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Alexander Oleshko: "On TV I — intelligent hoodlum" discussed with the honored artist of Russia serious age and children's projects

Alexander Oleshko difficult to imagine in a bad mood. It seems like all the problems leave his side, and he is ready to share her smile with the world.

— Alexander, you recently celebrated a birthday. Is it sad for you holiday?

— Birthday — always a good thing. After all, this is a meeting with life. Meet with those who either decorate or hurt you, and thereby bring into your life lessons. I love this day. And I always year is divided into two parts — before and after mid-summer. The beginning of the astronomical period of horoscopes, when he begins to reign the lion. I always liked these animals. Maybe that's why I'm friends with the brothers Zapashnye that with the lions. I love this day because I have it associated with excitement, with expectation, with summing up some results of the year. Always put some checkboxes. For example, I have a lot of boxes had accumulated. And I said to myself, I've lived a very eventful and interesting year.

— As noted in childhood? Because usually in the summer we all go and celebrate, just not with whom.

All who are born in summer, are always faced with this fact. Someone from friends to the point of the holiday is in another city, in the country, on vacation... So there is a great opportunity to get back to birthday in September. Like me and it happens every year: celebrate birthday number two.

Александр Олешко: «На ТВ я — интеллигентный хулиган»

Alexander Oleshko from childhood looks at the world with a wide ulybayte:

When summed up, did my tick intellectual game "Mouths of Babes"? Because in front of you was not an easy task: the program has, since 1992, on different channels, with different presenters. In 2016 she appeared on NTV. What, in your opinion, you brought to "Mouths of Babes", replacing Alexei kortneva?

It's difficult for me to estimate myself. Often I am disappointed of myself! Needs the viewer to reason, to compare and to choose what and who he likes. The program itself is wonderful. I think this is the case when changing presenters, it retains most importantly — mood. Hope I didn't ruin it, brings to this story his speed. I like it to be quick, kaleidoscopic, happily, lease, is soaring, but without losing meaning and content.

— You prepare for the program?

— I am a pioneer, always ready! Ready to work, to suggestions, to chance... Even at night, if I say, "let's Go!" — I'll get up and go. About this program: of course, I take part in drawing up the guest list to them and I had something to tell, to remember, something to smile... the Only thing I can regret about is that in my childhood, no one had the opportunity to shoot my video. You can't see our generation as we were young, but only on the photo.

In addition to this transfer you have plenty of other projects. Where do you find strength and time? How many hours in a day?..

— You speak as if I have exceeded a hundred (laughs). When one gives much, much comes to him. Even Shakespeare said, "Love without a bottom, and kindness — like expanse of sea. More than I spend, bezbrazhny and become richer." Actually there is no secret. It is necessary that people wanted not just money, fame and honors, for example, that everything in this world became a bit more harmonious. And for this you need to give, putting their strength and energy in good works. The more one gives, the more comes to him.

Александр Олешко: «На ТВ я — интеллигентный хулиган»

Some time ago Alexander was the leading program "Mouths of Babes". On the set, he sometimes regrets that in his childhood it was not possible to remove videophoto: materials of press-services

Besides, there are examples of amazing generation of creative people with whom I have the good fortune to work with. For example, this year I turned 42, and a week earlier had turned 84 the Alexander Anatolyevich Shirvindt. When I look at him — I don't believe him for so many years. Strength of 60. He is on an equal footing with students, graduates or young actors playing the three-hour show, honestly giving strength and energy. Next to these people most want to catch up, to straighten shoulders, to be energetic, playful and young.

An interesting numbers game: 42, and 84. When he was 42, I was born. And now we play together! And I'm glad to have such a gift — a Theatre award from "MK", which has allocated Shirvindt, Dobronravova and Oleshko as the best male theatre ensemble.

— Important for you awards? Which one is most important?

— When people come to me on the street strangers smile at me like a family member or friend, say some kind words. That is always touching. Of course when you celebrate a professional community, you get awards, certificates, statuettes, is certainly nice. But believe me, it's not something for which the artist goes on stage, sings songs, writes poems...

— Why you do not consider yourself neither a singer nor a TV presenter?

Because it's one of my roles. I'm just the actor who plays in the theater. Sometimes in films and TV shows. Who loves TV and can do TV — not all actors can do it. Though I didn't create any image on TV. I just here is a normal, adequate, quiet person that on the screen a little louder than in real life, but because the genre is. I just know a lot.

Александр Олешко: «На ТВ я — интеллигентный хулиган»

A good walk for Alexander is the best rest. He likes to walk on the waterfront of the Italian town of Sorrento (pictured)Photo:

— Are you obedient actor or trying to bring in something of their own, directed at different ways of reading the role?

— I very often and very many offer. If the Director and producer — a talented and adequate and we get the dialogue, then it's all good. When I realize that dialogue is possible — keep quiet and try not to disturb, nothing to offer. In General, any creative person will tell you that the sweet is to obey the dictator, but only if this dictator was incredibly talented, and even better — if he's a genius.

— Ready to appear anywhere they offer, or you have a taboo for some moments?

Any actor you always want to be fit, busy, in demand. But there are topics that are not mine. So I'm waiting for my roles, your project Director.

Александр Олешко: «На ТВ я — интеллигентный хулиган»

Alexander just loves cats and keeps as Pets three Maine coons: Elisha, Walter and Aliotto:

Someone in preparation for the role of the retired, someone is trying to find the source... How about you?

— This is a difficult question because the job of an actor is non — stop. It does not involve a break for lunch or sleep. You seem to trigger some mechanism in you the story lives. Everyone has their own picks. Can you give an example about Agatha Christie. She was thinking of his works when she was washing the dishes. All knew: if she washes the dishes — it should not be approached because this is comfortable for it the moment it considers a new history. I have all different happens. Life and people throw some ideas. I always tell my students that any actor has to nourish. All useful: exhibitions, concerts, performances, circus, performance, show... Need to see, to know, to wonder.

— You like to dream?

— Yes, of course, I'm a dreamer. Romantic. Me on TV the role of a good determined: intelligent hoodlum.


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