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Andrew Hagolan: "I have come to grips with their appearance" met the actor and discussed the new life style, huliganstvo in the frame and views of the Hollywood

In the life of Andrei Giulana big changes are coming. Extortion is a serious illness, actor new looks at the profession and Stit ambitious targets.

- Andrey, you again delight fans of the series "Sashatanya" his appearance in the new season. What were you shooting these?

- With each new season, it might be easier to remove, compared to, for example, with the first. The last few years we have been working with a team, I love these guys and enjoy shooting with them. We can say that in six months we become a family. And, of course, anecdotes are always a lot. There are not only curiosities. This year we have a lot of difficult staging, even in stunt scenes. But I work no doubles. Almost (smiling).

- Tell us about your character. What new things will happen to him?

Actually, every season is work on his character more deeply, we need to find new faces to make it interesting to the viewer. Stamps bored the audience, and he would not look us if the characters have not changed, each time you have to surprise the viewer. Some things in the script don't change, my hero as he worked on credit, and work. This is true for the entire country, and therefore for Sasha. In the new season of the main problems associated "with the second child," which was introduced Sasha and Tanya — I'm talking about cousin Taani will only increase. I really like this line and this character is so cool klutz. I know that the heroine Anastasia the Ukolova like the audience. So the main intrigue of the new season will be swirling around her.

- Do you think you're something similar to your character?

- Sasha is much more good qualities than me. But definitely I am Andrew Hagolan, also in this manner. Through the prism of their roles, can you look at yourself, work on complexes or not the best features, to laugh at them. This sort of sublimation. Generally, not bad to throw out roles all the negativity and "neighing" on it. There is a lot of absurd and funny situations where my character is shown not with his best side. Perhaps if I were in a similar, would do everything the same way as my hero. It is useful to think about it.

Андрей Гайдулян: «Я вплотную занялся своим внешним видом»

Andrew Hagolan and Valentina Rubtsova has long been a close-knit team, although you can bet on the set, ploshadke: materials of press-services

- Valentina and the Scar you started to work in the TV series "Univer". Probably already understand each other perfectly, and still have disputes on the Playground?

- Of course, creative disputes we have any, is a normal process. Valentina, for example, always sticks to the script and rules. That is, it follows that suggest the writers and Directors. I recently began to improvise a lot, to vandalize. So the shaft don't like the way I improvise! And recently, it in its usual manner, expressed to me his "Fi" on this. "Andrew, well, this kind of initiative! DK is a 'Red Burr! It's not funny!" What I told her, still going to do that, and if not funny, then it's her problem. But of course all this is said with great love. We appreciate each other!

- In the series, your character does not cook, does not erase and does not Pat. And you know how? What is your relationship with life?

- I in normal relations with the life. I can do all of this, and know if you must, but don't love. Of course, in life there is always balance and compromise, and what is shown in our series are greatly exaggerated. I think each family needs to find that balance, that would all be happy.

- Probably many of you said that you lost weight and are in great shape. Probably from the gym not out?

- This year has been a very decisive, there were a lot of changes — from small to global. I now come to grips with their appearance, so all my free time trying to pay the sport. I try different sports, learn about new trends in fitness, not just go to the gym, it's boring. I am often in Los Angeles, and I have a personal trainer who worked on me and my attitude to the body. I recently enrolled in a ballet school in Moscow! In acting school there is a discipline, a classical machine, but in the years of study I treated this lightly, as a kind of obligation. Much later I realized that it is necessary to the actor. I have long wanted to start and finally found a school close to home. Of course, most of my group are girls, but I was with them, standing at a machine and perform these "plies", "demi plié", "tendu Batman" and "Grand batmany". In addition to aesthetic, spiritual education, there are bodily use: it is super effective for those who want to lose weight!

- On a diet?

I try different diets. For example, a few months ago sat on a protein only ate meat and fish. Then came the post I first passed. I used all the time was doing myself a favor in this regard, but this year kept it with great pleasure and joy met the Bright Easter. Now I'm trying to eat less meat. Not going to become a vegetarian, but try what I might.

- Some of your fans know that you acted in foreign films. Are going to conquer Hollywood?

- To conquer I did not intend, intend to surprise you! Now, filming began in new project, Russian Hollywood. The project was withdrawn in Russia but for the international market. It involves Eric Roberts, Michael Madsen. I have a small role of an agent of the FSB, good-natured and friendly guy who at one point turns into a strong-willed, determined and tough person.

Андрей Гайдулян: «Я вплотную занялся своим внешним видом»

Last year the actor broke up with fiancee Diana Ochilboy. Some time later, Andrew appeared at one of the Premier colleague Alexandra Oleskevich. But while the pair has not commented on its otnosheniyami: materials of press-services

- It's possible, in America, will fly not only on vacation...

- I any trip to the USA perceived in part as working. I go to festivals, meet someone, communicate. At this point it is important to practice the language, and it is impossible to do from outside the language environment. I decided I rather not have holiday on the sea, for example, in Thailand or somewhere else and fly in Sunny Los Angeles, where they will spend time not only relaxing, but also gaining useful skills for themselves.

- How do you rate your English?

I really like to learn the language, work on the accent, it's very interesting, especially when it turns out. I have to work on phrases from a script, repeating them literally a hundred times for working out a single sound. While in Moscow I study English with native speakers on Skype is very convenient. And in the US I have a teacher that we get rid of my accent. In General, we have a lot of stereotypes about the American accent, as well as that of the Americans against the Russian accent. This is a very useful class. One of the tasks: choose your favorite actor and parodied it, even grimacing and exaggerating.

- Heard that you've been in productions with the participation of Hollywood stars, but they have not impressed. What was this setting?

- Yes, it is. Was on the production of "the Parisian woman" with Uma Thurman on Broadway. And I can say that I did not like. The production is completely raw, made just for two to three weeks and this was evident throughout, although he used the latest technology, laser show. Saw another performance from cate Blanchett, on the first play Chekhov, very difficult material. And for me it was also a failure. All Hollywood actors are strong — fighting, stage movement, it all looked comical. Then I was told that the Broadway production is a solid business. In the US there is another theater, which is already possible to consider it as art. The so-called "off off Broadway".

- Turns out, the Russian theatrical school is better?

- We have a very strong school, it is very popular in the USA, and American teachers often wonder why we come to learn acting skills when they themselves are the founders of the psychological theatre. In terms of the theatre school we are certainly ahead of the rest. And what goes in new York it was on Broadway - it is certainly secondary compared to our theater. But the musicals there -simply stunning, but with them it is difficult for us to compete!

- Andrew, I know you recently opened his own pizzeria. Like you, adhering to diets, avoid the temptation not to eat a lot of pizza when you have unrestricted access?

Sometimes I allow myself everything! I eat and taste the pizza, which did not prevent me to lose ten pounds! If the pizza is made from well and good ingredients, no palm oil, for example, and so on, then harm to the figure it will not do.


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