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Andrey Chernyshev: "my wife may argue, but we're talking about the same thing, the same language" met the actor and discussed the deluded fans, domestic disputes and pasta with seafood

In a new Comedy series about the lives of five girlfriends actor Chernyshov again breaks girls ' hearts. And at the same time, it is recognized that in ordinary life he is far from it.

— Andrew, in the TV series "Girls, don't give up" your character, frankly, has a hard time...

— I personally sympathize with his character because he lost his way. Having a wife and children, he at some point must have forgotten about the vows and promises that must be kept. So it became a little bit to look around. And if at first everything passed with impunity, in some point in life gave him on the head. In search of the next light he truly fell in love and were faced with a very serious choice: have a family, a responsibility from which he cannot refuse, but there are feelings that are also important. It is served in a comedic way, so I would like the spectator, on the one hand, laughed about it, and thinking.

— And you yourself how this behavior close?

— Honestly, I like the story, I hope that will not be in such a situation, it's not my path in life. I was not brought up.

— In the story of your hero — pilot. And I have to admit that the form is very you. During filming you had to learn some flying skills?

— In the script, no scenes where I'm leading airliner, basically all the action takes place in the passenger compartment. So to acquire some technical expertise for this movie was not necessary. And in childhood, I dreamed of becoming an astronaut or pilot. Of course, it was a respected profession, but fourth grade I already wanted to become an artist. My parents were teachers, mom was a children's theatre in school. And, of course, that was my main hobby. However, I then didn't tell anyone about his desire to become an actor, I was embarrassed. Only in the tenth grade when you had to articulate, where I want to do, said that going to the theater.

Андрей Чернышев: «С женой можем поспорить, но мы говорим об одном и том же, на одном языке»

On the set of "Margarita Nazarova" actor quickly found contact with tigrett: still from the TV series

— Your father was the Director of the school in which you studied. You were probably uneasy?

— Many, when they learned that the Pope — the Director of the school, and the mother — head, once assumed that the "five" is provided. But parents, however, believed that I must uphold the honor of the family. If they cannot their child to teach, what to speak of others! And I asked all stricter, and if the school was some sort of prank, then got it in the first place to me. Later I realized how it was right, because thanks to this I have developed the ability to work and self-discipline.

— You must have a lot of positive qualities?

— I have those positive qualities that I have instilled in parents. That is, the understanding of some basic life principles and, perhaps, the desire to follow them. May not always work, but I'm trying to move in this direction. I'm a loyal friend, and I think I can rely on.

— In many movies you play fearless. Do you have in your life fears?

— As well as everyone else. But it can be overcome if to take himself in hand. Phobias, fortunately, I have not.

— So with the tigers on the set of "Margarita Nazarova" you have found a contact. But at home you have animals?

— Unfortunately, due to the tight schedule and the constant travel can't find yourself a pet, although I love dogs. Now this is not possible. No matter what breed I made — I do not know. Maybe the pooch. We probably chose each other.

In Instagram I read that you like surprises. For example, surprised everyone at the wedding of the actress Maria Kulikova.

— Honestly, I wasn't at their wedding, and most importantly — I don't have Instagram and I'm not on any social networks! I don't know how to deal with fake profiles. It turns out that it's impossible. And it turns out, people are misled. Often after the show me someone perfect, brings some books, says: "if you say so..." it added: "We are friends!" And very often people come to me already as a friend, I feel like I'm there with someone fun looking for some. You have to make excuses and apologize. I don't know who, or why, but I think it's not very smart people.

— Why don't you have Instagram?

— Probably, I don't feel the need, I have so much to deal with. Well, maybe I'm that interested.

— Now social media takes people a lot of time. But in your case, it just appears for some hobby...

— I don't do nothing. Love going to the movies. And what to look for no matter. Just go to the movies, buy popcorn, a coke, sit. It's about the feeling that you can spend your free time somewhere, and even if the movie is interesting, it's all cool. Love to meet with friends — it is also rarely work, because everyone is busy. And if you receive free evening and we meet five hours flies by like a second.

— Popcorn and Cola at your beautiful form somehow does not fit...

— Of course, you need to look after themselves, make friends with the sport. On the project "king of the ring" I met with Ashot Ivanovich Garachana, who was my coach. We struck up a strong friendship with him and even with all of the Boxing team of the Mining Institute, where he trains. Now, if you have the opportunity, go there for training.

For food themselves watch? Unable to prepare something?

— Yes, I'm a pretty good cook. Suddenly I woke up this talent, I would say. I've lived alone, and there was probably some kind of bachelor need to do it. First tried to cook simple dishes, then started to add something — it turned out delicious. I continued to experiment and it was interesting.

— Now the pet of the household?

I probably pasta is well cooked. With the seafood. Wife likes, she often asks me to cook, I hope not out of politeness.

And as a wife to your employment concerns?

Masha is engaged in the same profession as me. She understands that separation can be forced, so we're fine in this regard.

Андрей Чернышев: «С женой можем поспорить, но мы говорим об одном и том же, на одном языке»

In the role of Vladimir Mayakovsky in the same SerialATA frame from the series "Mayakovsky. Two days"

Say, before you marry, you had to fix the tarnished reputation of a womanizer in front of wife. Where did it suddenly you took?

A lot came out of all the tabloids, I was assigned various novels. My parents live in Kiev. And I remember mother once called and asked: "Son, you getting married?" I asked: "How? On whom?" She called the name. Of course, I said, "Mom, well, I would really like it told you! Not from Newspapers and magazines to find out about this!" It's probably created this image. Generally in these publications, I was called eligible bachelor, and I had to argue, so I never positioned. What do you mean fiance? What is the status of this? The bridegroom is if there is a bride.

— But your wife-to-be must have realized that it all just talk?

I hope he does.

— The fact that you wife and colleagues, a help or a hindrance in life? How about a hot actor disputes in the home environment?

— Disputes we have, of course, but we're talking about the same thing, the same language, and I think it's all very easy. Because a person of another profession is not all the nuances can be understood.

— And to criticize each other?

— Well, of course! Of course! Masha I Masha. But it's not a verdict make, and in order to fix something, to try to help. We may not always agree with each other, but the criticism is constructive.

— And the fact that you are occasionally playing the hero-lover with an abundance of romantic scenes as it is?

— This question is probably primarily interested in people who are outside the profession. Kissing on screen or on stage — quite different than the kisses in life, you know? When a bunch of people standing around you, above you, the operator and Director. And if you have to play murder? If I, for example, someone is killed in the movie, it's not for real! It's all part of the role.


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