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Yevgeny Tkachuk: "I love honest wife"

The second half of the actor found in social networks. Details — in interview

Evgeniy Tkachuk is an actor, which is now little the master of disguise. Made his debut in the film Alexander Sokurov, and then there was a loud: "the Life and adventures of Teddy jap", "Demons", "the Quiet don"... and despite this, very few people know. So not like he is in real life? He also aspires to become a star. Why jumped off the bridge in Kiev, traded Moscow to St. Petersburg, he created the theater of horses and the role played by parrots, lovebirds in his personal life in the interview of the journal "Atmosphere".

— Eugene, we meet on the eve of your next the premiere of the film "the First", where you play a prototype Chelyuskin...

— Absolutely. It's not biographical, and artistic and imaginative story — based tape was the play "the Constellation of Maria", so we did not need to go to the original sources. But in any case, Chelyuskin — personality is powerful, and I plunged into another era, in the marine theme, learned to tie knots that connect ropes, swab the deck, climb the masts, to go sailing. (Smiles.) And now I am in Moscow Andrey Smirnov, the film-chronicle about the sixties "French". This is a story about a young boy who arrives in Russia in search of his father and meets a hungry realities of Soviet life. Also busy in the eight-serial project "Boris Godunov", where I have the role of false Dmitry. And will start shooting the historical Thriller "the Ninth". Director: Nikolay Khomeriki — extremely sensual, deep, ironic. I hope I get a good thing.

— You're just a master of disguise. It's weird to say, but today most of your colleagues almost themselves play in life and in the roles are the same...

— Honestly, I have no feeling that I know one hundred percent right to enter into the skin of his character, in his inner essence, though, of course, in this endeavor. Sometimes, sometimes, reviewing their work, I notice that some moments play as if from another role, and, of course, blamed myself for it. You should use some tested methods. But, unfortunately, we now often, especially in film, do not require reincarnation, because there is an active work with the media persons and the misrecognition risks failure of the project. Producers are closely watching the media over the popularity of one or another artist and pretends to be, he has a chance to collect the needed cash or not. Alas, for many of my colleagues today is more important than a PR campaign on the eve of the release of the film, rather than the filming process itself.

Евгений Ткачук: «Я в восторге от предельной честности жены»

Wife Martha actor found in social networks. In first date they did not like, but now living the fun and castlelotto:

Fortunately, you do not belong to this category. I read that you even Supervisory Valentin Gaft didn't recognize, although he had seen in the play "Caligula"...

Similar stories have often. I travel a lot on trains around the country, and sometimes, talking with a neighbor in the compartment, he will ask what you do, the answer is that the artist comes to talking about movies, and he begins to criticize the series and national cinema in General, but then suddenly remembers those that liked "the Quiet don" of Sergey Ursulyak or "the Life and adventures of Teddy jap" by Sergei Ginzburg, and comes in shock when I told Grigory Melekhov and jap I played. Can't believe it. It's fun. (Smiles.)

— Do you thoroughly get used to the role. For of Teddy jap mastered Odessa patter, and Grishka Melekhova learned the left hand hewing with his sword...

— Actually implemented in the proposed new circumstances, to develop unfamiliar skills in our case it's the buzz! It is clear that you mold the image of themselves, but the wider your artistic brush strokes, the more you yourself deliberately set obstacles, the bigger, more interesting and ultimately more advantageous you will look in the role.

— And how do you a natural in the role of thugs in the film "Winter journey" and "As Vic the Garlic was carrying Lech Pin in a nursing home"! At the film festival in Vyborg was marked both of your work...

But from the third thug I refused, despite a decent fee. I think that will be enough. I'd be the one stopped, but the second time I liked the script, the Director-debutant Alexander hunt, and, most importantly, I wanted to play in pair with Alexey Serebryakov.

Евгений Ткачук: «Я в восторге от предельной честности жены»

To be convincing in the image of the Bear of Yaponchik, our hero has mastered the Odessa govorovo: still from the TV series

— You surprised me when in one interview said that the actor's fame does not entitle you to searching for worthy material and makes choices. Isn't it the opposite?

— Actually it depends again on the specific identity and its own tasks. Stars the within audience perception, and offer them only what is already loved by people. It's obvious. Now I rarely recognized on the streets, and that's why I'm not looking. And the appeal of the star to me is abhorrent.

