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Alexey Kortnev: "pulls to the left nor to walk, nor to talk about it" met with musician, actor, TV presenter and discussed the age, sport and men's gatherings

Healthy lifestyle today has become popular even in artistic circles. Alexei kortneva sport has become an ordinary affair, especially because his younger children born in a marriage with a gymnast Amina Zaripova fully drew him into the vortex.

— Alex, you say that lately in the morning you have the sport?

— Today, for example, it was just a ten-kilometer jog with some exercises along the way. Nothing outstanding.

— When you have decided to make sports a compulsory procedure? Artist and sports were previously incompatible concepts...

— It happened fifteen years ago. The fact that I was engaged in sports since childhood and all my youth went skiing. Almost professionally raced there for different teams. So for me it was just a modus Vivendi. And then, when the rock-n-roll, a lot of time was to take a theater, of course, I'm from the sport drifted away. Probably up to thirty years with a tail like that didn't come back. But when it adult fever as a desire to perform at all concert venues, earn all the possible money asleep, then I started to devote some time yourself, your physical form and the rest, returned to sports. Especially because we mostly do sports with children, which I do quite a lot. We ski and ride together, play Golf together, so I combine sports with family holidays, even in addition. (Laughs.)

— Wife Emine, which, as you say, lives in the gym probably contributed to this?

— Probably not. Because Aminka as a professional athlete ate much at the time, any sport. Well, besides every day she sees girls who give the sport every minute of his time. Therefore, it is, of course, we are always involved, when can, when not at training camps or competitions. But big enthusiasm for the sport does not feel. In that sense I'm much more proactive show. Still, the desire to please a young, athletic girl, later a young, athletic woman like me inspired by this, stimulated.

— What is the age?

— That is the age! (Laughs.)

— And to be honest, age is already there or not?

— There is, of course, because, for example, in certain athletic sports like volleyball, for example — I already can't put your feet up, like you did before. I gained weight and realize that just traumatize her knees and ankle if I'm with my current 96-pound body to jump and land. Such things have to be deleted. In this case, the age felt, the joints really are not. (Laughs.)

— And what now constitutes "necessary"?

— I will spend time with their children. Recently my daughter Aksinya was seven years old. Noted. Some family chores are mandatory. And I still write. Now a fellow has already passed through the middle of the material. Write a new show, and great music. It will not only play the entire "Accident", but several visiting artists. So I now have this obligation: every day I try at least something, even if not the slightest of inspiration and desire, after all, to squeeze out of himself.

Seven years Aksinya is a Mature age for a child.

— Of course! (Laughs.)

— As noted?

— To our giving was attended by all her many friends from kindergarten, then the children of our friends. And the birthday we spent in the quiet family circle with our closest relatives, which are too many. After all, she has four brothers. Therefore, even "in the narrow family circle" it's kind of a big company. (Laughs.)

Алексей Кортнев: «Не тянет уже ни гулять налево, ни тем более говорить об этом»

"My family" - signed this photo of Amina Zaripova in микроблоге

— In addition to daughter Aksinya you have four sons: Artem, Nikita — from previous marriages, Arsenius, Athanasius — from Amina Zaripova. Kids are friends? Who does what?

— I was lucky, friends. Arseny goes to school and plays Golf. Artemy is in the "School of three arts" as a senior administrator. Handles all contacts between the school administration and parents. Nikita studying at the Moscow technical University MIREA, but is preparing to enter the literary Institute. Very actively writes prose and plays. Afonka shooting a film continuously, and very funny. He utuber already have their own audience. Well, ICQ is being prepared for entry into school this fall.

Алексей Кортнев: «Не тянет уже ни гулять налево, ни тем более говорить об этом»

Performances of "Accident" consistently collect anlagenteile Medincine

— With your busy schedule fit men's gatherings with alcohol?

— Male gatherings and alcohol are all great. I very well know how to dose this case. And so I can afford to drink and eat as much as you want. Another thing is that I don't very much want. I don't are drinking alcoholic zazornym consumer, so without much effort I can still keep yourself in check.

— What men say today?

— As always. About sports, because I have around a solid golfers. On children, because all parents, basically everyone has two or three children. A lot, of course, we're talking about, because write performance astrometrically, in the spirit of Saltykov-Shchedrin. To what degree of openness can be reached, not to overreact and to us it simply was not closed. On the other hand, make it really sharp and funny. It became much less talk about women. (Laughs.) But it is also quite natural, because all married for the second time, and I think the final and undoubtedly happy. So somehow pulls to the left nor to walk, nor to talk about it.

Over time, you have a good friends from the sports circle, spouses, and Amines from your artistic?

— Of course! One of our closest friends, godfather to our daughter Pasha Shishkin. He is honored master of sport of volleyball, two years in a row was recognized as the best striker in the world. Here it is just in our family. And at the same time, a large number of people from my theatre life became close friends for Amines. Especially the wives of friends. They are now inseparable.

— What are the similarities and differences between musicians and athletes? And those other fanatics?

— Probably a kind of fanaticism is present. It seems to me that the main difference between actor — naklonost to the competition. After all, in music and theatre it is impossible to determine the winner. Who is better? Who is worse? Every one of us still thinks that he is the best. Even if the ensemble of "Accident" is not the most popular in our country, but we are doing a lot better than all the rest. In their genre the best. And the athlete that can not speak. There is an objective assessment of meters, seconds, kilograms. So the difference is, and quite substantial.


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