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Olesya Fattakhova: "I'm the only breadwinner in the family" met with the actress and discussed the shooting in different countries, superstition and horoscope for daughter

Everyone has their own reasons why he chooses the art of cinema. Olesya Fattahova this reason became a maiden in love with a famous actor. To meet him on equal terms, she decided to get into the world of cinema.

- You are a child studied music, the professional own tools, but then still chose the theatre. They say that the whole reason was the your the then love of the actor Ilya Noskov. Is it really so?
— Yes, I was in seventh grade. And seeing the wonderful Ilya Noskov in the announcement of the film "Azazel" by Boris Akunin on the First channel, I fell in love with those eyes, those curls and cheeks. My maiden's heart was struck by the incredible beauty of the artist. Lying in bed at night, I'd come up with a plan for the conquest of his heart. Understand that if you come to him in Peter and will stand in front of the stage with flowers, it will do nothing. I'll be one of all. And you have to be on an equal footing. And it needs to at least become famous.

- And Ilya eventually meet?
— By the way, met. Last summer. Laughed, to laugh. I asked him in the course he know that this one lost soul is me? (Laughs.) We had a lot of friends in common. Him about me, perhaps even told. Well, I told him about constantly, because everyone knew.

- How did you choose the institution?
— While still in theater class in Kaliningrad, I wanted either in the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, or the film Institute. Mat — because it sounded nice in my head, and cinematography — because it's a movie. But it so happened that in the Theater, I was convinced that I wouldn't do (maybe bluffing). (Laughs.) And in the wizard, gaining VGIK, I just fell in love! Igor Nikolayevich Yasulovich. The decision was unequivocal — the state Institute of cinematography. And again I fell in love, noticed? (Laughs.)

Олеся Фаттахова: «Я пока единственный кормилец в семье»

Olesya Fattakhova and Stanislav Bondarenko in the TV series "Give my love"Photo: materials of press-services

- You in life careful?
— Probably, Yes. I still go a safer path, although this path is likely to be longer and longer. As for life after the birth of her daughter, here everything is clear — I didn't risk it.

- You naughty girl: gave birth to daughter Masha at the end of training. Was not scared for a career that hasn't started yet?
— Yes, in the fourth year, in September. And I was really scared. And here, most likely, was the "sink or swim". I absolutely understood despite the fact that this pregnancy was not planned, abortion is excluded. I joke that my daughter made in China. I got pregnant in China. On the filming of the movie "Oh, viburnum blooms". He returned to Moscow, the session on the nose, I understand that she is pregnant, the panic, the hair on end. I to the master on the carpet: "Igor, would you give me to finish my studies! If I'm not done with my course, I won't finish it ever."

Family values
Today I put in the forefront — work or family?

— Every time it is for me a difficult question. Because I definitely am aware that I will not bring a Cup of water in old age and nothing can replace relationship with my beloved daughter. And with all this, I have a wild excitement in the profession. I want more and better. And in this situation I try to balance, like an acrobat under the dome on the rope. And now Masha is far away, in Moscow, and I was filming in Kiev for the second year. But I always on call for the weekend to go home to Mary. We are all trying to discuss, clarify, negotiate. She questions absolutely straight. At times, the adults, specifically concerning relations between a man and a woman. The issues that I'm forced to answer as straight as she asked me.

Олеся Фаттахова: «Я пока единственный кормилец в семье»

Olesya calls himself a cautious girl, but sometimes allows himself a bit extreme, otdyhaet:

- And how old is she?
Eight! Last summer, she watched "Sex and the city" with her grandmother in Kazakhstan. (Laughs.) I clutching his head, thought: "my God, how could wee keep, so that the brain was in place. Soon the hormones will all soon begin. Before you know it".

- What talents see Masha?
She's my second year studying at a music school — piano and... drums. Wanted to be a singing drummer. But the vocals we still don't have the time, the load is large. In addition, English with a tutor and home entertainment in the form of sculpting and drawing.

