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Lukerya, Ilichenko: "With my personal life, I'm fine"

The series "Sweet life" became for her a window into a great movie, but life in Moscow began she trouble. The star said about the difficulties of moving, with respect to motherhood and dance

You're from Samara and once admitted that moving to Moscow was not easy. Why?

— You need to understand that it was 1997, I was eight years old. The child from Samara, where at hand was a grandmother, relatives, friends, girlfriend and a life, of course, moving was not easy. I'm a pretty modest person, I can't call myself wildly sociable girl who immediately becomes the soul of the company. So it was hard for me to settle in Moscow. This new team, and new school. Soon, his father died, and again I changed school, again a new band, ballet school. Yes, it was quite difficult.

— You feel like a newcomer or not?

Never felt like a newcomer in Moscow. Prescribed in the capital, live here eight years. School started and ended here.

— You did, are the champion of the Russian steppe. In the movie, the ability to dance helps you?

— Not to say that helps. On the contrary. My name is on some music and dance, because I have ballet past.

Лукерья Ильишенко: «С личной жизнью у меня все хорошо»

Role in the series "Sweet life" allowed Lusha become one of the most recognizable young actressphoto: materials of press-services

— After the series "Sweet life", which is called your break in the movies, you it started?

— The life of what was, such and remained, and participation in this project me as a human being not changed. Yes, began to learn on the street, Yes, began to offer more projects, but in fact... the Sweet life does not depend on the circumstances that are around you. Moments of joy come spontaneously, and you can't even explain. For example, just walking down the street and suddenly realize that now you are well. Similarly, you can sit in a beautiful place, have a great project at work and feel absolutely unhappy man. I think the parameters of happiness is a purely personal human feeling. And it is not dependent on either wealth or something else.

— You said you began to learn on the streets. This is happening?

— Fit, saying: "Oh, that's cool! Is that you? Whoever you are — Valerie from 'the Sweet life". The people we have, of course, stunning.

— You to those situations calmly?

On the one hand, it's cool when people recognize you. Artist on the court does not receive applause, as the actor. For us recognition is the high evaluation of your work. On the other hand, we are all people. When we go someplace, tired, in a bad mood, sick, depressed, this attention slightly annoying. You do not always have to be in shape when you are beautiful, wearing makeup, all so sparkling, ready to be photographed, touch you, talk to you. Sometimes we want to send to hell and sit silently to himself, buried in a phone or a book.

Лукерья Ильишенко: «С личной жизнью у меня все хорошо»

One of the freshest works of Luceri — role in the Comedy "About love. Adults only". Photo partner picture by Vladimir Epicentro:

— You still think you need to assert itself, and then, reassured, to give birth to babies?

— Yes, with the development of feminism I, of course, adopt all sorts of trends. The modern woman is not a housewife, she earns is implemented in various fields, to be fully human. For example, I completely disagree with the assertions of our parents and people of previous generations, saying that I must have, then God will send and a place to raise a child, and money some. But why give birth to an unconscious child's age, you don't need, who you nothing intelligent to say you can not? You can't raise a person? Therefore, I believe that you need to have emotional, spiritual and material basis to be a productive member of society, in order to be fruitful and multiply. We need to grow.

— To have offspring, it takes more than that. How's your personal life?

— What about my love life? (Laughs.) It's all good.

Лукерья Ильишенко: «С личной жизнью у меня все хорошо»

Lukerya not like to comment on his personal life, but lately on secular events, it appears together with the chief editor of men's magazine by Alexander Milankovitch:

— What kind of person needs to be close to you?

— I think it's not important. Although the ideal is important, but life sort of thing that can happen anything. I'm looking at a rather sad experience with my mom, when all was well, and then my father just didn't. I'm not trying to be negative, but it always needs to keep in mind. And you should always count on yourself. It is a direct obligation of the mother to make the child in which case nothing needed. And who should be next? You just have to be complete.

— You sometimes like to joke on various topics in his microblog. In life you're just a Joker?

— I in a conversational genre is not the most witty and humorous person. But sometimes I feel grafomanskie feeling and pedunculate want to write something. In childhood one part of me wanted to do journalism, I wanted to write, so sometimes I do it in the light entertainment genre. Just for yourself.


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