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Larisa Golubkina: "the fewer novels at the woman, the younger she looks"

Life lessons of a legendary actress, which became the main role of the wife of Andrei Mironov, and mother of Maria Golubkina

Larissa Golubkina there is no need to imagine, though movie roles over a lifetime, it is not so many. But even the younger generation knows "Hussar ballad". There were more movies, such as "Give the book of complaints" of the same Ryazanov, "the Tale of Tsar Saltan" and "benefit of Larisa Golubkina". Was and is the Theatre of the Russian army. But the main were still the role of wife of Andrei Mironov, and mother Maria Golubkina. And she's never on this occasion was not disappointed.

1. The time and age

My life is not divided into childhood, adolescence... I live in a single thread. There is one impression, one great life, right, wrong — I don't know...

I was lucky — my profession makes me to run. But I'm always surprised when people of a certain age stop themselves, saying: "I'm over fifty. I do not have the right 'to jump over the rope", "something to wear" or "to comb".

My generation is not indifferent to new things: give us something that makes to move, to grow, to learn and to be in pace with the times, and thus live.

Today, all live in clans. There is a clan of people money and are penniless. There is a clan of merchants, sellers, speculators, and there are workers. And now a very developed herd mentality — if someone has something and you don't have that, then your life has failed.

2. About the profession

I specifically refer to the acting profession. It requires boundless vanity, a fanatical desire of superiority. And I have never had such ambitions. I'm not one of those who fights, punches to the forehead any wall, puts the Directors and colleagues in tough conditions.

At my concerts I escorted with applause and listen carefully — then, I audience hurt? What's the mystery? In my good or my trust, openness? I think the most important is the energy message.

After the "hussar ballad" I began to run the fans. Mostly girls are fond of men, and no sooner had I come to the theater, as there was a crowd of girls, which did not disappear from my life for fifteen years. But they never became friends.

In my youth I could not understand what the word "star" is not applicable to our actress. Maybe only Tatiana Samoilova after the film "the cranes are Flying" could be a star if I had the money and the support of the state. The star of "doing." And to us it is irrelevant.

3. On the relationship between the sexes

A man should be charismatic, serious, thorough, able "to answer for the market". In civilian life you have to be a real warrior. That's the whole secret.

The girl must be educated, feminine, soft, wisely obedient. Now we let women in the "free flight", and so many families falling apart. For me there is nothing surprising in the fact that "stubborn and rebellious" men begin to change.

A woman should be charming, attractive, carry some mystery. This is its weapon.

In his youth, and in my youth I lived very apart. Not rushed into a friendship. And novels I had.

I believe that the fewer novels, the younger a woman looks, because otherwise it wears out. That's my theory, I guess I just calm myself, but no regrets.

4. About yourself

In my youth I was a funny, naive and believed every word the person spoke. And now I continue to trust people, but know where and with whom you need to be quiet.

At first glance it seems that I am an outdoor person. Actually it is not, my deep, innermost'll never tell. Consult only with yourself.

Don't like miserliness and excessive frugality. I will never have money because I "let the wind" and don't feel uncomfortable.

I was always slim, lightweight and is contagious, but, I think, was never sexual. This specific women, stretches behind them a trail, even when they just go.

The most important thing in life of any woman is family. By and large already all thought out, experienced, and if something is put first, of course, my daughter and grandchildren.


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