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Paul Savinkov: "My kiss jokingly called pensioner"

Actor calls his role in the series about the residents of an ordinary street in a residential area the most difficult of his career met with Paul Savinkov and discussed "pensioner" kiss in the picture, the actor's family and the humor that saves on set.

— Paul, in the second season of "Street" acting was easier than the first?

— Yes, because you already know everything about your character, you know, partners don't need to get used to each other, just work in peace, and all. But the main difficulties were in the first season. Honestly, this role was probably the most difficult of my entire professional career. Andrew just very different from me. It is heavier, harsher and even more Mature than I am. So I had to change a lot in myself. It's not easy, but extremely interesting and useful.

— So far I remember from the set?

— Was a funny and ridiculous situation, when we filmed with Leroy Dergileva in a romantic scene. Her character Alice was kissing Andrew, he initially responds to the kiss, but then stops and says that it is not necessary to do this. Before that I already had similar scenes with other partners, and I never thought about them, we just played, kissed where you want and all. And I was sure that this scene would be the same as usual. And that's while shooting Valerie in the same moment came up to me and leaned so gently on my lips. I'm a little confused and just gently leaned in response. So we leaned against one another out of the brace in a brace. The crew joked afterwards that it was the "pensioner" kiss in the entire series. (Laughs.)

— You remember when in your life was the decision to enter the acting Department?

The solution came when I graduated from high school and realized that I need at least somewhere to go. I decided that to prepare a poem, a fable and prose to me is not difficult. Besides in theatrical universities are not many comprehensive exams. Came to GITIS, stood under the fence and decided that I will not go to the exam, it's all nonsense, and actually I have no mood. I was in the reserves for another year, and I enrolled in a preparatory courses at the University. Awful clutching at auditions! Sweating, dizzy... But to take all, because the course was paid. Parents, fortunately, were able to pay for them. Anyway, I'm somehow involved, continued insanely shy, I was even one girl said that I don't belong in this profession. But gradually I relaxed, became more relaxed, and I have what is called "flooded". I quite successfully held in all universities, but chose VGIK. He to me was most lovely, and the course was scored by Alexey Batalov. As a master not to go? To learn, of course, was hard. Especially at the beginning. In the morning lectures, then the professional courses are: stage speech, movement and skill. Besides, I went to learn from Krasnogorsk, but it is an hour and a half. Used to fall asleep on the subway. Sometimes, just sit on the circle line and cut off, riding in a circle.

Павел Савинков: «Мой поцелуй в шутку назвали пенсионерским»

In "the Street" Paul plays a very successful businessman. The work on the role was difficult because, according to the actor, this character does it not, pahoehoe: materials of press-services

You admitted once that the series "Happy together" has been a landmark project — you even have a picture of there hanging on the fridge. You still communicate with colleagues on the series?

— Natasha Botchkareva and Dasha Sagalovoy we talked more as colleagues, but Victor Loginov, Sasha Akinin, Julia Zakharova, and a lot of Kondratowa we had friendly relations. I still consider them my friends. Although I have not seen the Victor and Cyril, Julia. Only here with Sasha Jinym occasionally keep in touch.

— I wonder what other pictures are hanging on your fridge?

— I have fun fridge. (Smiles.) It's a bunch of stupid magnets of the towns where we were. Pictures of the family, our son drawings. From the photos of the projects in addition to "Happy together" hanging another piece of the poster of the film "Exercises in perfect" in which I starred. We need "Streets" to hang something. Soon will!

— As far as I know, your wife is also an actress. So, you have a family full mutual understanding, including in the professional sphere?

— Yes, my wife is also an actress, and Yes, we in the professional sphere, too understanding. We have the same attitude to work. And the acting profession consider it a profession and not a vocation. But acting is not a rite, a work — forgive me a story.

— You discuss home business issues?

— Honestly, not really discussing. We try to divide work and family. Besides, everyone needs personal space.

— Have your children inherited from you acting talents? See someone in potential?

— I love kids! And its especially! I enjoy spending time with them! How they behave, what they say is something amazing! And about the acting... somehow did not notice this. Well, that is my son wore black leggings and began to read from "hamlet".

You never would like that your children were engaged in acting profession?

— For me, as for every parent, it is important that they took place. And in a profession too. I'm not going to insist on acting, but if they will lie a soul, why not? I will support them in everything. The most important thing — to be happy!

Павел Савинков: «Мой поцелуй в шутку назвали пенсионерским»

After the series "Happy together" Paul became a popular actor. In the photo with a partner on the project was caught Zaharovitch: materials of press-services

— And you yourself what kind of father do you think? Spoiling children or, conversely, terrible dad?

— I'm a good folder. Anyway, according to my children and reviews of others. I very much spoil them, especially my son. We play a lot, I fill it with toys, books, movies and cartoons. Maybe even too much.

— When I have free time, what you love to do?

— There is no free time. And it is mostly occupied by children. Perhaps this is my main hobby. But in General, I love books, I love movie and watch it a lot. Love music, love to draw, we often draw with my son. Can a PlayStation to play with great pleasure.

— Something I notice in this list of sports...

— I'm just very lazy. While I understand that to be fit you need. But in the gym don't go. In the morning I do crunches, push-UPS. I would like to do something else, but no. I'd be in the hall walked and Boxing, for example, enrolled or in the martial arts any, on longbone learned to ride, and the climbing itself would try. But while this is problematic.

— I am by your responses noticed that you are a person with a sense of humor. How has it helped you in your life and work?

Humor is actually a lifeline for a person in different difficult situations. Sometimes I think I make too many jokes. Once I even decided that it was highly distracting, and decided that the next filming more joke I will not! Dive into the role and so on. I lasted half a day!


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