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Javier Bardem: "Sometimes Penelope is unbearable"

Hollywood actor said in an interview about marriage in Spanish

A kind-hearted man who beat already, it seems that all the villains in Hollywood. Loving father, raised by a single mother. Hot Hispanic, many years waiting for his current wife, Penelope Cruz. Javier Bardem easily combines all these features and more. In an interview with the magazine "Vibe" he says that to keep happiness in the family is much harder than to play any role, and to go to the store for milk without the click of cameras is a luxury of which he long had forgotten.

— Javier, share what you're doing?

Oh, the chaos in my life it's hard to describe! (Laughs.) Penelope is busy filming, so the kids and the house on me. But I'm used to, that is our job: in the insane project that demands all forces, there is a lull, and not always these periods my wife and I are the same. Fortunately, we sometimes removable together, though, so you can spend more time together. So it was on the set of "Escobar" three months flew by.

— You offered many times to play the famous drug dealer. Why you refused?

For the first time it happened in 1998. I was then very intrigued by this character, he is very ambiguous, but in the project I not become involved. Then there were several scenarios on the same topic, but they again did not convince me. They Escobar was more like a fairy-tale hero. But for me he is real, and his whole terrible story, too. I wanted to play a living person.

Хавьер Бардем: «Порой Пенелопа бывает невыносимой»

The first and only his "Oscar" actor received for his role in the film "Old men" in 2008. In the ribbon, the Coen brothers, he played a hired killer with a creepy, priceslift: still from the film "to Old men here not a place"

— Why, in this time, agreed?

— This project is very different. It is based on the book by Virginia Vallejo, a Colombian journalist who was the lover of Escobar. I met several times with Virginia and enthusiastically read her entry in them many interesting details about their affair. And, most importantly, it's so real how it should be. So I agreed to get into the skin of this character. I saw their energy and absolutely cold mind, and I finally realized that to play it — a huge success.

With Penelope is not the first time working together. It easier for you to do with a loved one?

— Something simpler and, perhaps, even more difficult. Cinematic reality — a thing imaginary, and our relationship with the wife real. Sometimes it is very difficult not to lose the border between fiction and life. You need all the time to remind myself that we are different people, and to write scenario-based conflict on the Playground. Although this time not everything worked. Towards the end of the filming of Penelope even said that my transformation scared him, at some point she started to see me and my character. When I found out about it, we sat down and discussed everything. Yes, we play these characters, but they're not.

— Tell me about your childhood. What was it?

— Spanish standards we had a small family. My parents divorced when I was a baby, and we were four of us: me, mom and brother c sister. We were like a pack of wolves — would be all broke up if I sensed a threat. My mother engaged in our upbringing alone, and she was very uneasy: to feed us, money had to earn in all possible ways. By the way, she also an actress. Day mom been on TV, in the evening performed in the theatre, and at night danced in cabaret. Towards the morning she was able to sleep for a couple hours and then back to work. And all for us. But even this was not enough we barely making ends meet. Often at home there was nothing there. And nothing, grew up decent people.

Хавьер Бардем: «Порой Пенелопа бывает невыносимой»

With my future wife Penelope Cruz, Bardem met on the set of the film "Ham, ham"Photo: still from the film "Ham, ham"

— But now you have money there is no problem...

— I am sure that money comes to those who are passionate about their work, although my approach has not changed since childhood. I'm not a spender. Mom taught me to save, so I'm still not all spent from the royalties of seven and even ten years ago.

— Hard roles without a father?

Now I understand that in a single-parent family boy hard to become a real man. He is not trite hero to follow. I was left to myself and, of course, made a lot of mistakes. But how else? Had to understand everything, because his father couldn't tell me how the world really works. It just wasn't there.

— A school do you go to?

— Of course, without his father's belt was no strain. Anyway I learn didn't like. I can't stand the discipline. Did everything under duress. So I can not say that the school I really learned something. Of course, to read and write I know, but it is important not only that. The school must help to build a picture of the world, to instill some basic knowledge and all I want to break the rules. Naturally, I was short-tempered and constantly fought, enemies had made Nemer.

