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Alyona Yakovleva: "to Be a grandmother I'm ready" spoke with the actress about the challenges in life, dolls and a Prince on a white horse

Continuer acting dynasty played in numerous films, TV shows and theatrical productions, and Alena went to the podium and she ennobles area in the country.

— Alena, not so long ago you celebrated your birthday. How was your holiday gift?

Noted in a narrow circle, with my daughter and friends. Any festivals? From Masha I received as a gift a very beautiful shawl, Dmitry Kharatyan gave me the original doll. The young actress of theatre presented a vase of flowers and a very beautiful mirror.

— This year you yourself have made the gift of a new production of the play "the Gorgon", where they play Hollywood diva...

For me it's important work. We are not spoilt for dramatic roles because our theatre is now mainly focused on Comedy. In the "Gorgon" shows the history of relations between the two Hollywood Actresses: their struggle, intrigue, stories of love and hate. In addition, inside the plays happen shooting a horror movie. Play Masha ilina, my old partner, she formed a Duo.

— When on stage, two professional Actresses, not do you feel between some kind of competition?

— No, we help each other during operation. I have many friends-Actresses, and our relationship lasted for years. Of course, somewhere far away in consciousness can, and have thought about competition, but it is not expressed in any way. I do better when the strong partner. Masha is a very talented man with directing and screenwriting brains.

Алена Яковлева: «Стать бабушкой я уже готова»

The actress Alyona Yakovleva, daughter Mary, Kazakovite:

— If we're talking about friendship... With their daughter Masha you managed to become friends?

— Of course, we're friends, although very different. Of course, we can argue, because belong to different generations, but always find a common language. It is clear that I have a huge experience in terms of profession, I can give advice. It is her right to take advice or not.

— In your joint interview with her daughter you personally admitted you don't believe in Prince on a white horse, and Masha said that still believes. Not trying to change their mind.

— Why, maybe her life will refute my ideas. I have not encountered this, but maybe she will face. Everyone has the right to believe in miracles and fairy tales. No lecture, I don't give Mache. As advice about men. Why put the choice between her mother and beloved young man? I think she can handle it.

— You just did the perfect mom...

— Far from perfect. I don't know what will face. Still life presents different surprises.

— And if the prospect of becoming a grandmother?

— That's fine, I'm happy. I'm ready, but don't see any objective prerequisites for this.

— For you became a surprise that Maria chose the acting profession?

— As a child her talent was especially evident. She was shy and uptight girl like me at the time. When she was invited in the film "karmelita", she was 15 years old, I remember I had told Masha that we need first to understand whether it can withstand it physically. And there she went, while she was exams — music, English. She acted, slept three hours, went to school, but all survived. And he realized that he wanted to do it.

Алена Яковлева: «Стать бабушкой я уже готова»

Legendary actor Yuri Yakovlev with his granddaughter Masha Kozakova that in adolescence started acting, and her daughter Alyona, Yakovlevitch: personal archive of Alena Yakovleva

— Which period of your life you could call difficult?

That was in 2005... I went shooting, I built the house, my mom had health problems, Mary is only 12 years old, I divorced with my husband. But in the end I survived: Mary rose, husband and we have established a great relationship, the house was built. Now look at the garden, vegetable garden, Alpine slide and think I have it all mastered?

— So, are you also a gardener?

Well, at some programatski extent, of course. We grow pears, apples, plums, currants, gooseberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, and peonies, lilacs. Something I planted, something was already on the site. I help friends or specially trained people. When I have time, I enjoy myself poking around.

— What else do you like to do if given free time?

— I have many Hobbies. Love to deal with them: doing massages, enjoy the beauty. I have a lot of friends with whom I meet, I like to go to theatres. Now I want, for example, just lie down, read, watch movies. Still collect dolls... I can't say that it's insanely expensive dolls, but they are all interesting. In my apartment the masters program "a Perfect repair" specially built for them a huge closet.


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