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Elena Velikanova: "the Husband for me — the ideal man, it is a stud"

The actress told in the interview about how good it is to remain faithful to the traditions

Actress Elena Velikanova admits she is very important the continuity of tradition. She was born and raised in the center of Moscow. In his neighborhood as a teenager, met her future husband. Love came much later, although the meeting occurred again in the native land. Today, she continues to walk in a favorite Park with those same girlfriends, and her son Misha with their children. In the tradition in which he grew up and is raising a son. Instills a love of reading, music, painting, and most importantly, develops in him a sense of inner freedom and the ability to live by the rules. Details — in interview of the magazine "Vibe".

— Lena, what are you filming, rehearsing the concert and still have time to actively engage in house — to run in the mornings for groceries, collect son to school, cook. How to combine all this?

— If you get up early, you can pretty much make it. As son goes to first grade, then my day consistently starts at seven-thirty. I cook Breakfast, take Mike to school, train, do your body, go to the girlfriend to the ballet. I have long been accustomed to this rhythm of life, even my parents taught, so even when there is a sense that there is no work, there's a lot of different things. And the key to everything — it is necessary to go to bed early to get up but to sleep. Actually, I believe that movement is life.

— What about just relaxing?

— For this I just need to spend some time alone in silence. I can meditate, read, but a good film or play an instrument — is also a holiday for me. Every few months I try to go somewhere. New countries, new cities, new people, culture, history, dip — all of this for me is very strong makeup.

— How do you manage so plan your schedule, actors — dependent people...

— There are children's holiday, I originally planned the trip. It happens that during the filming can escape somewhere for a week, recover and then get back to work. Last year, after the end of the project "the House of the last lantern" the next day flew to Australia. Misha flew back to thirty hours. (Laughs.) I often go very far. If shooting in Moscow, I try to spend with the family the maximum amount of time in the country, arriving in Moscow to play in two or three days.

Елена Великанова: «Муж для меня — идеал мужчины, в нем есть стержень»

On the set of this film with Director Vladimir Lankovskoe: personal archive Elena Velikanova

— You have recently had a cottage?

— No, I grew up there, it is the family nest. Grandfather long ago was given a little land in the village journalists. The cottage is in the forest near Borovsk monastery, so once a week we go to the plunge pool to take a dip. All my neighbors are my friends already had children, and those who walk alone, walk in the woods, we only harvested where they are, one. (Laughs.) And next to stables.

— You haven't stopped loving this activity?

— No, but now I ride less, a little hard, need to adapt to the time of year. In summer I go and sit in the saddle, and in winter, more in the audience engaged. Practicing yoga for more than ten years. I like to feel your body, tone muscles, even through the pain, I'm pregnant and didn't quit to do. Yoga improves the body and soul, and mind. I have a very difficult, nervous, emotional profession, and stresses the best way to get meditation. Yoga is able to calm, to breath, to warm and prepare the body for work. In the winter I physically painful to be outside.

— So, winter sports: skiing, trekking, skating is not your thing?

Why? I go snowboarding. We have just arrived from Bulgaria. I'm on Board, love the adrenaline, but within reasonable limits. It seems to me that you can have fun and not extreme as such. And Mike I put on the Board. Ski resort you get up at eight in the morning, have Breakfast and more than six hours are high in the mountains and doing sports. This is very useful, and for me it is great fun. At least once a year I spend some time in the mountains.

— You say all the time that flew with Misha. How about your husband?

— Oleg can afford to rest more often, so now we went with a group of friends. But if you can fly the three of us, together with Oleg too — in General, adapt to the circumstances.

Елена Великанова: «Муж для меня — идеал мужчины, в нем есть стержень»

The actress's son Mike – a musically gifted child, playing the piano. With mom in the Studio recording songs for the project "Earth Hour"Photo: personal archive Elena Velikanova

— How are you now dependent on work?

— I'm not one of those people who work for work's sake. Better go learn something, as I usually do than pour their energy and strength in vain, not getting pleasure from it. A few days ago I received an offer, but I so did not like the material that I even refused to try. As the old adage goes: "If you have a good script, you have the chance to shoot a bad movie, but if you have a bad script, you have no chance at all". The money discussed in the last turn.

— What was the big break between shootings?

A year. It is normal for me. I needed a break from the end of October to end of may. I react very calmly to this. I have accumulated a lot of other things, and have to recover. I no longer agree to appear in multiple projects in parallel, do it consciously. In the summer of last year we filmed with Kirill Kyaro "Consultant", and in Minsk in the movie "Believe. Hope. I love you." I'm exhausted, and rest was only a week to spend it with my family. You need time to recover, primarily as a physical force, then mental, but the mental need to rest, to have time to starve for work. I understand that artists tend to have short working period in a single project, and when it gets into the stream, he pours one sentence after another. But I think that you still need to save yourself, as it may be difficult to refuse.

— Do not suffer financially in the meantime?

