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Casper van Dean: "In Russia all constantly need to be reminded that I don't drink alcohol" learned from a sex symbol of the 90s, what it's like to be a relative of Mark TWAIN, written in the rider guest and what he thinks about plastic surgery

No hurricane, Livni was unable to keep Casper van Dean from a trip to the Russian capital. In Moscow the actor was granted for filming a new project.

Casper, you did not come here for recreation, and for the shooting. What role will please fans?

— I play a Colonel of the FSB — not very emotional, straight person. This is quite an interesting experience for me because I play the Russian, and the Director asked me to pronounce all words with an American accent.

— How do you play with Russian colleagues?

— I like the energy of your artists — they are very emotional. Struck and your the young actress is 11-year-old Lisa Anokhin. Children, by nature, very open and sincere, they have the real truth and exuberant energy of life, which sometimes is not enough for us as adults. Lisa is a very vivid example of a talented, creative child.

— They say that filming is not without its oddities?..

— Yes, one story is especially memorable. We shot in downtown, and when I put all the equipment, started shooting, suddenly from one office came two officers in suits calmly entered the frame and, without anyone noticing, began to chat. Everyone was in a kind of surprise, hoping they will still notice others and will go out of frame. And they continued to exchange documents, handshakes and just not paying attention, went. For me it was a vivid picture that characterizes Russian people. When they are passionate about something, no one around don't see and burn it all with fire. It was a significant event.

Каспер Ван Дин: «В России всем постоянно нужно напоминать, что я не употребляю алкоголь»

The role in the movie "starship troopers" did Casper van Dean is famous all over mirfoto: scene from the movie "starship troopers"

I have American actors there are many complex requirements in the rider. And what is special about your rider?

My bride Jenny is the only feature of my rider. (Smiles.) There all for her —vegetarian food, for example. Still need to constantly remind everyone around that I do not drink alcohol in any form. Still trying to meet with Russian hospitality. But I'm 24 years old stopped drinking alcohol. I just was not very good. And I don't like to pour poison into your body.

— As it turns out, you are famous for not only their roles, but also family ties by mark TWAIN. Is that so?

— According to rumors, I have to it something — all talking about it, even my cousins. However, I really don't know what I have. But interestingly, even if we have distant family connections, the idea I was heavily influenced from childhood: I read his books, felt that I wanted to do what he did, for example, to sit in the boat and swim or play with the frogs.

— Mark TWAIN the inheritance you have left?

— No, there's nothing left, unfortunately. I know that my great grandfather gave to charity everything he had: his home, his land. I even lived on the street van Dyne, but didn't know then that it has to me something. But, of course, felt. (Smiles.)

— Say, in adolescence because of the appearance you called Ken...

And so I have had conflicts with boys. I don't think I wanted to be Ken. I wanted to be a military guy, masculine. I eventually went to military school, thought I wanted to become a military doctor. But it was still beautiful and I still called Ken. All this lasted until I moved to California, and then it started to work for me. And now I even get paid for what I like Ken. And that's fine. (Smiles.)

Каспер Ван Дин: «В России всем постоянно нужно напоминать, что я не употребляю алкоголь»

Casper van Dean is a happy father of three daughters. And in the summer he planned the wedding with my fiancée Jenny (right)Photo:

— You probably often make compliments about your physical shape. It is hard to maintain?

I'm trying to do six days a week for an hour. It is mainly a cardio activity. I do not only for roles but also for themselves — to Jenny's married to me. (Smiles.) Otherwise suddenly it will look for Captain America or someone like that.

— They say in Hollywood, all just obsessed with beauty and plastic surgeons. As you practice beauty shots?

— Indeed, women in Hollywood and even some men go to such specialists. But after the interventions they look completely different, I don't think they get any better. Some are similar to a female cat. And if lifting makes younger the person, the body is aging. And I think that's generally not my thing. I wouldn't be happy if I couldn't wrinkle my face. I think I would have even been able to play better if I lost the ability to mimic. And even if you suddenly need to go to a plastic surgeon because of the role, I'll pass. Anything, but not plastic surgery!

Your acting talent has been passed on to the children?

— My daughter is 21, she is now starting to do acting. She already participates in many TV shows, TV shows in America. Interestingly, she was born during the filming of "starship troopers". I came to the clinic cut the umbilical cord and then went on shooting. And not even fainted.


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