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Catherine Barnabas: "at Home all the reins I gave the coast"

Star Comedy Woman in an interview, admits that he is tired of being strong

Catherine Barnabas, which is now in the consciousness of viewers is perceived as a sex symbol show, TNT Comedy Woman, as a child I thought of myself as more of an ugly duckling: gangly, lanky, legs are not that slim. Gave confidence to her ballroom dance classes, but here our heroine was disappointed. At fourteen years old she was seriously injured, and about a career of a dancer had to forget. However, this beautiful art form was accompanied by Catherine's whole life. And even his love she met through dancing. All this — in an interview with the magazine "Vibe".

— Katya, Comedy Woman you have formed the image of a very sexy and a bit bitchy girls...

— Let's reformulate: very bitchy and a little sexy. (Laughs.)

— As you close in reality?

— Close enough: I go into a mode that Catherine Barnabas, which used to see the audience, at the click. It can be calm and balanced, and sometimes even a boring person.

— And what makes servenet?

— The people, the circumstances in which you find yourself, for whatever reasons. Really can't say that I'm a bitch. On the contrary, all taking advantage of my gullibility, kindness, not giving me the money borrowed, and so on. I don't like conflict, scandal, showdown. The bitchiness is evident only in the — I here is very demanding, even tyrannical.

Екатерина Варнава: «Дома все бразды правления я отдала Косте»

Suit, Arut mscw; jewelry, chopardФото: Alina Golub

— Now you have a young man, choreographer Konstantin Myakinkov. And before that affected your screen image on relationships with the opposite sex? Probably you are waiting for some bizarre manifestations?

— I can't say that the image interfere with my personal relationships. The fact that the moment of demand, the popularity appeared only a few years ago. Now that I am in a position where, roughly speaking, me all the doors opened, before such was not. Yes, I have, in fact, a long relationship was not. Met with Mitya Khrustalev, a work colleague, who knew me very well. Then came Constantine, with whom we have five years together. And it was during this time career has become so actively develop, we grow together.

— You were ready to the reverse side of popularity? There is sometimes the desire to wear a cap of invisibility?

The paradox lies in the fact that I feel quite comfortable on stage, I have no fear of the camera, public speaking. But I am very uncomfortable in places with large concentrations of people: airports, train stations, subways — have always put me in a stupor. Popularity has exacerbated the situation even slightly worse was because people started to know me. This tactile moment of familiarity confuses me, of course. Of course, I make allowances for the fact that we are all individuals with different emotional background, and still do not know how I would react, meet on the street star of world scale. When children are violently Express their emotions — screaming, running, hugging, I am glad, because they are direct and sincere in his manifestations. But, unfortunately, there are not quite adequate adults. Sometimes, they very much want to be photographed together, and you're not in shape, the fifth flight in two days. Politely refuse, and in return get rudeness — then it's frustrating, of course.

Екатерина Варнава: «Дома все бразды правления я отдала Косте»

Dress, Diana Gazaryan; jewelry, chopardФото: Alina Golub

Your development as an artist occurs within the project?

It does not end there. It amuses me when I ask: "You for so long in this manner, in this team, not tired?" The fact that we are who we are, through this team. Not the fact that we will achieve such success if we have a solo career. There is a sad experience that not all succeed. And then, I really like what we do in Comedy Woman. I can get tired physically, because shooting and touring takes a lot of effort, and I'm not getting any younger, but I never thought to leave the project. I have not met a better team! People with multiple College degrees, well-read, erudite — being close to them, you can't not develop.

— Unlike many representatives of show-business you are not absolutely Bohemian lifestyle. You are an early riser, you have hard mode...

— Actually mode I have not, but I try to stick to some framework. It is possible, though, so I can plan my day. Just spoke to the doctor and he diagnosed me with: nervous exhaustion and chronic lack of sleep. I really lack the time to sleep, and if before the charge of the body enough to sleep a couple of hours to do fourteen, but now it really fails. Running low on battery and need to restore itself. So I aspire to in my life was sports, and entertainment, and meeting friends. I really want to feel like a normal person, not a Bohemian. Although this is actually not a bad term. (Laughs.) Maybe when I'm sixty, I can afford to sleep till noon and not answer the phone.

Екатерина Варнава: «Дома все бразды правления я отдала Косте»

Top, jacket and shorts, all Valentino; jewelry by chopard; sandals, stuart weitzmanФото: Alina Golub

You're a vegan...

