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Valery Yaremenko: "an exemplary father, I sometimes turn into a helpless child" he discussed with the actor the perfect holiday, kissing on stage and male education

In contrast to the millions of passionate world Cup men Valery Yaremenko for any team are sore and football is not looking. He always stood a little apart.

— Does not inspire football passion?

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I this story is not very developed in life. I'm not a fan. I even envy those who are experiencing these emotions. Of course, I rejoice in the ongoing miracle, when the whole country turns into fans, but rejoice quietly and politely. Of course, there are games that want to watch, feel a sense of ownership. And Express their civil position. This time thanks to my new theatrical family play "the Servant of two masters" I first felt like a real fan. And did everything possible to help the team beat the Uruguayans. Alas... 3:0 in our favor. But I was in the middle of it! Opened new qualities. I can now safely say: "this is the Beginning!"

— Now, in the summer, certainly not leaving town. Where are you going?

— We are not changing ourselves. First, going to one of the famous film festival for the whole family, then release Kuzma with her grandmother to the sea to a foreign trip. Then your friends would go for all the family to the Turkish camp, and even somewhere far away. It will all depend on our family budget. The rest is money. You can wish me as a "young" father to my creativity and brought those dividends that allow the whole family to relax and beautiful, and talented.

— But you work a lot lately. Not so long ago you had the premiere of "the Servant of two masters" by Nina Chusova. Very many people want to work, and some, on the contrary, I'm afraid. How did you find working with a female Director?

— I have had the privilege to work with women artists. On the one hand, I was happy with another — was afraid. What can you say about Nina? About it I have heard and seen of her work, and, frankly, she was doing a creative offer. And now fate brought us together. For me Nina was a naughty big girl. Her feminine perception of the world is very interesting to me. She's real, honest, positive and absolutely conflict-free. Until her screams bring to our team only the positive emotions. It is incredibly organic screams. In the case of. I am a person that directly associated with children, the youngest four, the oldest was ten. So close to me by people who themselves are in a child's wave.

Валерий Яременко: «Из образцового отца я иногда превращаюсь в беспомощного ребенка»

Valery and his wife Anna are the happy parents of two sons: Kuzma and Stephanopolis Kremer

Oddly enough, the kids all get in the game. Despite the fact that the performance is very complicated technically, he reminds me of a game children, gathered in the sandbox, happily building some castle of his dreams. I admit, I have gained confidence in the fact that the castle Nina will not fall apart like so many sand designs of modern theatrical mix. Nina skillfully creates a steel frame, or rather steel, is capable to keep within the limits of the people, to put it mildly hyperactive.

— Muscle mass may be different, but the skeleton remains the same — it mean?

Yes. And since now I have problems with the spine, I felt literally. (Laughs.)

— What about the spine?

— Oh, have reached a dangerous age. Somehow Sergey Yursky said, "Let me put on Yaremenko "the Servant of two masters". While we still have it Truffaldino. And it will soon become Pantaloon". His words proved prophetic. In our play I play Pantalone. There are some problems. Played here recently, "Jesus Christ" in the sense of Judas in a corset. Our profession requires us to be healthy.

— In this play you play on stage with the beautiful Olesya Sudzilovskaia. It's hard not to fall in love?

Oh, I already had experience in the play "the Result is obvious", then I played a character who is in love with her. When I first met Olesya, I was pleasantly amazed that it can be not simply beautiful. It is able to change the position of the heroine in distinguishing cloness that doesn't care about how she looks now. It breaks the frame. And I in this project only because I had a warranty — Olesyne part. Similarly, when I appeared in the play Ladies night. When I read the play, said: "Never in my life I won't do it!" Then he looked, and who next. Saw Gosha Kutsenko, the Glory Razbegaeva, Marat Basharova, Dima Maryanov, Zhora Martirosyan, Lucy Artemyev and thought that they probably are not idiots. Of course, there was also a moment of faith in the Director. Similarly, I first worked faith in her, then faith in Nina Chusova.

— Difficult to play chemistry of a relationship, deeply family?

— It's wonderful. I can side afford what I can afford in life. The beauty of my profession is that playing years in the play "the Space tn U." with such artists as Eugene Kryukov and Katya Guseva, I got the pleasure to have the opportunity one mentally raped, and waiting for another child. I was protected in his own way. Thank God that I have an adequate wife. Which is not an actress, but has a relationship to art. And understands the psychology of my profession. Come home — and in the face won't get over the fact that you hugged and kissed a beautiful woman in public on the stage. You know? I protected his image. And maniac I'm never, ever, go on stage, will do everything publicly, but still I will applaud.

Валерий Яременко: «Из образцового отца я иногда превращаюсь в беспомощного ребенка»

With a colleague in theatre Catherine, Housewife:

But his understanding wife Anna Sukhacheva you are greeted immediately. You're four times was married. It's a lot or a little?

— The first marriage can not be considered. It was fictitious at the level of the theatrical game. Played with him three years, and the story delicately ended without any horror. Yes it was passed. I have this marriage had no children. Second marriage I married a woman with a child. But the General never gave birth. And when I realized that it was not included in the plans of my wife, we broke up. But this marriage, marriage, when children are born — it's real. I now have two sons. I am happy, happy, know what I'm working. For what should I go to some sacrifices. A lot or a little? I don't want to talk bad about ex-wives, maybe they were sent by God to me in order for me in the next marriage, hopefully the last, did not commit those mistakes that can make a man not yet formed.

— You have two children — Kuzma and Stephen. Who knows you says you are an exemplary father. Is this true?

— I am very glad to say so. Need to put a fad in head that you're with the birth of a child become a different person. The stupidity and the shit that peacock tail that you have, must be very sensitive to folding. And know that God gave you the opportunity to be a springboard for a new people born of you. Exemplary exemplary no dad mom can not exist. When I got married, pointwise that he married not just for the woman I love, and the potential mother of their children. It happens, look at the man — and everything is clear, it's mom, and it's not mom, it's a beautiful dragonfly, which will flutter and create a holiday atmosphere. No, we are not a dragonfly. We have a beautiful Madonna and child on the hand, if necessary, can turn into an ox, which all will take. Mom can be a big, immense, which courted not two but three children. Because I often — as you said, a model father turn into a helpless child, for which you need to follow.

— In your opinion, what is important in the education of boys?

To help them become men with those qualities which every woman dreams. They need to delicately prepare to be strong, confident, with the knowledge of those bases that allow them to work. Not to be parasites. To love people. And make happy those who are near them. And to, of course, enjoy life. Pleasure is not idleness. Fun is when you have a job that brings you joy. And if you're half of my life not doing what you would like, and secretly think something else is flour. So you need the boys to prepare that the man is dealing with. And even if in life they will have difficulties, it is necessary to explain how these difficulties out. The man needs to be mobilized. He's not a superhero, he's a simple man who has a quality, which at the right time to become a superhero.


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