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Mikhail Trukhin: "Anna is younger than me for fifteen years, but it is not felt"

Making the upgrade personal life, the actor did not regret it. Details — in interview

Mikhail Trukhin is one of the fab four, once conquered St. Petersburg theatrical Olympus. His life had many twists and turns, roads and paths. But he still taxied, and where seemingly everything is falling apart, there were, even through difficulties and hardship, new and wonderful. So, at thirty-three he left her beloved St. Petersburg, left the family, but got the iconic role in one of the best theaters in Moscow, along with his cronies. And soon personal life began to improve. Details Michael shared with the magazine "Vibe".

— Misha, you have thirteen years he moved from St. Petersburg to Moscow and began to work at the Moscow art theatre. And that's sad, even tragic side was Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov, the man who strongly influenced your life...

— I am infinitely sad. I am very indebted to him. And us, in whose fate of Oleg Pavlovich took part: and help, and advice, figuratively speaking, a million. He knew what to an artist moving to another city, what it's like to be in the new theatre. It is all about the artist understood everything! Of course, Oleg Pavlovich — block, I admire him and adore him. He was the head of several theatres and the College, taught, played, and acted. And all put their hearts and delved into every detail. He did a lot for my son who graduated from College with honors and is now enrolled in Director Sergei Zhenovach. Yegor, too, this event greatly Rastro-ILO. I know, and Oleg Pavlovich told me that fondly refers to it, appreciate as a student, and younger actor. And I have a sense of pride from the fact that there is some continuity: I was able to touch this great man and my son too.

— Why, Egor decided to go for directing, if Oleg Pavlovich appreciated him as an actor?

— Probably not as an actor but as a creative person. He was offered to work in "Snuff", but, even judging by our conversations, it is really the directing brains, and they won acting ambitions. I was not particularly discouraged though I was trying, but at this age they are all maximalists, they want from life and all at once, I was not able to influence his choice. But maybe it's for the best. This year, the eldest daughter Dasha is graduating from high school, will enroll in the School-Studio of MKHAT.

Михаил Трухин: «Аня младше меня на пятнадцать лет, но это не чувствуется»

Thanks to the "hamlet" Trukhina life changed dramatically: he moved to Moscow and then met a new lubovitch: personal archive of Mikhail Trukhin

— What is a contagious thing — your profession...

— And Egor and Daria spent her childhood there, where I do in the Theatre of youth creativity, the Sissy. There came a great number of meaningless in this profession people. (Smiles.)

— What were your ambitions when you were young?

— While the movie is not filmed, we were in timelessness, each course in LGITMiK was distributing humanitarian aid. Remember the American five-liter cans of milk powder, some vitamins, and stores everything then was rationed. In pavilions "Lenfilm" sold plumbing, wandering stray dogs. It seemed that there will be no end, no end, and it drove us into Shitikova audience, where we worked from morning to night, without getting out. We were very lucky with the master, with Benjamin M. Filshtinsky. We understand that the work is fun, and that's the only way that terrible time and can survive.

— How did you feel when you received an offer to appear in "Streets of the broken lanterns"?

— It was joy, happiness! I went secretly, without telling anyone, ran to the shooting. Day of shooting was worth fifty dollars. Crazy money for me.

— The lighting, so you didn't know about it?

Eventually he learned, but at first it was a secret under cover of night, I remained a shadow businesses all the fourth course, we learned not four, but five, because the organized theatre "Crossroads", on the Kryukov canal, the House of culture of the First five-year near the Mariinsky theatre. Came to Vysotsky on tour with "hamlet." Now it was demolished and built a new stage of the Mariinsky theatre. There we played "waiting for Godot", "Three sisters," "the Road" Fellini, Vysotsky, "Jokes" Chekhov in his vaudeville "Proposal" and "the Bear".

Михаил Трухин: «Аня младше меня на пятнадцать лет, но это не чувствуется»

With Michael Porechenkova in one of the earliest performances of "waiting for Godot"Photo: personal archive of Mikhail Trukhin

— You've been through a difficult relationship with Yuri Butusov. It's not always forgiving of failures and exits, and you have a history of happily turned...

— But, my God, we haven't seen him in six years, since my departure from the Theater of the Leningrad city Council and until his invitation to me to hamlet in Moscow. But the fact that we are going to work, I was pretty sure.

— Why?!

I do not know. Intuition. But I absolutely did not expect that this name will arise.

— Hamlet was in the list of your internal acting desires?

— No, never. I understand about everything. But since Yura likes to turn everything on its head, we tried. Very long rehearsed the play for almost nine months. But it is not the slowness of the rehearsals, and the method Yurina work when he pulls your nerves and pulls them to their own fist. And when it lasts so long... In General, to runs of "hamlet" we came out with no votes and all white. But then played this show for eight years.

— At what age you moved from Monchegorsk to the Northern capital?