For you creative implementation is clearly much higher, and glory, and even financial component, right?

— Glory — uncle who walks its paths, chasing him is pointless, but you can suddenly cross at the corner "road of life". The other thing is Finance — it is necessary to learn to work, but often where the big money is lost freedom and servitude begins. I believe that in all good measure. Otherwise there will be movement and development, but only eternal remorse... to me, anyway. I find it difficult to find contact with one or another master. Rarely, when the Director calls me a second time. Although I have noticed that when there is a conflict between the actor's and Director's vision, he carved the right energy in the frame, and as a result benefit from this. Of course, I always try to understand the point of view of the Director, even if you do not agree with it. Alas, often is not enough time. Especially in our production movie, where the eternal rush and bustle.

— You need a quiet rhythm?

— Is necessary. I need to bite the text to analyze, compare... Alas, rarely rehearsing before filming, and frustration. And recently, the destiny presented me a gift in the form of participation in the masterpiece unsurpassed by Rustam Khamdamov "Bag without a bottom." On the court you instantly feel that you were in an encyclopedia about art. Rustam tells about the qualities that you have grown or intend to grow, and at the same time draws something, makes the job of the group, builds a parallel reality. Of course, Khamdamov is space. He's not afraid to break their old forms, masterfully builds each frame and at the other level is the dialogue from the screen with the audience. It is clear that when you go after other Directors, which require your action, and encounter such wonders invoices are used to it, but then just enjoy this challenging design. (Smiles.)

Евгений Ткачук: «Я в восторге от предельной честности жены»

In "the Quiet Don" the actor played a dashing Cossack Grigory Melekhov and for the role I learned to cut with his sword, rokitta left: still from the TV series

— You are a rare student who at the end RATI was awarded the prize. M. Tsarev STD for successful comprehension of the profession. What is the difference?

— I've played at the Theatre of Nations, in a scene where at the moment come in three productions: "Swedish match", "Idiot", "the Glass menagerie". In that year the award was awarded for the graduation performance of "Snegiri". Prizes it is always a pleasure to receive, and then I was happy especially because I was told that there will be financial incentives. I remember, inspired, already anticipating the big dinner, ran to the center na Strastnom, where the prize, and received his rightful reward was discouraged by the absence of a named envelope with the amount. I approached the organizers to find out what was the matter, and they admitted that he gave the money to another winner. Argued that I have and everything is fine — there at the Theatre of Nations work, and that is a disaster.

— I see you initially give the impression of a prosperous. As suggested, in principle, is to throw dust in the eyes?

— I think the more myths, the better. These legends attract, accumulate around your events and make life a richer and more varied.

— Speaking of legends. You are now a resident of St. Petersburg, but some years lived in Moscow in a kind of brutal loft on Berezhkovskaya quay, where they filmed the movie; survived the suicide of a friend and once you yourself jumped off a bridge in Kiev... What was this period?

— I jump off a bridge, because since childhood, I wanted to do it, when I was watching the kids in Syzran jumped from the bridge into the river. In Moscow, of course, the bridge is higher. (Smiles.) But my friend Ilyas Tameem was a very talented actor, but because of the nature couldn't find a use... Moscow does not like zealous. He should be able to adapt. Ilyas wasn't going to do it. We have not saved it.... Still can not to deal with it. This disaster was the last straw, I had to leave. While I was living in a loft in an abandoned toilet factory, it was more or less: our little Studio "Setun" was shot movie clips, people realized their dreams, until we are asked to move out. Started a black stripe, which I interrupted by moving with his family to St. Petersburg.

Евгений Ткачук: «Я в восторге от предельной честности жены»

Three years ago was born the baby eve, which is a happy dad thinks its copiato:

— Last year under Peter you have opened your equestrian theatre "Veleso", where the main actors of the horse. Admittedly, it is a very romantic project — and analogues in Russia it is not...

