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Maxim Vitorgan: "Plan in the contract a separate item: no fake mustache and beards"

The actor said, as caught in a love triangle

Maxim Vitorgan was in a love triangle in the new series he is trying to discourage heroine Tatyana Arntgolts hero Vladimir Epifantsev. The actor himself admits that in his life these stories, fortunately, did not happen. But it has happened to other, not less bright.

— Maxim, in the series "New man" you play the reliable man who fights for his girlfriend's heart. Have you ever had to defend the honor of women, which infringed her former man?

— This situation is unfamiliar to me. By the way, when we first started casting, I auditioned for the role played by Vladimir yepifantsev. It is, of course, is a very special person to me — do not even call the second among his friends. Before starting, I had some concerns: will we be able to communicate normally.

— And how you worked?..

— It turned out that, first, Volodya — a man who is very professional. And secondly, I would say, even gentle, despite the fact that trying to seem to others. (Smiles.) I know — I lived with him for four months in the same dressing room. He is an actor of the highest level. I have a lot of time at the site was not able to control himself, injected, and Vova in Comedy — a real clown in the best sense of the word. Tatiana also was the most courageous man on the court. We with Vova ached, quivered, I arranged some whims — that just was not there. And always beside us was a silent reproach Tanya, which could be in the cold, knee-deep in the water, on the hot ground, she just stood nearby and waited, when after our whining start working. (Smiles.)

Максим Виторган: «Планирую в контракте отдельный пункт: никаких накладных усов и бород»

According to Maxim, on the set of the TV series "New man" his partner Tatyana Arntgolts was the most courageous man on the court. Unlike other actors she hadn't allowed herself any carisoprodo: materials of press-services

— How did you come to the fact that your hero needs to wear a mustache?

Is the notion of the producer, not mine. We tried mustache and glasses, but with glasses I seemed too old for Tanya Arntgolts. Sad, sad, but true. Why a mustache? It is difficult to say. It seemed to us that here is a man should wear a mustache. I myself never did.

— Probably terribly uncomfortable to play with a fake mustache for several months?

— I hope my agent will make a separate item in the contract, no beard and mustache. Four months of filming and daily bonding mustache I have developed a terrible blister on the soul and on the lip. (Laughs.) Every day my nose has caused a very nasty slurry, and then pasted prickly, hard someone else's hair. Breathing all of this the whole day, then the makeup is all removed and cleaned my face with the brush and brush. But when you inhale in the nose was still feeling sticky.

— Many people think that the shooting of the Comedy occur every day mishaps or emergencies. So?

We starred Vladimir Epifantsev, and he is a man, in General, willing to create a contingency, and with him is not boring. (Smiles.) Still remember how we had that little scene with the bear that we all the time do not have time to shoot. And in the end this shot was the last frame of the picture. Brought incredible quality bear costume, which looked like a real animal. He was hollow inside, he shoved the artist. The bear's mouth moved, opening and closing his eyes. The episode short: I stand at the window and look at Tanya and Volodya, on their family happiness and pounced on me from behind the animal. Thus, we ended up shooting on the fact that I was eaten by a bear.

— Almost every new project, the actors learn something new. What did you learn in this Comedy?

— I had some days to rehearse the tango. And I had to get up on skates, which I never liked and really did not know how. Once again convinced that it's not mine.

This year continues the excitement around football. You do not play?

— Recently I play very rarely. As a viewer happened on all matches of team Russia during the world Cup, even got a passport fan. Have been to several European Championships in Austria, Poland, France. Apparently, the age gradually takes the man from the football field. But I still remain a devoted fan and admirer of this game. If you do manage to get on the field, playing in different companies: colleagues and just friends.

— What about other sports?

— At the time of our filming, I'm done with the sport, because he was unable himself to overcome. When you get up at seven in the morning and return home at ten in the evening, then there is no power. But in principle, I love to play sports and feel good when in good shape. I don't work out with weights, just strength training. My mind monotony, and my sports program is diverse, and very interesting to me.

