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Inna Zhirkova: "Sometimes I am permitted to meet my husband"

Footballer's wife told about how it has changed the rhythm of life in connection with the arrival of the world Cup, as well as other secrets of his life

The world Cup is the main event not only for the famous players, but also for their wives. Inna Zhirkova, the wife of the famous athlete, was no exception. However, to see her husband she could not as often as I would like.

— Inna, tell us whether you have changed the lives of your family in connection with the football world Cup?

— Of course! It turns out that the time we do anything there. I was in Samara and in St. Petersburg and Moscow for the matches of the national team. And kids vacation, and I want all of us to stay with grandparents. Sometimes I am permitted to meet my husband, so you have to stand for three hours in a traffic jam, then to see him for 15 minutes. Now I mostly communicate with him online only, not every day are allowed to overlap.

Wife of footballer Zhirkov for someone else hurts, besides our team?

— Yes, I was rooting for Serbia, so even flying to Kaliningrad, and in Moscow for the match went. There is our closest friend Bronislav Ivanovich. Yura played with him at Chelsea. We are close — we are still neighbors in Saint-Petersburg. I really wanted to make the team go, but, unfortunately, the guys lost.

— The wives of the players always in sight, and among them there is a trend to always look perfect and be what is called a girl who had just descended from the cover...

— Yes, I am often asked: how do you with three kids so good-looking? But I think I slightly differ from this "trend". I go to Moscow in jeans, no makeup, not sitting in beauty salons all day. Of course, I want to look nice, but do not always succeed. But to be in shape is very important, because we have young men want to be.

Инна Жиркова: «Иногда мне разрешают встретиться с мужем»

During the marriage Inna became the most faithful fan of Yuri, Zirconate:

But still the beauty you are a frequent guest? Do "beauty shots" and other procedures?

— I am very afraid to do all these procedures. My girlfriend here, by the way, sent a statement some surgeon, who told me that supposedly I did the contour facelift, injections... But the fact that my friends are already persuaded to do something though, because I am so afraid of injections! I understand that the time has come, and it is necessary to inject at least the forehead, but still did not come to this. I went to the beautician about three times in my life to make some masks and Facials — I like it, though, it takes too much time. In General, I'm afraid all of these interventions, especially when the person kill so that it barely moves. My facial expressions are quite active.

— So, you have and thought yourself something to work hard is not it?

— Yes you were! After each birth, I wanted to inject injections to augment the lips and change the shape of the nose. Apparently, some post-partum depression was. But Yuri told me: "try it!" In General, as he me from all this took. Yes, I have even house, in addition to a day cream and a face mask, did not.

— How do you think the fact that among the footballers ' wives — solid models and winners of beauty contests, it was an accident or there is a fashion to marry the most beautiful?

— I think that is quite a coincidence. If we talk about Yuri, I think he wouldn't care, I was somewhere in the beauty contest or not. I think the players like that. Not all the same wife the model. They just look like models. That's another thing. I actually met more than 11 years ago with her husband. A girlfriend invited me for Breakfast she was met there with a friend who briefly flew to Moscow. And he was also with his friend — Yuri Zhirkov. And that's from the day with Breakfast, we with Yura did not leave.

Инна Жиркова: «Иногда мне разрешают встретиться с мужем»

The youngest member of the family Jerkovich — son Daniel — not a day can not live without games in futbolito:

— Admit, and among the footballers ' wives possible friendship? You talking to somebody?

— Of course. I'm friends with Pavlyuchenko, shirokovoj, Samedova, Pogrebnyak. Julia Baranovskaya close friends, though she is not his wife. Earlier it was believed that we shared with our husbands, but so many years have passed, it seems to me that we are United not so much they. Everyone's lives are changing: someone got divorced, someone men no longer play in clubs. Although met, of course, when we flew to matches in other cities and countries. That is, we are 10 people and we all communicate for many years.

— When Yulia Baranovskaya was a difficult period in my life after a divorce, you and your circle of footballers ' wives somehow supported it?

— Of course! I don't know about the circle, but we are the house, of course, supported it. She lived with us for almost a year before moving to Moscow. We are godmothers to her children. So of course we have supported Julia — and when needed the registration, and many other things. And it so happened that when then we moved to St. Petersburg, Julia has already helped us with the selection of apartments, with a choice of schools for children, doctors, etc. So that we support each other and still.