In fourth grade I went to St. Petersburg. That is almost all conscious childhood spent in St. Petersburg, and not somewhere, and on the Sink 14, the apartment Pushin. We had a communal, there are now made the hotel "Pushka", which belongs to my friends. And in the next house on the Moika, 12, is known to have been the apartment of Pushkin. But at that age you don't realize it. Understanding came already at the Institute when we started to study our wonderful Professor Lev Iosifovich Gitelman foreign literature and Professor Yuri Nikolaevich Convoy Russian literature. Chirwa could go on moss street, near the stop of any home, and the story about him turned into a lecture. There's a feeling, what a house, what walls surround you, what the water flowing in these rivers and channels.

Михаил Трухин: «Аня младше меня на пятнадцать лет, но это не чувствуется»

In "the Ivanov-Ivanov" his character – a typical dolt middle-aged, but good and milioto: materials of press-services

— And on the Kola Peninsula was a harsh life?

— No, it was absolutely a happy childhood with a reserve nearby, this forty-degree winter, with amazing forests, lakes, Northern rivers. These images still before my eyes, you can just write paintings with them. "Leviathan" was filmed in those places and how powerful the visuals turned out! We woke up in February, the coldest month, to go to school on an alarm clock. And the radio reported, the Gong beat that frost over fifty degrees and we're not going. Then we all ran to the rink. And it was an absolute joy. I saw the Northern lights every winter.

You live there with the grandmother, and Peter moved in with my mom. The feeling with which the change took?

I remember that it was a painful story. I lived with my grandmother, not because she wouldn't let me leave, there was no motive. Just at some point she realized that she was for me already a mom. (Laughs.) This happens with grandparents. While on vacation I still went to my mother, who has now completed, settled, began to work and waited for me.

— Just roll with the story of Paul Sanaeva...

— Yes, with "Bury me behind a plinth". While certainly not to that extent. But the move has been painful, and tears were shed and with the other side of the bucket, but at some point I realized that I should live in St. Petersburg with my mother. And from the fourth grade were still in Leningrad.

Михаил Трухин: «Аня младше меня на пятнадцать лет, но это не чувствуется»

The role of the chief investigative Committee in the action-detective "Secretary"Photo: scene from the movie "Secretary"

You missed my mother's and grandmother's love?

— The mother's love and grandma is not the same thing. Grandmother kept a tight grip on me, I got a belt, boots on the head for wet pants or shoes, for jumping with garages on the site, "deuces". Though, probably, not for "two", because until the fourth grade I had a red report cards each year. Remember the terrible rote learning of multiplication tables errors in a notebook, which washed bartocci, then still written with a fountain pen. And that's what I got. And mother after a separation just couldn't be strict. Although after each session, she came to us in Monchegorsk. Probably my most vivid impressions of the time associated with the station, which came the train from Leningrad. He was so beautiful, shining from the inside, with curtains on the Windows and carriage-restaurant. In General, it was something, coming from another life in our permafrost. So I realized that there, in Leningrad, beautiful, and I have to go there.

— When did you come here to rehearse hamlet, Moscow you just opened with the best hand?

— Moscow, I immediately fell in love. And she accepted me only when I released the play — and exhaled. Back then I lived in a tiny room at the Moldovan Embassy in Leontief lane in a service apartment in the basement, where I looked out the window and saw a cat who also looked at me. I went to the theater on foot, with the Leontief came out on newspaper, then on the Tverskaya. The route is simple, I'm not turned, and walked like a donkey here and there. (Laughs.) In that period I wasn't interested in, it was dangerous, could end badly.

— What do you think, if it had not happened "hamlet" and you stayed in St. Petersburg, in his personal life would not have happened fundamental change?

It is hard to say. Have Any was break. Relations were tense and it felt and children, which is very bad. In that situation we had a number of components that had to be resolved tear of living. Match all: divorce, change of city theatre. All together piled on top of me in some lump in thirty-three years. I understood that I can't refuse hamlet, because at the time, refused to Prince Myshkin. You then have to close the job and she did not return.

Михаил Трухин: «Аня младше меня на пятнадцать лет, но это не чувствуется»

The series "Betrayal," in which Michael Trukhin played the lover of the main character, Asetto: still from the TV series "Betrayal"

— And why, by the way, you refused to Myshkin?

— The boat has crashed against the everyday. Went shooting in the "Streets...". It was the beginning of a peak. Of money we didn't have, and then we have to earn. And then there was me, in conditions not compatible with life in a communal apartment without a bath, shower and hot water. But it was on the street Belinsky, in four hundred meters from the Institute. That is, I could walk to class in Slippers and Bathrobe, if I wanted to. Then Egor was born.

— Luba — just the heroine, came to see you in such conditions.

Yes, she is a heroine, but the other, apparently, my pride is not allowed. Then, through shooting, we bought an apartment. But all this, speaking about the root cause of a failure from the role, it sounds ridiculous. Now I probably would not have made such nonsense, but who knows...

— In Moscow you first lived alone. For you it is as comfortable?

— No, at that time I didn't feel that I can live alone, afraid of loneliness. But now I understand that this is possible. Even love to be alone.

And can cook, clean around, throw things in the washing machine?

