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Sergey Ershov: "I was lucky in life: I don't depend on the actor's employment" talked with the artist about the new show, sweepstakes and role con

Actor of the project "the Ural pelmeni" Sergey Ershov now in its sixth year is the most important person of the family Obojnyh in the series "Real boys." To hear in his address the treatment of "Ivanovitch," he's not used to. The Ershov appeared in unexpected roles in the transmission, which drives people in a taxi, and at the same time and plays them. decided to talk with the artist about the new show and not only.

— Sergey, you difficult to get through, where are you now?

— We have such a small tour of the Scandinavian countries: Stockholm, Oslo... Then back again. Decided to arrange a holiday and to celebrate the release of the transmission with my participation "Led-bred".

— The name, of course, memorable. And who, forgive me, you are there to raise?

— I love pranks. And I've always wanted to invent some of their own shows. Then I remembered that in his youth worked in construction. Money is not enough, and in the evenings I worked as a taxi driver. In the course of conversation with colleagues about the project I suggested: "Maybe you should go to complain about life and say that you have a little money, gain people's trust?"

— The prank involved real people?

— Of course, we had the script of the joke, but the taxi cabs were real. I got in a real taxi service. And I'm supposedly catching up in a cool car lads, honking, saying, stop, take a picture. I have the acting role of the bandit from the "Real boys". I stopped, they say, should devote one of our lads. I pretend that it's really a ritual. It's all happening in front of the passenger. And then the lads comes over him, a passport takes a very tough course. When all this came to light, he was really bad, the pressure jumped, the ambulance was called. Well, nothing: I personally drove then to not worry so much. Of course, for free.

Сергей Ершов: «Мне повезло в жизни: я не завишу от актерской занятости»

In the new program "Led-bred" Sergey Ershov sits behind the wheel and skillfully plays passengers, takephoto: materials of press-services

— You know in real life with representatives of, for example, such groups? They took you for her?

— Yes, of course. Artists are often perceived as their characters. For example, Armen, played by Armen Bejanyan, is actually Director of several large companies in Perm region. And when he say "Armanka, sell your shoes", its just cringe because he is an honorable man, in whose submission 2 thousand people. I, of course, different. My role is a crook. And in this respect more fortunate than Armen. (Laughs.)

— In the new gear you also masterfully drive a car. How many cars have you changed during your life?

— Now I have 13-I'm a machine. All the cars I remember. And the rights I have since 1995, but I have to put two cars and got my license when I was third. Right then it was hard to get. The four times I retook the driving test. I came across this policeman was jealous because I had a car, and he was not. And I could not pass — he was messing with some basic things. In the end, I left that city, registered in another and passed for three minutes.

— In the series "Real boys" you have removed many years in the role of Ivanich. Managed to make friends with someone from colleagues for so many years?

— Yes, we communicate well. For example, when Julia Kolmogorova, which my wife plays, is coming to Moscow, we will provide tickets for performances of "Ural dumplings" her or her friends.

Сергей Ершов: «Мне повезло в жизни: я не завишу от актерской занятости»

With his Kinsella Sergey Ershov together on the court for six years. In "Real boys" he is the head of the family, Oborishte:

Your wife is not jealous of wife movie?

— No, Tatiana is always on site with me. And Julia communicates, they girlfriends almost. There is no jealousy no, it's a movie, it's all true.

— And what, it works?

My wife is a physician. On the court always helps, always talk. I have it, by the way, the same name. She was my father's maiden name, and left. Not had to change the name.

— Do your children see you acting makings, as the star Pope?

— I'm not an actor. I'm an actor in one role. It is the role of the laconic bandyugan that the rare word may laugh and hurt. And now if I suggest somewhere else to be in the role solely of the same plan. Sulky COP or shell-shocked soldier or a rogue. And it's not in vain, because nothing else I will not play ever again. See, I don't depend on the acting, it is not the goal in life. And in this respect I was lucky, because actors are dependent on profession, and I have another great job. I among the authors and actors of "Ural dumplings". Show popular for many years, so I have a good and hopefully stable. (Smiles.)

— Still, what do your sons? For some footsteps coming younger generation?

— My feet aren't sent. I'm an engineer-welder, I'm a geek for life. I love making something with your hands, a puzzle to solve. I am a bricklayer sixth level, so what stops the children should go? (Smiles.) Perhaps its just.

Zakhar, the eldest son, engaged in theatrical productions in the style of cosplay. Well, the younger son Nazar has not yet been decided, goes to school. Well, wait.

— Admit it, you in your free time what do you prefer doing?

— In the country a lot of stuff. Somewhere along the electricity itself is doing something, where something should be welded to make a fence, a tree to plant. In General, in my free time I try to travel more. My wife and I travel a lot by car. Was already five times in the Altai Arkhangelsk region to reach, to the South reach, was in Kazakhstan. And everything on the car. To the lake just did not get.


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