— And, of course, I would like to talk about something important for many girls the question — diet and nutrition. You practically recover. Maybe sit on a special "football" diet?

— I used to think that this question is so simple. I spoke to all: eat less, move more and drink water in the morning. Now I realize that if you do only this, not really helping — those extra pounds not so quickly go. I recently flew with my mother to Thailand in clinic weight loss. But I can say that then all the weight gain back. All power spent, flights can say, was wasted, because I quickly gained.

Инна Жиркова: «Иногда мне разрешают встретиться с мужем»

Inna and Yuri growing three beautiful children: sons, Dmitry and Daniel, and beautiful daughter, Milanetto: dilara Z

— And you have a lot of experience of experiments related to dieting?

On a diet I sat once in a lifetime, for a long time. Stood probably three months. And they did it with mom, that was much easier, because we've prepared all for two, on each other gazed, and us to each other even it is awkward to eat. And now this rhythm of life that I can't be on a diet. But I will find time and sit on this diet that I have planned for the holidays. It's painted a nutritionist my friend. We almost the same weight and build, and I thought that this diet to me, too. It's simple: boiled chicken breast, cucumbers, tomatoes... I tried it before I came: I am not hungry, just ate all the clockwork.

All those who want to lose weight, I can give advice: the most important thing in this matter — will power! Because I have willpower that is, it is not. When I was a small child, sat on a bench, dimmed circles in the Park — the pounds melted away. And now I have children games are not needed — because they're playing by yourself, and I watch them, just sitting on the bench. And this is not conducive to weight loss.

— Who cooks for your family?

— When he visits my mom, she cooks. The rest of the time I cook or nanny. Sometimes, when older children only eat at school. And Yura is not one of those who always have something unusual. He would never say: "Oh, fish, and something I want meat!" But even if this happens, to fry meat too easy.

Current issue: what can the players have? It is always healthy eating?

We often eat cakes. (Smiles.) Mom comes to visit and bakes really delicious cakes. Diet is not always observed in our family: sometimes it is necessary to enjoy life! In General, my son a time or two a year are allowed to go to the institution of fast food, because it is a holiday.

— A husband permission to go there?

— He does not go there, although I'm sure he can't stop (laughs). He has his own weight, he can't eat anything, because gaming is serious business. There is a constant control. If the player will gain extra pounds, it may be fine. But in principle, in law to gain very hard, because even on vacation, he always spends time in the gym.

— And you, being the wife of the athlete Zhirkov, you ever play football?

— Of course! Here without this in any way. Because if the younger son asks me, I can't refuse. We can play with friends. Dan is ready to play football day and night — and when Yura waiting with training, and when the older brother Dima... we often arrives more and Yurin brother also plays.

Инна Жиркова: «Иногда мне разрешают встретиться с мужем»

Inna Zhirkova and Julia Baranovskaya – close friends who have helped each other in difficult situationthat: materials of press-services

— That is, raised in the family of the players?

— Dima, the eldest son, plays football every day they workout in Saturday games. And the youngest, who is three years already so passionate about the game that I think we'll give it to the sports section before brother Dima. He just can't do without the ball. He doesn't need any toys, cartoons he watches sports channels, always comes with me to the stadiums... I say: "So little as you take it with you?!" So I can't not take it — every time he shouts: "football, Football!" And we always go to the matches together, even with flying to games.

— And you, perhaps, as the wife of a famous football player, I know about this sport is everyone?

— No, I'm more of a fan. I don't understand football professionally. Although, of course, is not to say that I don't understand how 10 years ago, when I didn't know what change sides. I was very far from football. Now I often go to the older son. And even if I do not understand something, he tells me. For example, when there is some situation, the son said to me that now would be a corner or a free kick. He was certainly more versed than I am. And I'm just a fan.

And sports, except a few football games in the family circle, present in your life?

— I already joking that if it came up in the car fitness, I'd be there regular customer. Because so often travel to Moscow and St. Petersburg, to the gym, I have neither the strength nor the time is not enough. In the morning go to work in the Studio — I opened it three years ago when I was pregnant with Tributes. Doing home exercises in the morning with the kids. Usually turn on the music and we have fun. Exercises we often hold in turn: today, the daughter of Milan tomorrow — son Dima. However, the Jura with us not doing exercises, because when we get up, he's already leaving for training.


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