— Of course. Sometimes it is even a pleasure. Utensils and linens, to a lesser extent, but since I live outside the city, I like to do something around the house or plot. Recently when it snowed a lot, I fixed the snowblower. Proud of it for a month. In the technique I know, because in school I was a two-engine boat. Peter — it's the Venice of the North. His stepfather was a boat, sometimes he gave me it to use, we misbehaved on the water. (Smiles.)

— Do you and your stepdad have a good relationship?

— Unfortunately, no. I arrived at the age of eleven years, and is already a Mature man. (Smiles.) At first, some contact was, and then he fell apart completely. Now stepfather is gone, and mom and lives in St. Petersburg. And sister Anne are there. She works for a very famous local restaurant chain as the art Director, she always drew well.

Михаил Трухин: «Аня младше меня на пятнадцать лет, но это не чувствуется»

Daughter Daria and son, Yegor, from his first marriage (photo below) also chose the acting professeure: personal archive of Mikhail Trukhin

— In Moscow, Fortuna turned back to face you. First you got the part, work in the theater, and then met Anna, your future wife...

— Yes, I was lucky. We are great together, though Anna is younger than me for fifteen years. But it is not felt.

And soon Sonia was born. What are the new feelings it gave you?

— I'm rediscovering the world with her. Now, in late winter — early spring, when I play on release, Sonia suddenly pecked fried cock, and she was fascinated from all kinds of winter sports, and shows incredible success in skiing and skating. All... red face, a lot of energy, it does not remove the mountain, not to get off the rink... This happiness rolled in late winter. (Laughs.) I remember how it was with me: wet mittens, rosy cheeks, fogged glasses. Smell taken from the battery of wet woolen mittens and hit in the nose with some special urgency. I recall many things from my childhood, buried deep inside you.

— Anya you are not jealous of such a strong love for the daughter? It is clear who the main man in your house.

Main man — we have — it's still me. (Laughs.) But Anya's not jealous. We share and love and responsibility in equal measure. Sonia that age need to have time to offer her some classes and guess what to develop. She is very good at drawing. We have filled up her paintings all children's room. And it is absolute humanist. Yet, maybe the daughter is not strong in poetry, but for his age produces a paradoxical things.

— It is easy, there is no problem?

— It is an absolute infant. The only problem is that mathematics does not exist for us, and perseverance in lessons is not, in this Sonia is absolutely free, hovers two inches above the ground. (Laughs.) She is very good girl. If it will fit on the street by a stranger, she went with him without hesitation. It makes us wonder, of course. Abroad she manages to find friends in a radius of twenty meters after five minutes after turned out to be in this place.

Михаил Трухин: «Аня младше меня на пятнадцать лет, но это не чувствуется»

Son Michael from his first marriage, Agrofoto: personal archive of Mikhail Trukhin

— You already almost ten years country resident. I wanted a healthy and peaceful life?

— Yes, after the birth of Sony we rented a house in the writers ' village of Peredelkino. And then bought ready-made. I wanted to move out of town, as it became clear that in Moscow it is impossible to live neither dogs nor children to walk anywhere.

— It failed due to "the Streets..."?

— Of course, the "Streets..." is the Golden calf. (Laughs.)

And in recent years you series high level. What are "Treason"! And the "Ivanov - Ivanov" — a great project.

— Very rarely get a script that you want to read. And in these instances it was a wonderful literature, and drama. Of course, an important company in which you work. In these projects the stars aligned so that took all without exception, and with partners, and steering. Vadim Perelman is a very interesting filmmaker, a true artist. And Anton Fedotov "Ivanov" is also completely prepared to work, knows what he wants from the artists.

— Your character in "Ivanov" — a goof, but charming and a good person...

— I tried to make it warm, because this company have met: Anna Ukolova, Sergey Burunov, Aleksandra Florinskaya. I'm happy this partnership. Didn't expect a sitcom can be warm, homely and sincere story reminding old movies from my childhood. And it took over, the project was a huge audience, including young.

— You admitted that you like when in the life torn apart by emotions. A forty already want peace...

To live, I probably do not like. We would like to settle down and try to choose like this.

Михаил Трухин: «Аня младше меня на пятнадцать лет, но это не чувствуется»

With his second wife Anna and daughter, Sonatta: personal archive of Mikhail Trukhin

— And in your relationships with Anya, you said, you have such heated arguments that just "wow"!

— Here again everything's the same (laughs), should be small volcanoes. Otherwise you turn into a grandfather. And I don't want to.

— Anya is an actress, but since 2011, in my opinion, she doesn't have any pictures...

She quit the acting profession, I realized that it is not vital. Anya absolutely no acting ambitions. She iventor, and in his case very successful. From kids birthday parties can create a show. Recently organized a special day son Bones Khabensky. And for Sony, in particular, does this every year.

— You say that you live and work so that time on something is not enough, then there will always remain a plan, and most importantly, the desire...

— Yes! I want to work. The other day, at nightfall, ran into old Oleg Pavlovich Posner (it was a repeat of the program) and just felt that I blushed when he said about something associated with the series as about vanity. You need to work productive and meaningful, and not dust.


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