— This is actually the last thing annoying me in my schedule. I'm comfortable enough to feel, adhering to this diet. Again, if it will hurt my health, I once again pass inspection and, of course, will follow doctor's orders. But I have no loss of strength because of the diet. I feel a lack of energy only due to the fact that not getting enough rest.

— When a woman's life appears the right man, there is a surge of vitality?

— First of all, it's not immediately clear it is correct or not. More precisely, when we love, we think that everything is correct. And only with time, jointly experienced circumstances, you know, whether it's your people. Of course, when you feel the support of a partner, this provides a good emotional charge. Apart from the fact that we Bones for several years in the relationship, we began to work together, that too in any way does not harm our family.

— While some believe that one should not mix business and personal life.

— I always thought so, too! But it all depends on how you build relationships, including work. Home home it, and at work I am.

— And you dance at home?

— Yes, he makes me. (Laughs.) This, incidentally, is one of the reasons why we decided that we needed a large apartment with a spacious hall so as not to touch the corners and break a vase.

— It is true that dance can understand what the person in front of you?

— Of course. Tactile in any sport, when you violate the personal space of the partner, once you feel any hostility or sympathy. As lucky.

— The attraction between you Bones start with dancing?

— Yes, we together began to put the dance numbers for the Comedy Woman, and both felt the surge of strength, you were talking about. (Laughs.)

Екатерина Варнава: «Дома все бразды правления я отдала Косте»

Costume, SASHA; jewelry, chopardФото: Alina Golub

— No competition between you, who is cooler?

— I have calmed down on this topic. I have always attended the syndrome leader: I wanted to always be first, chief. I even mother said: "Take a didactic tone!" Apparently, due to the fact that a military dad, I have a voice this command, the claimant nye. We used to sit somewhere in a cafe with Natalia Andreyevna, and she constantly criticized me: "Katya, not so loud". And now many of my friends say that I'm even talking became quieter.

Is life together with the Bones so affected you?

I think age and certain life circumstances. When some moments have felt, internally changing. A lot of heavy happened over the last couple of years died, my older brother, aunt, dad died. Family for me has always been paramount and I'm very dependent on its internal microclimate. And if something not so, me it is very unsettling. Perhaps the unhappiness with someone close to you — the only thing that can break me.

— Can you already feel that you were not the child and support for your mom?

— Yes, mother — it's my baby. She can afford not to work, and I can afford to bring her feet all she wants. And I'm glad that this is happening, I did a lot for this. But the parents did a lot for me to become who I am.

Екатерина Варнава: «Дома все бразды правления я отдала Косте»

Dress, atelier biser; jewelry by chopard; zone alaiaФото: Alina Golub

— At some point they have accepted your work?

— Although parents brought me up quite strictly, they were never totally against my choice. Just said, "Graduate Institute". For me it was quite difficult because in those years, I actively participated in KVN and to study the time really. But I pulled it together and graduated with good grades, he defended the "excellent" diploma, which, incidentally, was written in just nine days. And all I was given freedom to look for work in the field that I like.

— You do not exclude the possibility that someday will work in the specialty?

— I began to wonder when the doctor said that maybe I should change my occupation. Asked: "What do you even know how?" I replied that I was studying to be a lawyer. But I think in the next ten years I just will not take a job with a degree — who needs a lawyer, a comedian? My public statements in court will be perceived as an element of the show. (Laughs.)

— Earlier in many interviews you were asked a question about the wedding. Now, you no longer marry?

— Yes, thank God. And stop calling me staracademy. Although just a couple of days ago, overwhelmed mom said: "I just got a call from one television program, said that you were pregnant." I said, "Mom, we yesterday met. You saw that I'm not pregnant." — "And why are they so said?" Honestly don't understand where this information comes from. Was at a bad angle in the picture — yeah, the tummy. So, pregnant. No tummy — then anorexia. How to please, I don't know. (Laughs.)

— As think, what would you get mom?

We recently celebrated the birthday of my goddaughter Victoria, the daughter of my colleague Masha Kravchenko. There were a lot of children. In fact, we Bones were the only childless couple. And I'm looking at these young moms, I realized that probably not much would have differed. Might have been a little stricter. I don't like to mince words with children, I like to talk to them as adults. To me in my childhood too, no nankasa, despite the fact that I was a long-awaited daughter, late. My dad sometimes spoiled, but mommy can't. So, I think I'll be about the same as she. And even if you suddenly turn into a Mama broody, nobody will know about it.

— Apparently, you are a strong woman. This dream of a strong man, but crushes it under itself...

