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Evgeniya Loza: "I'm waiting for the man we meet looks and immediately understand that you have created for each other" spoke with the actress about the Turkish men, an ideal life companion and Yuri Loza

After two seasons of the series "East-West" Evgeniya Loza is already an expert on the relationship with a foreigner.

— Eugene, in the series you had to play along with foreign actor. You've been used to each other?

— Open secret. All the scenes with Adnan Cochem are written in different languages. Adnan says his lines in Turkish and I in Russian. Surprisingly, creativity can dramatically closer together, despite the different languages and mentalities. On the court we feel Adnan each other, he's an incredible partner.

— A disagreement on the Playground do you have?

— Oh, we had an interesting case. Right before filming of the second season I go to the dressing room and see that on my table is a box. Open, and inside is a Teddy bear and a note from Adnan. This little gift he gave me for the mood before shooting. When we met, I thanked him and kissed him on the cheek, but Adnan then ran out of the dressing room and said nothing to me. Later I learned that my gratitude to him seemed very low-key, but I managed to smooth out the story, and we started filming. Adnan told me a lot about Turkey. This is an amazing country, which during the filming was, you might say, my second home.

— It is said to participate in this project you had to overcome the fear of water...

— I still beat begins to panic as soon as the feet cease to feel the bottom. As a child I almost drowned and I no longer had the desire to go into the water. But now I can proudly say that for the sake of filming, I learned how to swim and beautiful to dive in headfirst. Of course, to overcome his fear, I worked with a coach.

Евгения Лоза: «Я очень жду мужчину, с которым мы встретимся взглядами и сразу поймем, что созданы друг для друга»

The plot of the series "East-West", the heroine is Eugenia and beloved man and child. But the actress has not yet met his love. Although I'm sure she will appear, semaforo:

— You don't have a child but have godchildren. Experience with children is useful when you want to play mom?

— On the first season, when the baby was only two months, I consulted with many friends who have become mothers. Now Mike has grown up, he can be funny. We lived in the same hotel, and he asked to visit. Him for three years, and he believes everything that happens on the set. And here Mike enters my room and asks, "where's dad Igor?" I explained to him that he lives in another room. Misha is surprised: "Strange, but my parents live in the same room". In General, in recent months I was surrounded by so many kids that there is a desire to have a child. But without a loved one close to talk about it is pointless. Of course, in the future I will have a family, but I never was looking for a husband especially.

— Your soap choice is full of positive qualities. And what kind of man could conquer your heart?

A man who I could pay attention to, must be smart, not a boor, with the makings of a gentleman, not a lazy, confident, neat. The beauty for me in the first place when choosing a life partner. Sometimes beauty does not benefit men. To be honest, my ideal — man-a conservative who is self-sufficient, confident person and does not depend on likes on social networks. In General, I'm waiting for the man with whom we meet glances and immediately understand that you have created for each other.

— Your partner Adnan male cute. Everything has to rumors about office romances...

— Adnan I wouldn't be relations, because we have a language barrier. I can not put down the portrait of the man, if you don't understand what he's talking about. Many fans of the series have attributed the novel to us, but we in one voice saying: we're just friends!

Евгения Лоза: «Я очень жду мужчину, с которым мы встретимся взглядами и сразу поймем, что созданы друг для друга»

Free time in Eugene is now a little, so she knows how to spend it wisely. Can read at home, and maybe in the journey, otpravitsya:

— Evgenia, you are probably used to the questions about the relationship with Mr Vine?

— Now ask less questions, and had to disappoint people.

— And you personally in any relationship with music?

— I studied singing, though I understand that it's not really my thing. In my youth we all tried something. I recorded several songs, shot a video, but that was it. That might be fine, but then Yuri Loza took for me to discuss.

— Your colleagues complain about the lack of time and inability to organize life and leisure. How do you cope?

— If I have days off between filming, I love to go abroad to wander alone, to be alone with his thoughts. Sometimes I like to stay home, read a book or watch TV. As for daily life, then do it yourself. But sometimes hire an AU pair, when there is no time. And cooking and doing Laundry a pleasure.

— And to Finance about carefully?

— I am increasingly learning to save money. Before, even knowing that I have no job in the near future, could treat yourself to a branded handbag or an incredible dress. Big passion for me is a nice car. Once I even spent the night with a friend in the car, because there was no money for the rented apartment. Fortunately, life experience has taught me rational attitude to money. At least I try to be honest! (Smiles.)


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