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Svetlana Fedulova: "My husband planned the kidnapping!"

When the participant of the project "the Voice" married a native of Ukraine Sergey Khomitskaya, she could not imagine what will turn this Union

The story that started so romantic in Prague, where Fedulova Svetlana and Sergey Khomitsky got married over the fact that the husband tried to steal a child with down syndrome on mothers ' eyes. The man knew that because of the stress the child could have a stroke. Video theft has already appeared in the Network and made a lot of noise. find out the details of the incident from the singer, the winner of the highest coloratura soprano in Russia.

— Svetlana, your fans were shocked when they learned what was happening in your family. What started the conflict between you and your husband?

His character first appeared during my participation in the project "the Voice" — he became a tyrant. I was out on the street, asked for autographs, it is the beginning of a very annoying, he just started to mock me. And that's what killed him all the feelings this story that we had. And I saw a completely different person. I didn't recognize him. Somehow, after returning from the Czech Republic, where he worked in Russia, he began to drink alcohol. Not much, but it was enough poliglotka wine to have aggression. Began to demand that I abandoned a career and they just started practicing. When he first laid a hand on me, I filed for divorce. But a month later it turned out that I was pregnant we got back together. I thought he would change with the baby, we will have a real family. Unfortunately, fairy tales do not happen.

— Well, how did it happen that your own husband almost stole your daughter right before your eyes?

— This story happened two days before the trial, when, in principle, should adjudge and determine the child's place of residence. The husband wanted the child to live with him in the Czech Republic, where he has permanent residence. At the end of April my mom flew in for the hearing on the divorce and filed a counter claim saying that I want to pick up the child. Why not just voiced at the meetings. For example, that my stuff found the drugs. The head does not fit! Well, of course, the court is not even taken into consideration. And the husband said I hinder to communicate with the child. While in custody I asked to see his passport, where it was evident that it just was not in the country — from seeing to give?

Светлана Феодулова: «Мой муж спланировал похищение ребенка!»

When Svetlana Fedulova got married, she dreamed of a strong and happy family. But fairy tales do not happen. In the photo with her ex-husband, Sergeantat: materials of press-services

— However, you still gave him to meet with my daughter, and in the end he almost stole...

I never thought he was capable of it. He changed tactics, began to write me text messages of how he missed Sonia as he wants to see her. I thought, if he really wants, why not! As a result, we organized a meeting at the kids café. And, honestly, here I am a little lost vigilance. I even asked a friend to come with me. But I didn't think this would happen. Sergey wrote before the receipt that guarantees he won't bite, and does not injure the child. The first time he really played her. And then started to happen all these events. The security camera shows that he had planned the kidnapping.

— How do you tell?

— Where-that at half past six in the evening at this cafe two questionable men in black robes, one with a scar. Sat down, ordered coffee and began to watch football. The husband was not himself, order food, asked me to do it, because, I suppose, knew that I would need to escape. They have all been planned, they prepared for the robbery. At a certain moment to the cafe approached the black tinted car without numbers. And I was suddenly told that he was going to pick up Sonya right now. But the child cannot be freed from the usual conditions and to take in some rented apartment in Khimki! Now her neurologists prescribed medications, and they are at my house. Not so — we have a child unusual. But at this moment the men in black grabbed me and dragged to the end of the hall, holding hands break out. And he was with Sonia on hand they ran on. My friend immediately ran after him, and I shouted: "Help, I have been trying to steal the baby. This is my child!" And the people who were in the cafe, jumped up and barred his way to the car. Nearly 50 people said, "You're not going anywhere". I am very grateful to these people because they were so indifferent. They called the police, who arrived promptly.

Светлана Феодулова: «Мой муж спланировал похищение ребенка!»

Svetlana Fedulova with her daughter Sonja.Photo:

— And how was he acting at this point?

— He fought, fought with the men and tried to sneak through the crowd with the baby in her arms. I consider this a crime. Okay, I was attacked, but the attitude to the child! The fact that the daughter of a very light tension. The neurologists said she was at risk — she could have a stroke, even if all of a sudden karknet crow. And he knew about it. I trusted him because he thought that he can't hurt the baby will not be able to grasp and to hurt, to scare. And he is gone.

— And in the end the court decided after all this?

On the court, the husband failed to appear, his lawyer ran away from the court, the child will live with me. Now Sergey tries to justify himself that it was a necessary cry of the soul, that he acted in the best interests of the child, and that did it because of jealousy. I think that, no matter how he tried to convince me, nothing can justify such actions is to hurt a three year old. Now he's looking for on me a compromising evidence. Took a picture of someone's car at the house and says that this is the car my lover.

— And now financially it helps anything?

— He has identified a double child support because the child with disabilities. But for me right now child support is not important. It is actually from Jan never gave us money. Only two weeks before the trial suddenly paid 20 thousand rubles. We bought the house, the land designed for him. Now all things Sonya in this private house. But we live in a large apartment in Moscow with her parents, in my family nest. Children have a lot of space: two bedrooms, large hallway, where she likes to walk with the pram. I'm pulling it, although in the past it was difficult. But I used to...


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