Хавьер Бардем: «Порой Пенелопа бывает невыносимой»

"Penelope struck me, so beautiful... my eyes tear could not, we had chemistry. But she was only sixteen, so it didn't happen"Photo: still from the film "Ham, ham"

— It only consisted of fights?

— At first, and then added a drinking problem. I drank a lot. And once the bar had accumulated as usual and saw at the counter a cute girl...

— Wanted to seduce her?

— No, in any case. Consumer attitude to girls is not about me. Otherwise I would have lost my mother's respect, and to me it's too important. In short, the girl I liked, and I tried by all means to get her attention. Not only noticed that she was with her boyfriend, well, blurted out too much. Next thing I know, I bludgeon this guy and four boys, and tough. Okay, that I was not alone, and that would be alive are gone. My friends, however, when taken a beating: one broke his shoulder and the other leg. After this incident, I realized that we should not look for trouble and sometimes more useful to keep silent. And, most importantly, I realized that the rude attitude always comes back to you, so you should treat people with a lot of patience and attention. With the fights I have, like, everything inside was turned upside-down: I began to hate cruelty. Still not allow any of its manifestations in their behavior.

— So, wait... If you can't stand cruelty, then how did "the Old men"? After all, your hero there — a maniac!

— I know, sounds ridiculous. But you should have seen me shooting this film! "Action!" and I turn into a fiend Anton chigur. But as soon as the camera turns off, immediately shout the brothers Coen: "Guys, please move that gun faster!" They just screamed with laughter. In General, the Kohanim, of course, genius, but how difficult was it to play! And it's terrible Kara I'll never forgive them. (Laughs.) My heroes have no luck with hair. After the filming of the movie "007: Coordinates 'Skayfoll" I went to the supermarket to buy a carton of milk and caught his glances. Then I remembered that I was still in makeup and blonde. Well, about the haircut from the "Old men" shameful even to speak. When the Coen brothers first saw me after work of a stylist, they reflected an indescribable mixture of emotions. And I just wanted to fall.

Хавьер Бардем: «Порой Пенелопа бывает невыносимой»

Bardem and Cruz met again in 2007 in the film "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" woody Allenatore: scene from the movie "Vicky Cristina Barcelona"

— Villains you come out masterfully. How so?

— Honestly? He did not understand. Usually think that you can take any trait and to build an image on it, but these heroes nothing from me there. Maybe appearance? Look askance works wonders. (Smiles.) Or blame my Spanish accent... I've recently been told that I have a mouth like novocaine shot up.

— Do you like playing negative characters?

— Oddly enough, very. After all, they are all so different, each has its own characteristics. Yet there is evil something insanely attractive. I especially like to figure out how my characters are such monsters, what is the basis of their character. For example, Anton of "Old men" in General shows no signs of humanity. And it was a challenge to get into the skin of a character. I had almost forget about my ego on the court, in order to understand it. I also like to play villains because they almost always die. I even have a superstition: the actor often dies in the movie, the longer it will live in real life. Judging by the number of my on-screen death, I will live forever. (Laughs.)

— Let's talk about your acting method. That you harder to get used to the role or then to get out of it?

— I began acting at nineteen, and now I'm almost fifty. Of course, over the years has been the role, after which it is extremely difficult to recover. But with age, gain experience, and eventually I learned to emotionally isolate themselves from their characters, especially since many of them negative. It happened with the role of Pablo Escobar. When the Director shouted "cut!", I just left the image on the site. Yes, and what else? It is impossible to carry out such work home to my kids...

— How did you get into Hollywood, it was originally filmed only in Spain?

— All of the Spaniards in the movie his way. For example, my wife and I purposely moved to Los Angeles in the beginning of the two thousandth and quickly became a star, playing in "Vanilla sky" with Tom cruise. I took a different route: the hunted for the best roles in Spain. In my opinion, if you are a good actor, then Hollywood will eventually come to you. It just happened.

— Which of the partners in the set you particularly impressed with?

— I still feel like a child trapped in a fairy tale. So many stars around! Well, for example, Judi Dench, with whom I worked in the film about James bond. She has more awards than her years, she is very human, she has excellent British humour. Else, perhaps johnny Depp. Penelope starred with him in "Pirates of the Caribbean", however, in different parts of the franchise. I am very grateful to him for what he really helped my wife. She found out she was pregnant when she already adopted the role. To abandon such a project, she didn't want, and johnny said he's gonna fix everything.

