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Artem Bystrov: "I Have a person from the plow, but textured"

The actor does not hesitate to admit to their own shortcomings. Details — in interview

Sparkling temperament, appearance, social character and the overall message in some way outside the box. It's all about him — the Moscow art theatre actor Artem Bystrov, who the viewer is remembered for his films "a Fool" series "Method", "Trotsky", "the Optimists", "the Village". It impresses with its openness, self-irony and is not afraid to admit to their own shortcomings. And also considers himself to be henpecked — and thus the happy husband. By the way, the incentive to start caring for the most beautiful girl on the course was a prophetic dream, a dream to our hero. He told this in an interview with "Vibe".

— Artem, you were born in Nizhny Novgorod and not in a prestigious part — at the bottom, beyond the Volga. Actually, there was your childhood. Surprisingly, not a gangster. You even the honors for several years been able to be...

— Yes, up to seventh grade the school was not for me easily. While in high school has had harder. Once I looked at the Board and realized that I did not understand. But we pulled it off, received a certificate without b: with two fives on physical culture, life safety, and the rest of the triples. (Smiles.) The main thing that I was lucky in the fifth grade to get into secondary school with profound studying of subjects artly-an aesthetic cycle. There was music, dance classes, and groups in painting. In General, well, the parents, people who are far from a creative environment, mom's a Secretary-typist and driver-the trucker tried to develop me, and later my younger sister, Nellie, now the mother of two children, is very flexible. Me pretty tight uploaded: I attended music school for six years, where he played the piano, plus the spoons in the ensemble, also went to karate for ten years. So time for a bad pastime I have. Don't regret — I never sought to be a leader in some dubious company.

— If dad is a professional driver, behind the wheel and surely you got before?

— That's just not. Father was in no hurry to share my skill, and I was not concerned about the topic. Went to the driving school only twenty-eight years, when the wife got pregnant and we really needed transportation. And now I am again without a license: they take away six months ago. The fact that I allowed myself — as abroad — a glass of beer. But in our latitudes such does not pass. And I then another day you had: an early morning shoot, then a rehearsal in the theatre... in short, twenty-four hours on my feet without sleep, and there is such a joy.

Артем Быстров: «У меня лицо от сохи, зато фактурное»

The actor admits that with loved ones is completely unrestrained. But loves his wife Xenia and daughter, Morocutti: personal archive Artem Bystrov

— Somehow you don't cherish...

— Why? While young, a lot of energy, it is necessary to work! I pleasure in what I do. I have started at school to fool around, participate in plays and continue to do so.

But in one interview you said that now you perceive the acting as a service, and see myself as a conduit between author and audience.

— This is true. Our task is to convey to the viewer something that is inherent in the work. To create a hidden message, so he came. But the antics still not going anywhere. Without some of the ease of flow do not. I never get tired of, even if the performances every day and long shooting... Live by the principle: do what you must, come what may.

— I think that in your biography there are some great personalities who have left a substantial footprint, and Konstantin Raikin is one of them. Although many speak about it as about some despot...

— I can't say. We came to him on the course as adults, conscious of the guys are aware of what we did. We needed to get the maximum knowledge. Konstantin Arkadievich gave me faith that anything is possible and everything within our power. With him I learned another way to relate to the obstacles and barriers, to doubt the victory. And what about the wonderful people I have formed, you are absolutely right. First among them was Riva Yakovlevna Levit, mother of Eugene Dvorzhetsky and artistic Director of our course in Nizhny Novgorod theatre school. She is a unique teacher. Actually I can have the whole list for you to write, whom to thank. (Smiles.)

Артем Быстров: «У меня лицо от сохи, зато фактурное»

The girl is now two and a half godatta: personal archive Artem Bystrov

— One of them will probably be and Director Yuri Bykov in the film of which "Fool" you starred in the title role and received a well-deserved prize at the international film festival in Locarno...

