life all is well. Now that's some kind of wave went about that I'm hysterical at the site. I know where the Shoe pinches. It's such a vengeance. But I do only fun.

Зоя Бербер: «Все хотят меня украсть, замуж взять, в аул увезти»

Thanks to the TV series "Real boys" Zoya is famous in the whole country. As a complement to the popularity of the actress received a wave of rumors about his affair with a partner on the series of Nicholas Neulovimoe: materials of press-services

Is your daughter Hoping for three years. You cannot be a good mother?

— From birth Nadi we have never been to the sea. Except for Sochi where I was at work. And she is consciously asking the questions: "Mom, when are we going to play on the sand by the sea?" All three years — has personality. It's time for parents to regroup.

— It is known that maternity leave you were short, just a few months...

The pause was long in three months, and then my daughter and I together went to work: I'm on the ground, and she just went with me. But these three months have given to me is not easy. Like so: to sit at home and you have only one colleague that was your daughter? The first time was very hard. And then, when work began, I was waiting for the weekend to spend them with her. But while there are forces, desire and ability to work, do not want to miss the chance. Profession actress fickle and unstable.

— Who is the daughter while you are at work?

— We have grandparents, babysitter, dad, who always helps out mom.

— Alexander, the father of your daughter, the writer. You at home to discuss the working moments of each other?

— Is necessary. This is an ongoing process. When coming audition, I discuss it with him. Building his acting, too, asking Sasha about some details. For my part, when Sasha is in the process of notions of the script, everything about women, I offer the options: how would or how would, what I would do.

Зоя Бербер: «Все хотят меня украсть, замуж взять, в аул увезти»

In the new series "Avenues" Zoya and Pavel Priluchny played a couple who are raising small gochoco: materials of press-services

— You have recently returned your survey in the series, "Avenues", where you have partners Paul Priluchny. Tell us about this piece.

— Pavel Priluchny is a great partner. David Tkebuchava — a great Director. An unusual project for me because it's a drama where the main character played by Paul Priluchnogo — former member of spetsnaz GRU. I play the role of his wife, who for a long time waiting for the wife from the hot spot, but decides to end this relationship, because he thinks that it would be better for her and the baby. Before, I was often present at the sites of sitcoms or Comedy projects, and I have developed the habit of joking. Doing a humorous assessment of what is happening. This had to work. I directly hinted: "Whether is easier! Drama!". But I managed to make a dramedy a little bit. (Laughs.)

— What is your relationship with fans?

— I communicate with them. Not now. Try to give detailed interviews to all the questions they could get answers. I often write mountaineers: "why, I'm stealing you!" I'm Caucasian, blond, they like me so much. (Laughs.) Everyone wants to steal, to get married, to the village to take. (Laughs.)

— By the way, about the wedding... With Alexander you have. Will they become official?

— I do not want that to happen formally. Need time to prepare everything for your friends and arrange a real holiday. Either that or nothing. So hoard ready and waiting for!


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