— But as you know, to keep in shape for one sport is not enough. Food you also special?

— I keep a diet from time to time with varying degrees of severity. Sometimes very harshly — 1800 calories a day; sometimes a little more freely. Of course, sometimes confused with the right graphics, especially on the set.

— Many sit on diets their entire families. You Ksenia is not addicted to it?

Unfortunately, we don't see each other so often and not so much time together. And when we meet, we don't do diets.

— You do know how to cook?

— I don't cook, like, at all.

— A spouse?

— It happens that Ksenia is preparing something, but we don't really love this process.

Максим Виторган: «Планирую в контракте отдельный пункт: никаких накладных усов и бород»

Sport and attention to nutrition become part of the life of an actor. That is sport and diet, he owes his great formattato:

— The ability to tighten any nut in the house — is not about you?

— I do not like and especially do not know how. But the life I was forced and I did a lot of things. And put the window, and doors hung, and the toilets repaired. When the itch, I'm starting something painful to do. But in General, I prefer to earn the money to pay the professionals for this job.

— Recently you suddenly said that you want to stop to do more Comedy. Why?

— I was joking. (Laughs.) Just at some moment the proportion comedic roles has become too large, and I'm a little bit tired.

— Except for the young son you still have two adult children, and they also chose the creative profession.

— It's true: the daughter works in Ramtha, finished his first season at the theatre has released several premieres. Son is preparing to enter the camerawork Department.

— And your son Plato already familiar with the little daughter of your dad?

They don't really know yet. Let's say they were in the same room.

— Admit that you can spend a lot of money?

Since I have a lot of children, that is some responsibility. Before I spent money without thinking and, sometimes, remained grounded. Now I'm not very interested in luxury goods, do not buy an expensive watch, drive the car, which I provided by the company, unpretentious food, therefore wasting the money on travel. But if we are talking about the last money I spend still children.

— Is there a motto that leads you through life?

I like the phrase McMurphy from "one Flew over the cuckoo's nest": "at least I tried." But this is not quite true to me because often prefer not even to try. I also like the phrase "have No fear of perfection, it does not threaten you".

Максим Виторган: «Планирую в контракте отдельный пункт: никаких накладных усов и бород»

Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan met in December 2011 godkende Avramenko

As they fell

In the affair, few believed, the wedding was called PR, and even pregnancy Xenia many believed to be fake. Life together of this couple probably takes place in spite of circumstances and therefore intriguing the audience. remember the love story of Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan.

They met through active citizenship. The first meeting of the future spouses took place in December 2011 during a rally on Sakharov Avenue. In that moment, Maksim was twice a father, with two marriages behind him, and Ksenia, according to rumors, had a relationship with opposition leader Ilya Yashin. The acquaintance of the journalist and the actor had a fleeting character, and the meeting, which was fatal, took place only after a year. As admitted Xenia, she was fascinated by the generosity Maxim, which eventually managed to win her over.

The couple hid their relationship, and even the wedding of Ksenia and Maxim took many by surprise. This happened in February 2013. The guests were invited to the premiere of the film with Maxim, but showed much more cool "movie." The audience suddenly appeared to the groom in suit and bride in a dress from Ulyana Sergienko. Friends of the pair gasped, all the rest started gossiping and count the days until the inevitable divorce. But the wife has taken perhaps the ideal position. They did not engage in a skirmish, almost did not give interviews, and occasionally went out together and looked touching to tears.

The passion escalated even more when he became aware of the pregnancy Xenia. Social network was full of anger, an interesting situation Sobchak was called a fake, a yoga expectant mother compared almost with madness. But the couple kept calm in February 2016, announced the birth of her son Plato.

Surrounded by family believe that the years of living together have changed spouses. Maxim from a very private person became an ironic man, who willingly shares her thoughts in interviews and on social accounts. Ksenia from secular furies rose in a reasonable and responsible young woman, which, however, is not without artistry may remind you of Xenia from the past.


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