— Surprisingly, this picture was taken a long time, and I still have people come up and thank you for it. I honestly only recently realized that in this work, we saw such profound layers... We still find that our team just like the native people. Of course, this is largely due to Yuri Bykov.

— Apparently, today is your character social character is pretty popular, right?

— I wasn't thinking about your type. But it is clear that my face from the plow. But textured. Irony always save. (Smiles.) You know, I actually work and where born, and how ugly, and what is the experience of life acquired. I hope his nature will get the roles that you want to play — the poor, the sick, the maimed.

— Why choose pain, and not laughter?

— I think I'm not a comedian. To make people laugh and I'm much heavier than tears.

— You are a hero on screen, and how brave you are in terms of worldly wisdom?

— No. For example, the day before yesterday late in the evening, riding the subway, reading the script is completely immersed, and when he raised his head, saw a drunk guy with a knife who sat down next to the girl. Like not attacking her, but it was dangerous. I'll be honest: I was petrified by fear, I could hardly wait for the next station and rushed out to the platform. No said neither the driver nor the police, and waited for the next part and went quietly home.

Артем Быстров: «У меня лицо от сохи, зато фактурное»

Dad thinks his little "endless euphoria"Photo: personal archive Artem Bystrov

— This can happen to anyone, importantly, you find the courage to admit it... What's your schedule?

— Several performances at the Moscow art theatre, and start shooting full-length about the siege of Leningrad with the working title "the Scream of silence". In addition, will soon be a four-part television film "Ahead of time", Pro engineer Rostislav Alexeyev. In it I play this man, who invented the "meteor", "Comet" — hydrofoils, which developed enormous speed. He designed the wig, which has no analogues in the world. His bust, one of the citizens of Russia, is in the U.S. Congress, in the Hall of fame. And I, the pure humanist, entered the role of a brilliant techie. (Smiles.)

— Directing ambitions do you have?

— Something to put himself, naturally, you want. Like already matured, have something to say. Hopefully, I will fulfill that. There are three directions, in the direction which you intend to move: the theater, movies and cartoons.

— You kinda of animation?

— Including. As a producer and the author of the idea. Kids after all required cycles of tales, like the immortal "Hedgehog in the fog". And I would like to restore our good tape for children. Remember "The Adventures Of Electronics"? It's a miracle! Of the new products only "the Last hero" somewhere approaching the best samples.

In Mat you have twelve shows, three of which put Alexander Molochnikov is a young man of twenty-five years old. How do you work under the guidance of such a young Creator.

— Alexander I know for a long time. We first played together in a production of "the sorrows of young V." Vasily Barkhatov, whom Molochnikova took to the theater. And then read it together in the kitchen another piece that Alexander wanted to put. He is undoubtedly talented, energetic Director. And we don't have a very warm relationship. While other colleagues they are very friendly... With age-I came to the realization that in a hostile environment to work is possible, but why? Usually, if I feel the growth of the conflict, extinguish it by all means. Of course, I'm not perfect and depending on the situation, too, sometimes quick-tempered, and aggressive... Especially when I see a complete unwillingness to hear someone else's point of view, or when covers the anger that you are not able to convey something important to the person... But the way I appear to people. And with the outside world I exclusively correct. (Smiles.)

Артем Быстров: «У меня лицо от сохи, зато фактурное»

The movie "Fool", where Artem has played a major role, has received many awards, including the international festivalito a frame from the movie "Fool"

— It is clear that the family you are a gift...

— And the family generally is heavy. (Smiles.) But I'm only four years as a family and not feel all the nuances.

Wife you have a colleague and a beautiful blonde Ksenia Teplova... Where your paths first crossed?

— Xenia — Oh my goddess. (Smiles.) I realized it as soon as met her in the School-Studio MXAT. We're with her the age difference is only one year, we studied at one time, and she once participated in one of the skits where I've seen her. It was incredibly vivid impression. She was surrounded by fans. Who with her banging! Not even going to mention the names of these famous men. Then I even dared to think about a girl.

— Obviously you're not a womanizer. Don't even dare...