Хавьер Бардем: «Порой Пенелопа бывает невыносимой»

Paralyzed hero Bardem from "the Sea inside" more than thirty years fought for the right to leave infoto: still from the film "the Sea inside"

— Some Directors are always talking on the court and give instructions to, and others are silent. What do you love more?

— I worked with those and with others. For example, woody Allen and the Coen brothers don't like to throw words, and Julian Schnabel, with whom I starred in the film "Until the night" in the distant 2000, encouraged me and shared such interesting information that I was listening not looking up and absorbed like a sponge. In General, each of the Creator's own handwriting. However, over the years I am increasingly convinced that the movie, as if it wasn't fantastically written and played, still controlled by money. Insanely respect to the Directors who in such circumstances managed to create masterpieces.

— You Penelope for so long together and still very rarely talk about my marriage. Maybe share the story of your acquaintance?

— It happened on the set of the film "Ham, ham" twenty-five years ago. It struck me so beautiful... I take my eyes away but could not. Between the two of us have chemistry. But she was only sixteen, so nothing happened. Passion we played only on the screen. Perhaps in old age I'll put the kids in front of the TV will turn on this movie and tell them sententious voice: "my Dear, look carefully, that's why you were born". Although I don't know I have conceived or not. Maybe'll burn with shame, after all this movie is pure sex. Don't know how Penelope's parents actually allowed her to do. If the daughter will ever bring to me such a scenario and declares that it is the role of her dreams... God, I'll go crazy! Although in my case it was after the "Ham" came the unexpected popularity. I began to recognize the streets.

— When you started Dating?

— Many years later. All this time we maintained contact, but rather superficially. And here again met on the set of the film "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" woody Allen in 2007. But none of us dared to make the first move. I don't know what the reason was. Perhaps we are shy... Well, until the end of filming, nothing happened between us. Fortunately, just at this time our mutual friend was throwing a party, and Penelope and there, slightly relaxed. Well, the rest, as they say, is history.

— What is your wife in real life? The same passionate and emotional as her character?

— Of course, she's a Spaniard! Sometimes it is unbearable. When we fight, beating cymbals and screaming like crazy. Even scary. But I love her to bits. It is this comprehensive passion, any business she involves herself completely.

Хавьер Бардем: «Порой Пенелопа бывает невыносимой»

"Sometimes it is unbearable. When we fight, beating cymbals and screaming like crazy. Even scary. But I love her like crazy"Photo:

— Hard to be a role model for their children, given that you grew up without a father?

— Yes, sometimes I realize that my knowledge is not enough. Good thing I have friends who also have children — they can discuss exciting moments. Generally, raising children is probably the most difficult and responsible that can be in life. Especially while they are still quite small. I quickly realized that this requires full commitment, but it's very easy to overdo it. Excessive protection is also up to no good, and we must learn to take care of the kids, not showering them with his love.

— Your children do not suffer star disease?

— No, they don't even live in Hollywood. They are in Spain. My wife and I generally try not to spend a lot of time in America. I think it already half of success of a happy relationship. And for children in Spain is more suitable. Where people see their friends every day, and do not put likes in Instagram...

— From what you had to give up for fame?

— The main thing I lost is the ability to be invisible. When I go for groceries, to me at least ten times asked to do a selfie. Well, how many people shoot me just so I don't think. At first I tried to walk the deserted streets and out of the house late in the evening, but it hasn't helped, only made me uncomfortable. In the end had to accept that it's part of my job, and relax.

— Standard question: what is the secret of your success?

— I will say this: it was half luck, a quarter of good training and another quarter — the devil's persistence. Well, finally, a mere trifle: it is necessary at any time to be ready for the unexpected, then everything will certainly succeed.

You the way it happened?

Yes, a happy occasion. Director Bigas Luna happened to notice me coming from the party and decided to see if I was the actor. That is, I was in the right place at the right time. In the end, he gave me a role in "Ham", and I am still insanely grateful. This film not only launched my career but was introduced to his future wife. Double the luck!


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