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Dibrov: "I remain ready to be surprised!"

In an interview with televedushy discussed colleagues who are respected, biased choices, and children guitar

One of the country's best loved TV presenters Dmitry Dibrov for ten years has been the popular "Who wants to be a millionaire." Today, despite the fact that Dmitry is traditionally like the "good old", he is ready to surprise and take the "good new".

— Once upon a time in the garden "Hermitage" when we did the interview, I broke the recorder, and I began to write you with a pen in a notebook...

— Yes, Yes, Yes. It was a good start.

— So you said that the old school you like. It's in journalism, and what you like from the old school on TV?

— A good question. What is old school? I don't see the difference between old and new school. It seems to me that if under the old school we understand Vladimir Vladimirovich Posner and me, then take a look at our ratings. Somehow, the old and the new schools will be in any case to decide only one objective characteristic is the rating. Everything else is an improvement. Now for those lovely people who came to Ostankino. Any uneven distribution of anything in the world is always divided in the proportion of twenty to eighty. One hundred old people come in "Ostankino" in the eighties, 80% were narcissistic assholes, and 20 — sensible people. You know them over the Network. Also new: 80% of them narcissistic fools who came to "Ostankino" only for greed. Such Rastignac-2018. All for themselves, imitating the beautiful phrases and manners. See, nothing new under the sun there. Look for a wonderful colleague Yuri Dude. Well, what's the difference compared with the good interviewers of the past? Only one — there can be more to afford verbal expression. Because of the Internet. And that is questionable. So maturness, and...
And the rest is counterpart Duda characterizes the old coordinate system: in the desire to get to the bottom of, asking questions and looking at problems as it rushed through the jungle of words guest. All clear.

Дмитрий Дибров: «Я по-прежнему готов удивляться!»

Music — the same passionate love Dmitry, as TV. In 2001 he presented the album "Rum and Pepsi-Cola", which was cover versions of songs of Mike Naumenko. On the title track had a video (pictures work the time of filming)Vladimir Chistyakov

— You are not the first year of broadcasts of "Who wants to be a millionaire". Notice, how the audience?

— The audience does not change in any way. When people started television project, asks the fashion question, what target audience this TV project is, I understand that I or a newbie, either a rascal on TV, whose only desire is to earn a particular target audience, or just stupid people. Really good TV such a question does not sets. You know, if my favorite Leonid Iovich Gaidai was asked what target audience and how it will change, making the "Diamond hand", we wouldn't get any semen semenycha, no Lelik—Papanova, no Kozodoeva—Mironov.

— Are you personally still like the program or something pall?

— It is brilliant! Can get bored with dominoes, chess, or perhaps bingo? I love everything, as it satisfied a huge number of people around the world. Of course, we try with colleagues to think about, don't just upgrade the Studio that happens once every three years. Audience, in General, does not notice our efforts. Because the main thing in this game is its unique game mechanics and, of course, desire something intelligent to watch on TV. And not only propaganda and news.

— What points in the education of their children you borrowed from the experience of previous generations?

— Absolutely everything I do with my kids is a copy that I did my father. He did what? Nothing! Just my father played on four instruments, spoke twelve languages and was known for 60 years all the breakthrough: jazz, Okudzhava, Novella Matveeva, Bella Akhmadulina. And the father only and did that constantly showed me interesting things. It just saved me from all the trials of life in a southern city, where you could go to juvie. But the notation (after all, the notation needs, children also need to educate) — all of these deals in our family mom. She is the source of the prohibition "not to pick your nose", the words "time to sleep". Well, comrades, to do? One needs to be good, and someone needs to be evil. Unfortunately, it falls on mom. From me — only gifts and interesting.

Дмитрий Дибров: «Я по-прежнему готов удивляться!»

During his telecharger Dmitry worked on five Federal TV channels. Since 2008, Dibrov the program is "Who wants to be a millionaire?"Photo: materials of press-services

— Sasha, Fyodor and Ilya only grow. Are you satisfied with the selection of older children — Denis and Frets?

— Denis, we, unfortunately, do not communicate, it happened. A Lada — Yes, I do like it. Paris, where she lives, is wonderful. I like my brother-in-law. Here she got married last summer. He's really cute, educated guy. Well, listen, I actually never intended to become a French grandfather. But believe me, I about it did not ask.

— How much for the TV presenter important reputation?

Important, of course. Understand what is the thing today after all the 290 channels on the panel in the viewer. For those facilitators who work in four Federal, reputation is important. And for those who work on marginal channels, the target, such as, for example, where everything related to the hobby, for those who collect or are interested in weapons, there is the reputation of the presenter is not so important. On the other hand, people immediately understand if the host does not understand and does not like the subject that leads it. But it is not reputation, is the professionalism.

You today is something that can surprise on TV?

— I am still willing to be surprised. Well, for example, really surprised me with exceptional talent, knowledge and performance of Ivan Urgant. For me it is still a young man. Young people, you know. (Laughs.) Although he is already a father of many children. Here it is I was very pleasantly surprised, I still love all of Vanina's work. And still surprised at his iskrometno, resourcefulness, ability to improvise.

Дмитрий Дибров: «Я по-прежнему готов удивляться!»

Dmitry was officially married four times and is the father of five children. The three youngest sons were born in marriage with Pauline Nagradova (now Dibrova). Dmitry and Polina made their relationship official in March 2009, godatta:

— Do you today feel your age?

— I don't feel it. Importantly, it is not felt by others. That is the question. (Laughs.)

— You always seriously into music. Now you have the time?

— I finished the sixth guitar. I do it myself. With the help of a Russian and American guitar masters. But think, calculate sound and I collect guitars. Moscow masters help Polish off, because there is a trick to which "tea", sorry, well, just can not walk myself. But in any case, two years I'm doing this. This is an amazing process. You have until the last don't know how the guitar will sound until you collect everything. And suddenly the sound is. Or did not happen. It was and is. I also make house arrangements that seem to be revolutionary, and play. This is good old Blues, of course, but with modern cybernetic tuber such a brew. But, to be honest, after the release of his album, which I recorded in order to examine the internal state and to enter the skin of the heroes of their broadcasts, that is, Russian musicians, found that it's a terrible life. And I did not like. I now have a very different look at the Genesis of his friends. I know some like to speak in public, there are, they catch a buzz from the reaction of the audience and improvise deftly. That's what I do not just loved in such a career. These drunken faces, who hear nothing, the climb just for the autographs. I must say, there is no such concert in Russia, where the guitarist or the vocalist weren't giving a thumbs up. Thus, he asks the sound engineer to raise the sound in the monitors, because he can't hear a damn thing. I don't like it. And who needs stands as a pillar of the guitarist on stage? This is nonsense. Grandpa, why are you here then? Here Blackmore recently visited. Here he stands in the middle of the scene, so it's Blackmore, guys. But I'm not a Blackmore! It was necessary in 1966 to start. Now it is possible and just stand there.
This is enough to sorokotyagi hall screaming with delight.
But others are forced to gallop around the stage like goats, you know? Mountain goats. I would not like this. So I sit at home and make arrangements. I recently did a tribute to Dima Revyakin from group "Kalinov the bridge", my colleague asked me. I think it's interesting.


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