— In France there is a Zingaro, in our country the great Kantemirov did it, but he was focused on stunts. There was another Theater Sleds, he's the closest thing to what we do. We are focused on dramatic storytelling, and how to do it with horses — no recipe, so you have to learn a new form of themselves. The fact is that horses do not serve as a background for people, they are in any case not on the sidelines, namely the solos — without ammunition, at liberty, under the guidance of the coaches. While the horses a bit. Now we play Danger Gulliver, "Not invented adventures in the famous forest", and are preparing a summer premiere — the play "Around probably God" on the play by Alexander Vvedensky "the Sacred flight of flowers". Also in the plans to move and build on their land such thematic, creative village like the one built by Emir Kusturica in Serbia. That is, the theater will be its core, but there are also conventional homes, and clubs, where actors, Directors, musicians, artists, writers will meet, to communicate.

And how do you see this area?

— Somewhere near the Gulf of Finland or lake Ladoga, but not in the traditional ethno-style, but in this futuristic space-spirit. I really like the domed, spherical architecture, without any angles.

— How did you get involved with these graceful animals?

— Animals I always loved. Child dragged home all the cats and dogs from the street. But the horse is something special. After the first year I came on vacation to my parents and one day came to the stables to friends. This day was a turning point.

— Surely, coming to his theater, you jump on a horse and fly with him in the field...

— Actually, it happens: sit down and fly! Any fatigue and melancholy, removes this walk. A horse is a huge makeup natural strength.

Евгений Ткачук: «Я в восторге от предельной честности жены»

Equestrian theater "Veleso" near St. Petersburg – a new form of theatrical art, where horses are equal partners, luzatto:

— I think you are a romantic. Frankly, the poems at your leisure write?

— Rare. It's better than my wife at it, her unorthodox attitude. Mar diploma was a journalist, but now my agent and the Director. I completely trust her taste and always consulted with her. We have a family team.

— You met in one of the social networks?

— Absolutely. A year and a half corresponded, and were on the same wavelength, due to some his language... Now perusing the records, we find that we even have a phrase exchanged, not changed since. I must say that initially we were very open, honest with each other, and it paid off both. And then I came to St. Petersburg, we met and really liked each other. March came in red, burnt after tanning, I was also not the first freshness, but we still decided to drink coffee. And in cafe we saw parrots, lovebirds — they are so called because if one dies, the other dies of longing for his companion.

— What character traits do wife you truly admire?

— March of the brave. Perhaps the only thing that makes her panic, so it's snakes and slugs. But this is nonsense. And what is it responsible! It is always possible to rely on — will not fail. I myself am absent-minded, disorganized, careless, easy to forget, then to suffer remorse... And a spouse in this relationship — flint. Thank God that accepts my passion for the chaos in which I find balance. And I love her honest. If it is not satisfied with something, keep quiet she will not. Even if aware that the truth will hurt, won't play up. A lot I'm learning. Already in its fifth year. (Smiles.)

Евгений Ткачук: «Я в восторге от предельной честности жены»

Eugene says that his wife taught him, puteshestvovat:

— Are you a dad of two daughters. Tell us about them.

The eldest, ten-Kate from his first marriage. (With actress Elena Malakhova. — Approx. ed.).She lives in Tarusa with grandma and grandpa, and we with her seldom see each other, unfortunately. She is fond of music, plays the piano, and unlike me much more diligent, has excellent mathematical abilities. Well and the youngest, three — year eve, my copy. Egoza. Constantly talks, sings, dances, organizes the feast. I try to educate through play, arouse curiosity for life, not limit unreasonable restrictions, delight gifts, read Pushkin, Kharms, whom she adores. In principle I'm a busy, good dad, which you can ride in those rare days when he's home. (Smiles.)

— Excuse me, but what a feast the eve had already organized?

Sometimes she collects her handbag, calling into the living room and announces that there's to be a picnic.

— This feature — hospitable — also inherited?

Apparently. I love to gather with friends and sit a warm conversation until the morning, distracted only for a game of Billiards. And then in the bath together to warm up... Happiness! It is important for me to be around like-minded associates. I believe otherwise, being a loner, you will not feel full everything. It is only in the breaking of the other opinions in reflection to each other most of space we perceive the present and feel its true taste.

— How do you relax?

— Travel. This I Mar is also taught. Sooner I absolutely could not relax, I weighed any pastime without work. If had leisure, I'm not happy, and immediately got drunk and laid there for three days with a sore head. Family life is radically, dramatically changed. I found out that you can go to another country, see amazing places and enjoy the vacation. (Smiles.)


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