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Sergey Stepin: "I am optimistic in life. I think there's always a place for humor"

Popularity is a capricious lady. To Sergei it came when he was already a Mature person. And the actor himself sees in this situation only advantages: according to his confession, it saved him, but it would zazvezdilsya

— In the movie you started with episodes, and woke up famous after the premiere of the series "the chop." What did you feel?

— Somehow it all goes in parallel. What did the do — theatre, film and children. Nothing special — type stood up, and I grew hair did not happen, did not feel.

— Never thought, Ah, came to fame in the eighteen — things would have been different?..

I don't know what happens when fame suddenly early. Probably tear the roof immediately. In my years a more relaxed attitude to everything. Where it helps, somewhere hinders.

— In General, star fever has left you out?

Yes. Understand now already, what's your problem, what deficiencies, professional deficiencies, where you can still improve. Modest, we must be modest! Star is nothing special. And what I has done anything to be a star? And at eighteen, I remember: he enrolled in drama — and all you have talent! And basic training... we in the theatre were saying: "we are Working profession Salieri, and I'm Mozart!" Were the guys who didn't say it directly, but in all it felt: like, I have inspiration, I have a talent... We laughed.

— How did your family react to your popularity?

Great. Mom was very happy. She was pleased that after she says hi to her son. I have two children. Daughter is seventeen, she is pleasant when you meet, go to school, and all wonder and could not believe my eyes that I'm her dad.

— And the youngest?

— While he is the main artist. Myron five and a half. When something happens — how it is absorbed by the problem, as he ponders how he is an honest and pure relations! Loves loves. Likes, then dislikes. Vengeance! With age goes, this purity. And here we observe and can't get enough. All with love, whatever it is. People would be offended at me, mom, cry, and inside, glowing with love. What is it? Connected the seemingly unconnected. So I'm again from my son...

Сергей Степин: «Я по жизни оптимист. Мне кажется, всегда есть место юмору»

Sergey is sure that acting skill is acquired and perfected only in theatrette:

— You have a lot of theatrical works — admit that closer: cinema or theatre?

— Conditionally can be divided like this: a skill to acquire and hone, of course, in the theatre, and use it in the movie. Movie still more uses of the artist. You will not get to rehearse a lot, to try something, to experiment, to dream... just say so, but it is so. Go! Shoot!

— There is a difference who the Director is a man or a woman?

— Of course there is! Although there are the ones that destroy all the stereotypes, and templates. Now for example, I work with Nina Chusova, her play "the Servant of two masters". Now, Nina has male approach and female. She's a very rare person who is fluent in their profession. Have a fantasy of her doing a fantastic job. She is an exceptional professional.

You increasingly appear in the role of villains. And seriously ready to play a positive role, but, alas, the handsome far from you. What, no tall and regular features, the positive way out?

Well, it's a joke about the beauty of the positive hero. (Laughs.) But, you know, actually Goodies it's hard to play. Negative — they are in sight. And a positive, go and find. Life's complicated enough. The benefit in film and theater today, there's no such when all the characters one color smear. Now looking negative good, positive bad. I'm playing the villain, act as both Prosecutor and lawyer. I don't just need to play a bad person. I wonder, that I, the viewer, understand why he was so. What happened? Why is he doing this? Because sometimes for the sake of good meaning people do bad things.

— In your filmography a lot of comedies. In ordinary life, perceive a joke?

— I love it! I know, optimistic in life. I think there's always a place for humor. Well, almost always. All the stupidity in the world are made with a very intelligent face. So you can over himself and over the situation to laugh, to look the part. This is useful.

And when you are joking?

— Also normally am. When discussing a serious issue seriously, and I think this oil oil. Always joke appropriate. Through it easier to perceive some serious stuff.

Сергей Степин: «Я по жизни оптимист. Мне кажется, всегда есть место юмору»

Bright sitcom chop did Sergei recognizable actor and paved the way in film and Tvphoto: materials of press-services

— They say that in life you have to try everything. Is there something you would never try?

Here it is necessary to clarify. Never try what? Never climb into the mine? Never jump with a parachute?.. I'm such restrictions never intended and do not put. I now say, and he fantasize on this topic, can you imagine... Probably not such. The acting profession — it means that the actor can play anyone. And the artist should try everything that fate throws you. You need a repertoire of mental to expand. Yeah, I guess I'll never be in mine, but man always remains man, that's another thing for the profession. Everywhere there are human relationships. Here it is — the area of knowledge of the artist. And what costume you wear is secondary.

— What is your temperament?

When I everything is subordinated to theater and cinema, and fast and slow. Especially since I'm a character actor. When I was younger, even played the elderly. Now don't give up. For example, in "the Servant of two masters" Nina Chusova and lots of dancing. And dance professional and quick. So involved in the play our generation (and this Valera Yaremenko, Vladimir Kapustin) in no way inferior to the young.

That's the world Cup. Are you a fan?

To call themselves a fan can't. But the world Championships and football and hockey I'm watching. When going to the strongest team, always interesting.

— How to motivate yourself to work when it gets lazy?

— Most importantly — to get to work. Reached — all. Coffee. Tea. Some talk. Slowly warming up the soul. Jokes, humor — and forward.


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