— I make good money, and my fees enough, despite the downtime. I'm not a country girl, who came to Moscow and she has nowhere to live. Everyone has different needs, I try to live within your means. I'm much more interesting books I want to read than new homes. And travel money is enough. (Smiles.)

— When you received the script of the film "bride for fools", just saw it was your character?

— Gann Slutsky is a very good playwright, and Vladimir Ustyugov — theater Director, he places all the time plays with my beloved Tatiana G. Vasilyeva, a great artist. Of course, the scenario is distracting from the flow of the material that you read in large quantities. Volodya said that he had in this picture happened, dream cast, because he really wanted to play Ekaterina Vasileva, Marina Esipenko and Alexander Yatsko. And it all came together. He was eager to cut me in the process of shooting, from long hair to short Bob do. But I persuaded to do without it, suggested to stab, then he told Marina Esipenko: "Marina, haircut!". (Laughs.) And she obeyed. Then we laughed for a long time that Volodya definitely wanted to cut someone.

Елена Великанова: «Муж для меня — идеал мужчины, в нем есть стержень»

Equestrian sport is one of the favorite Hobbies of Elenite: personal archive Elena Velikanova

— You care about what is happening in the relationship of people in recent years?

— Yes, very! And in our film we are talking about a person who truly loves, unselfish, devoted to the edge, now called the fool. This kind of "ward No. 6", around anger, distrust each other. We talk about the relations of close relatives, parents and children, men and women, husbands and wives... And we have raised the topic of emigration: people will never be happy in a foreign country. I'm really glad the second show was good, because the first was bad timing, and I thought nobody will notice this movie. Now we have received great feedback, many called. It makes me very happy.

— Shooting was without cinema extreme?

— Well, as without it?! (Laughs.) In one big scene when I'm on the street in the same dress, and Roman Polanski — the sweater was minus twenty. In working on this film was always some kind of task. It didn't matter what the breaks between filming, you live, because there is an idea for which you work, what you want to convey to people. How we with Ekaterina Sergeevna riding in a sleigh on the ice, was perfect, and even the fact that she was falling for her was not important. We wanted to convey a sense of love, to make children care for their parents, grandmothers-grandfathers that we understand that we some time need this concern to maintain the relationship between relatives, and even relatives, as happened with my Katya and Polina Sergeevna.

— What kind of relationship you had with Ekaterina Vasilyeva?

We were together all the time when I was on the Playground, had lunch, although we had separate trailers. She always invited me, and I've heard so many stories of how she worked with Smoktunovsky on the stage, for example. We still keep in touch, talk on the phone, she's waiting for me to visit, but, unfortunately, does not drive. I was with her in the past year they celebrated the Passover, she brought me to Church, introduced me to his family. Her son, a priest, father Dimitry. We are in very warm relations now, seen quite often. I was far from Church, but still believe in God. But she said, "I'm going to educate you," and enlightened. We stood together, and prayed, and it was passed on a more subtle level.

Елена Великанова: «Муж для меня — идеал мужчины, в нем есть стержень»

Cruise on Norwegian forumfoto: personal archive Elena Velikanova

— You're faced with the fact that you said you're not materialistic, stupid, in this sense, your "fool"?

— If you take my films, all my characters are sincere and, of course, something similar to me. And "Fool" is just the quintessence of all the images, if you remember "Ivan", "Pop", "Time of happiness". But I played the bitch in "Citizen One". In the us there are many good and bad. It all depends on what you're channeling more is the choice of each person.

— Sincerity combined with emotion — beautiful, but dangerous mix. You have never had any problems with this?

— Probably, in school and in the Institute there were moments when it was not necessary to frankly Express his opinion, but somewhere should be silent, not to be the provocation. Now became more reserved, I try to analyze: do we need this honesty in the moment.

— Now fashion the position of: its territory, personal space, shipping problems — almost a bad taste in love, in friendship...

— No, I have somehow all the old. (Laughs.) Have a favorite "ears". And mom is my close friend. I love and work to surround yourself with loved ones. You should try to close were those who you pleasant. I know your friends in trouble and in joy. And many times saw in their eyes that they are glad for me as for himself. This is for me the most important, valuable in friendship. Other relations should be immediately cut off.

— And what else but envy and insincerity that annoys you in people?

— I really don't like stupidity. I can forgive any delay, error, but I can't stand when people foolishly, unconsciously doing things that can have terrible consequences. And when it happens more than once a month, and regularly, it really annoys me. It is not like arrogant people. Rude. I'm not about etiquette, but about tact. Do not accept when you say: the end justifies the means. This I have a feeling of rejection.

Елена Великанова: «Муж для меня — идеал мужчины, в нем есть стержень»

"Do not accept when you say: the end justifies the means. This I have a feeling of rejection"Photo: Dmitry Bulin

— And you yourself know well, or sometimes surprised by something?

— Fairly well-know, but surprising too. (Smiles.) Remember a long time ago, in the TV series "River-sea", jumped from the ship into the water, and before that even with the bridge at the pool and never dive. And when this scene was shot, everybody said, well, terrible? But I felt I needed to do it. Felt some force unknown. Or when shooting more than twelve hours, she was amazed, as I have a second wind how long I can work without sleep. Or complex the scene is, I think, "How to do it? Can't." And suddenly hop out. Here such pleasant discoveries happen.