- I heard that you're still horoscope made for Masha, is this true?
— Yes, I am fond of astrology. But so far very little in it understand, therefore, often turn to professional people. That amounted to a horoscope of my child, to understand on what to focus on. And the astrologer told me that it will make a fabulous organizer, producer or Director. And she's a trailblazer! Comes up with all sorts of interesting things. But I'm not turning it into some sort of a certain profession. What do you choose, it will be.

Digital faith
— You are superstitious, she was born 13 Feb? This number plays a role in your life?

— I, of course, pay attention to the numbers, but without fanaticism. As for superstitions, I guess I stopped believing in them. There are some moments of course that I try not to do, for example, the keys on the table do not put, the house did not whistle. If the script I have crashes, it's bad at all, I immediately sit and have him climb. But it's all psychology. The scenario dropped, so you casually it was treated. This sign — be careful! I do not believe more in omens and superstitions, and signs that we are in psychosomatics. Try to observe first and foremost for your body. And if you see any problems, immediately begin to delve into the psychological reasons. I can quite happily jam the neck. No reason, no reason at all. And this continues until, until I decide to let a domestic issue. Only allowed immediately the pain is gone, everybody relaxed. Although I may lie.

Олеся Фаттахова: «Я пока единственный кормилец в семье»

Daughter Mary actress Olesya gave birth to a student. Now the girl is eight, levoto:

- How do you spend your typical day?
— Morning exercise in the hall, English Skype teacher, then the vocal with the teacher, a microphone and a piano. Continue communicating with family on viber or on Skype. In the evening retreat. Trying to get to twelve. If I'm home and with Mary, about ten o'clock we cut.

Me much happy
— How do you choose roles? Already refusing?

— I still can not afford. Now imagine, I did not have any role, which I refused. (Laughs.) I'm the only breadwinner in the family. And all financial responsibility lies on me. So I had to work all the time, although this need me is very pleasant. (Laughs.)

Learn on set? For example, you learned how to fly a plane in the TV series "Night swallows"?
— No, of course! It was a dummy on the "green stuff", we blew windlifter. It's always hard because you're forced to pull out of yourself what you do not know. To imitate the examples of the movies that I watched. We never fought, never flew on the aircraft. And thank God, I am very happy.

- She is watching movies, which starred?
— Yes, because trying to do work on the bugs. It is important and necessary. In addition to viewing the finished painting, and has watched playback during filming and mounted the stage. Removed the double came, looked. Didn't like again will remove. There is a movie, from the filming which were not the happy memories, then I can afford not to watch this. Although watching the fate of the film, and audience reviews and ratings, it still turns out good! And it pleases me too.

Олеся Фаттахова: «Я пока единственный кормилец в семье»

In the asset of the actress there are heroic roles, as in the series "Night swallows"Photo: materials of press-services

In 2010 you were in China in the film "Oh, viburnum blooms", now you have a Turkish-Russian series "Sultan of my heart." What is common and what is the difference?
The difference in organization and attitude. The Turks are all great. They are insanely hospitable. Did everything to make the artists comfortable. As for filming, I don't have a very large load and there are no scenes in Turkish! But the script was in Russian, Turkish and English. When I was in China, the script was only in Chinese! (Laughs.) About China memories are vague. I was a third-rate theatre. And there was I, remember, travel discouraged. Huge difference in mentality. And, frankly, in the end I began to fear the Chinese. They need to keep an eye on! I hope my words make any international conflict will not happen. (Laughs.) But with the Turks I would like to continue to work on.

- The Turks learned something new? You been there before?
— I was not there never. And when I was going to go, of course, immediately began to "Google" the national character traits. Knowing certain things can protect themselves from embarrassment in communication or to avoid unpleasant and irreparable situation! For example, if you and Turk have agreed to something you need to discuss a specific date and time. Then everything will be done. If you are told that it will be done next week or, for example, fall/spring, there is no guarantee that it will happen in principle. The country is hot, people are slower than in Russia. All relaxed, nobody is in a hurry. And I'm not talking about the tourist area. And in Turkey is not accepted to communicate in a raised voice. It is dangerous. People are hot, any outbreak can lead to a fire. All the questions that rise with the Turk, should be expressed in a completely friendly tone and form. If they are offended, then offended forever, and I believe that everything should be love, joy, harmony and humor — and this applies to all areas of life and work too!


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