— Kostya younger than me by two years. And although many believe that he was quiet, modest and silent, it is only an appearance. In fact, his obstinate character, and all the reins I have long since given into his hands. I don't want to solve any issues, I don't have neither strength nor the time nor the desire. And why would it finally relax next to the man? I tired to control everything and to pull yourself. Kostya grows up, becomes a man, and he likes that, too.

Екатерина Варнава: «Дома все бразды правления я отдала Косте»

Dress Misensc'ene; jewelry, chopardФото: Alina Golub

— How are you doing with the life of things?

— We have no such thing. (Laughs.) I don't know how I would ever cope. Coast I immediately said, "I don't cook at home, linen washing machine, stroking the steamer, and once a week comes out of Svetlana. You are satisfied?" So everyday in our life.

And you have no desire to create a cosiness in the house, something to bring to the interior?

— Why is this? Nobody deliberately not asking about it, no pressure, and I go out and buy some purple pillow. Then I think: "I already Have three. Why would I need another? What nonsense". Maybe it all so quietly because we have no housing, we rent. Don't know what will happen if we start to do the repair. Perhaps, then, the whole family life immediately and will end. (Laughs.)

— Repair is a test for a relationship, especially if the tastes are different.

— I kind of get his feet wet, he. Plus or minus we understand each other. I think each of us will still be its own territory. Even our rented apartment, we unofficially divided into zones: there corner, here's mine. If Kostya is sitting writing stuff comes up, I did not touch him, and quietly go into the other room. He has a very busy schedule, I also have it on the road, I will. Sometimes we even are not at home. Convenient, do not have each other to annoy. (Laughs.)

— Were there any habits Bones which you are very annoyed?

I hate dirty dishes, and Kostya don't wash it for themselves. I spread my things. So we have two annoying factor: I request Peter to wash the glass, and he says: "Take, please, things." I can come off the road and to leave in the middle of the room, unzipped the suitcase, and it will be a while so to stand, because I have other things to do other tours. But the coast is not like that he is in everybody's way.

Both of you put up with such habits?

— I try not to throw things, and Kostya still gives me dirty glasses. But some global differences between us. Of course, if you bother about it, will always find something to complain about. But why? So we're all good.

— Do you have any personal holidays?

— Let me call holidays that we celebrate. First, we don't celebrate our anniversary, as we do not know when we have it. Plus or minus believe we are together for five years. We don't celebrate February 14, the New year and March 8 usually work. Remain birthdays — his and mine, the past two years we hold them in the chamber atmosphere, the two of us.

Екатерина Варнава: «Дома все бразды правления я отдала Косте»

Dress, atelier biser; jewelry by chopard; zone alaiaФото: Alina Golub

— Apparently, you are a very romantic couple.

I am not a romantic person, although in recent years it has become quite sentimental. Still hesitant to watch the movie "Hachiko": I'm afraid it will break my heart. As for romantic gestures from men, I hate to take them, I fear to say something wrong or inappropriate to laugh. In the beginning of our relationship Kostya very much worried for this reason: that I'm creative nature, must be nice to take care of me, but he lacked imagination. But at some point we discussed it and I said, "If you want to do some romantic surprise, better not". He said, "Well, thank God!" (Laughs.)

Some suggestions on the Eiffel tower you don't expect.

— Actually ring each other we already presented. Perhaps they cannot be considered posolochnye. Rather, it is a symbol of our relationship: I have a bit of it, it is part of me. But we don't take it seriously. As for the wedding, quite honestly, at this point I don't want her. There was a time when I was looking at photos of wedding dresses in magazines. Now he has passed: I spent such a large amount of weddings, it is the amount of dancing bride and groom that just perenasytil.

Parents you are not under pressure?

— No, thank God, and grandchildren too, not in a hurry. Thank you and my mom, and Kostin parents for it. They know that to put pressure on us is useless. And then, it's a very serious and important project — the child need to be emotionally ready. (Laughs).

— Whether you're building long-term plans in life? How you see yourself in five years?

— Used to, not now. We live in such unpredictable times, so that the plans are not collapsed and did not feel broken house of cards, I prefer to act on the situation. Of course, I have goals to get their housing, start a family, but to build each day for the next five years — no, that's impossible.

— Do you think that man is the master of his destiny?

— Fifty-fifty. It depends on the person how strong his desires, dreams, as soberly and clearly he sees his life, with some cases identify, what kind of people surrounds. I believe that I am the mistress of her fate. What is happening in my life — only my merit.


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