— Have you changed your views on shooting in explicit scenes?

— No, all the same. (Laughs.) I keep my body and haven't seen a lucid proposals about this. I believe that the most passionate what can happen between people, the silence, the max look. For me this is much more sex than in the physical touch of a partner, undressing in the frame. My position has long been lobbying for. And until I met a Director who I would be persuaded.

— Your affair with my husband started ten years ago, but I met you at school?

We met when I was fourteen years old. We had one General company, I live where grew up on the Falcon, it is the oldest habitat, near the village of artists. And Oleg studied here. We have a lot of friends in common, as they say, "in the area". Oleg is older than me by two years. We sometimes met, and in twenty years met in a party and it was love at first sight. (Smiles.) After some time we began to live together, to consciously build their house. Now our house is in the same area. My child goes to school here, and we still walk the girls together in the Park. And our children are walking together. It is such continuity places the roots...

— You once said that a man must be worthy...

— Yes, if you respect yourself, appreciate, then, of course, near you must be a decent man. Don't understand when say turning a blind eye to it or stepping over something, we still go ahead. Then why do it? Favorite in a sense still needs to be your idol, admiration. This, I think, is the notion of dignity. For my husband — the ideal man. It has a male terminal, power.

Елена Великанова: «Муж для меня — идеал мужчины, в нем есть стержень»

"The most passionate what can happen between people, is silence, high look. For me this is much more sex than in the physical touch of a partner"Photo: Dmitry Bulin

— You have a younger brother Alexei. What does he do?

— Yes, Alex was already twenty-one, he studies in England, went to the side of art, but plays the guitar masterfully, a very good musician. Just when daddy — the music lover, the music sounds in the house twenty-four hours a day, it is impossible not to be a musical child. At the age of fourteen gave him a tool, and it was immediately clear that he will succeed.

— And Misha has been doing music?

— Of course! Plays the piano. We have a violin, electric guitar, but we decided to start with the key and learn solfege. Love of music is passed from parents. Suffice it to recall many of the great composers. Misha as soon as he learned to sit and walk, already had a synthesizer. And not because mom wanted to. Just had these inclinations in time to see and keep good teachers. And five times a week he plays sports. He has a yellow belt in karate, and he plays for the school football team.

— You and your son are friends?

— We have a good relationship. And dad have their own boyhood stories, their time for communication. I want him to grow up with a maximum sense of inner freedom, rather than rules. I try to develop critical thinking him to have his own sense of peace. We read a lot of books at night, watch encyclopedia of art history. He already speaks good English. This year I got a little worn out on museums, I love it very much. (Laughs.)

— Have you changed after the birth of the son of your female feelings? Before, you said that the woman by and large feel when you dress up in a beautiful dress on the way out, shoes with heels...

— Self-determination I have no problems, I'm a girl to the bone. (Laughs.) Of course, when I go to events, wear an evening dress, some family jewels, the heels, the feeling intensifies. But the fact that I'm fully female, I realized ten years ago, when he began to live with a man and take care of him. Man suit and bare walls, and the woman fills the house with energy, delicious food and comfort.

Елена Великанова: «Муж для меня — идеал мужчины, в нем есть стержень»

"Beloved, in a sense, should still be your idol, admiration"Photo: Dmitry Bulin

— Do you like cooking?

— Yes, I do, but not when cooking becomes an essential part. Although this is life. And what you're cooking regularly, and shows great love. You get up and fill the morning with music, the noise of the kettle, feeding the fish and the delicious smell of Breakfast. It is very important how the morning.

— For yourself, your beloved, in addition to sports and yoga, what are you doing? Pack a suitcase creams?

For me, a very important tradition and something that I love long ago. I have delicate, Allergy-prone skin, so at some point I was forced to seek an alternative to daily care. And found my Japanese cosmetics. The only problem is that these creams do not produce in small jars and I have a whole bathroom full of them, and have everywhere to fly with a suitcase of cosmetics. (Laughs.) I am very attentive to myself, as sort of activity is simply obliged to monitor their appearance.

Now, almost from childhood doing beauty shots, pumped Botox, not to mention other cosmetic procedures...

— Yes, it is fashionable, it works the whole industry. And I'm physically afraid of injections, I'm afraid I'll introduce some sort of medication for allergies something will happen to a person. I do mask, massage until it is enough for me, and soon, maybe in cosmetics will have a new wonderful opportunity. And then I think, "Well, will you do me a rejuvenating shot, so what? Again, in thirty-four years to play twenty girls?" I'm getting older, and I like that started to come the other roles. I love Meryl Streep and Inna Mikhailovna Churikova, they are beautiful in their age and in life and on the screen. Of course, it is necessary to care for themselves, but without fanaticism. Yes to all, in my opinion, must be approached without obsession.


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