— Apparently not. (Smiles.) There everything was clear with no options: average sophomore against the already venerable actors, who were holding tails with a gun. So for six years our Ksenia ways parted. But then one day she came to me. All day I went not himself, took it as a sign that we in the theatre were more likely to communicate, and then it is developed into a relationship.

— What kind of wedding you have organised?

Personally, I don't want no Soviet celebrations with covered tables and the master of ceremonies, so She only signed, and the ZAGS came a large group of friends and immediately began to celebrate on the folding table with plastic cups. And an hour later left on "Kinotavr", where I was invited, and the whole day I received a message from a drunken morning comrades, who after our rapid wedding could not itself collect, and get to work. And in Sochi, we watched an excellent movie and walked along the coast. (Smiles.)

Артем Быстров: «У меня лицо от сохи, зато фактурное»

As a young diplomat in the television series "the Optimists"Photo: scene from the TV series "the Optimists"

— Feel your love...

— And how! Our doors are never closed. Although sometimes you want only a home of comfort and peace.

— In addition to a catchy appearance which spouse has the traits important to you?

— Kseniya kind, responsible, with sense of humor is incredible. She's a real firecracker. Just a bundle of positivity and cheerfulness. She is able in a moment to dispel my melancholy. And, undoubtedly, the wife is a reliable friend. If something promises to do, you can be sure that will not disappoint. What amazing compassion she has! Never remain on the sidelines, if someone bad. Immediately rush into battle, will heroically save the world...

— Believed to be common area plus your Union?

— Of course. There is always something to talk about, understand each other perfectly, to consult on projects, advise. Although I wouldn't have anything to paint black and white paint. There's as front and reverse side.

— I have read that you have a desire to play on stage some of the world theatre...

— While, unfortunately, do not make any steps in this direction. Even the English did not bring to perfection. (Smiles.)

— What are you waiting for? From whom you need a good kick?

— From his wife. (Laughs.) Ksenia regularly engaged in my upbringing. I'm a classic henpecked, and thus the happy husband. (Smiles.)

— Xenia help with the housework?

— Yes, as expected, to the stores list go. How I cook eggs! With cheese, with sausages, with all sorts of spices on a slow fire, with longing... Believe me, it's delicious!

Артем Быстров: «У меня лицо от сохи, зато фактурное»

"I have a person from the plow, but textured. I hope his nature will get the roles that you want to play – the wretched, the sick and the maimed"Photo: Tasha Belyaeva

— You are a young father, your daughter Marusya two and a half years...

— By the way, that I became a father, also still can't believe it. Our baby is some kind of euphoria are endless. It was not in the world, and here she is already on the ground is, offers some built. Solid magic...

— Do I look like?

Is it just my eyes, and everything else, thank God, Kushina. She's a girl, should be beautiful. (Smiles.)

— A lot do with her?

— If not working, Mary read, sculpt, draw, cut, pasted, go to the dance circle. But at the same time, my wife and daughter are afraid of the excessive load, or even worse, to project her own subconscious, unfulfilled desires. Better in the future chooses Hobbies, depending on talents.

— You can easily treat the money?

— Money is not put at the forefront, though, the attitude changes depending on life circumstances. So, recently we took an apartment in the mortgage, therefore, today other priorities. But Home for millions just will not sell. (Smiles.) I basically unassuming, all the necessary clothes, my wife buys. That's just past the PlayStations could not be immediately acquired. I admit, in this passion — play at your leisure. And so gambling that can hang as much as thirty-six hours in front of the screen. This is my personal, though, another student's, record. Knowing that I have such a weakness, this console has given to man.

What you played is an interesting thirty-six hours in a row?

— In football. I'm a fan of his. Once a week my colleagues are going and chase the ball. I'm a defender. And I'm sick of always active. First, Krasnodar, Rostov later, and now just for the beautiful game. Alas, to get on the podium of the upcoming world Cup is extremely difficult, so I'll watch the games on TV.


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