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Natalia Zemtsova: "Inga from "Eighties" stalking me" met with the actress and discussed age, male education and the reputation of a bitch

Actress Natalia Zemtsova stands out from its colleagues. For example, she recently admitted that she wants to look older — after all, the most interesting roles written for those "who are over thirty."

— Against the backdrop of a desperate struggle stars for eternal youth desire to look older was perceived as a strange whim...

— I theatre Academy dreamed of adult dramatic roles, and were allowed to play with girls from Ostrovsky. I hate these mash-veselchak. (Laughs.) Not love and Juliette. But since I have the appearance of a little child, even on the course with their peers, I was still small. For a very long time because of this experienced. Only now I start to play what I want, what I like. Doing a project where I have a age role. At first, my character 15 years, she grows up in the process of development of the plot, and we finish in 37 years. And then I realized that I'm more interested in playing adult women, especially who have children.

— But you yourself are now a mother. Son Ivan grows up...

— Yes, in August it will be four years. Very quickly time flies. By the way, I always wanted a girl. Even the name was invented by Sonia, but it now has I do not like it. Doctors me during the ultrasound confirmed it. And just before the birth, said: "you will Have a boy!" I remember thinking, "Whoa! But what to do?" Podrasteryal first. But now I'm so excited that I have a boy. It's just perfect!

Наталья Земцова: «Инга из „Восьмидесятых“ меня преследует»

Role in the series "Eighties" brought Natalia considerable popularity. In the photo with fellow project Alexander, Akinete: materials of press-services

In modern times the name son you chose a very old-fashioned...

Is all Sergei (husband of Natalia, Sergey Kristovsky, bassist for the group Uma2rman. — V. B.), I didn't want that name. I had a lot of different options. And these options were changed every day — literally to the day of delivery. But something very funny happened. It was summer, very hot, it was hard for me, I was about to give birth. Remember, Sergei said: "He is born because he doesn't want to be Ivan, he wants to be a semen! If born today, will be semen!" Serge agreed. But he was born the next day. (Laughs.) Now I know that he really fits the name Ivan. Very. Although we call him a Bagel.


I called Sergei, when I was pregnant. And somehow seamlessly flowed nickname for Ivan. Now he is, of course, not a Donut. Now Ivan live! Such a business man. He is very active. Not sitting at computers and phones. In Spain, where we spend the summer, he goes to the Golf course. And it turns out very well. Now teach him to swim. To swim you need to be able, who knows what. Vanya we already fell into the pool. And at least resurface. I'm all for children to prepare for adult life. They do not need to impose pink wool.

— How did you meet Sergei?

— At the concert. I was on the set in Minsk. And the guys there were a tour.

— Did you like the music of the band Uma2rman?

— I will not say that I was a fan, but something is definitely liked. Stas Mihailov I would not be able to meet. (Laughs.) It's important to you that your loved one is doing. You will not be able all his life to tell him, "Oh, cool!" And to himself: "Oh, the horror!". And if I need some songs do not like, always telling the truth.

Наталья Земцова: «Инга из „Восьмидесятых“ меня преследует»

Now Natalie is starring in the new project, the script of which is built on the adventures of people with psychic abilities. Filming the busy and popular actor Kirill Carofoto: materials of press-services

— Many, when you write about your Union, still focus on the seventeen-year age difference...

Well, by the way, sixteen. (Laughs.) I think this difference is telling, because you have to create some intrigue. Maybe they want to show that I'm some insincere towards him. But this is nonsense.

— Serezhin brother and friends?

— Yeah, well, communicate. Often traveling together. We are always in Spain spend the winter, and this year the guys entire family came, yielded to our entreaties. They loved it. We spent a lot of time together. I'm all for being friends. Since childhood, I love family holidays. My mom and dad broke up. Dad had a family — wife and daughter. But my mother is very well communicated with dad's wife. And when I came from St. Petersburg, and also met with them. All the holidays we celebrated together. Such a big family. And it was awesome. Relatives are the people for whom you need to stay.

— You don't mind if he communicates with his children, ex-wife?

— Well and where will get from this? But I love when children come to us. (Laughs.) I tried to make friends, but... Life is long, some resentment pass with time, forgotten. Nobody knows what will happen. All things are possible. One can never tell.

Really, you never know where life will lead. I heard you never even dreamed of being an actress.

— In the childhood there were no preconditions. My arrival at the theatre was a complete surprise for everyone. After all, I was in a good language school. All of our then went in foreign languages. But I don't.

Known to theatrical Moscow you just didn't let him...

— In the first year received. Although there were everywhere and how it all: GITIS, Pike, Sliver, School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, cinematography. A year later I decided to try to enter the St. Petersburg Academy of theatrical art. I already knew more, were prepared. Not like the first time — found in the web address and went.

Наталья Земцова: «Инга из „Восьмидесятых“ меня преследует»

Married to musician Sergei Kristovskiy Natalia three years ago gave birth to a son. For Sergei this is the sixth child. Five were born to his previous one, Brachetto:

— I wonder why people go to live and work in Petersburg?

I don't know why. There really are a lot of hawks. In the theater and studied a lot of his countrymen. But personally, I've always wanted to live in Moscow.

— And it happened. One of the first prominent roles — Inga from "the Eighties". It haunts you still?

— We the people if something is loved, the more do not want anything else. Messin ' with me friends, greeting: "hi, Inga! When is the next season of "the Eighties"?" Need to break this vicious circle, because everyone is fixated on this Inge. Although I do not understand why. After all, Inga — bitch noble. After watching the first series, I was afraid that everyone will think the same way about me. And I really did. This moment was quite long. I was on set for magazines or anything, and then I said, "Oh, you're so good, and we thought you were... different".

— What new projects are expected?

Saga with the working title "Other". The story of one family. About women who have psychic powers and people believed to be witches. And I am the only one who has these abilities. Such a marriage in the production.

In this project, a lot of big-name actors. How to work with them?

A good partner is fun. Don't need to play, to invent. With Kirill Kyaro just work fine.

— You have the picture, say, write?

— Yes, it's always with me. My grandfather painted and taught. And since my childhood I draw. I already had the show "cat house" where I exhibited thirteen paintings with cats. Bought almost everything. Now I was drawn to nature, I paint landscapes. Don't know what to do with it. I have nowhere to hang them. Probably will do another exhibition, if you have time between projects.


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