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Alexander Ratnikov: "We, like many families, has not escaped the difficulties"

The actor has told in interview about marriage to Anne of Taratorkina

Alexander Ratnikov, almost without changing appearance, can play absolutely any character. But he could be an athlete or engineer, like his parents, if not the case. And then chance brought him to the Playground with his future wife Anne of Taratorkina. Today, their son Nikita for seven years. As in every family, in their relationships were different periods, but, according to Alexander, when the nomadic actor's life house and loved ones — this is a great value. Details — in interview of the magazine "Vibe".

— Sasha, we meet on the day of the start of the world Cup. You yourself played football for nine years. And he appeared in your life?

I don't remember how there was this impetus from my parents, but all my conscious childhood, I was kicking a football in the yard. And the section went for about seven years. At first it was a "Labor reserves", then "Dynamo". And in total I gave up football for nine years. Remember how early in the morning dad took me to the "Olympic". It was cold (and we were training in their panties and t-shirt), and we always talked very harshly. We are engaged in acrobatics, and then with great pleasure jumping in a five-meter pit of foam. And in the difficult adolescent period, when in my head it is not clear what happens with the nervous system, I safely got off the football and went to karate. And after the filming of the movie "violence around Football" became interested in Boxing and at some point I caught myself on the fact that get pleasure from sparring with well-trained people. It is sobering, and whatnot instantly flies out of my head.

But you seem to be not only engaged in sports but also in school initiative was involved?

— "Amateur" is greatly exaggerated, there were some one-time actions to events. In eighth grade I played in "the Three Musketeers" and, of course, was d'artagnan. (Laughs.) Mom made me a beautiful suit and hat and blue Cape. But I was still a boy, and I never thought I can with this case to do with my life.

Александр Ратников: «Мы, как многие семьи, не избежали сложностей»

Alexander also studied in the eleventh grade and freshman year at the Gnesin music school for actor-musical, tetrapoda: Vladimir Myshkin

— And then somebody advised to go to the Gnesin music school at the faculty of actors of musical theatre?

In the middle of tenth grade I thought that I would go to MIIT (Institute of transportation engineers). All the boys in the evenings gathered on facilities in the yards, no fitness clubs did not exist. And at some moment there appeared a young man, Oleg (thanks, friend) who was clearly older than us. Physically strong and intellectually developed — it was interesting to talk to him. So he asked one of us where does. And I at that moment thought of the theatre Institute, but didn't even know their names. He exclaimed: "Oh! What?" And said that studying in GITIS. I pretended to know what it is, and he added: "we Have a shortage of boys." I again pretended that he understood. And if you think of the flashback, then the next stage was for me to go with mom to subway for the exam to GITIS to see what it is all about. Oleg introduced me to a teacher who taught at the Gnesin music school. We talked a little bit, and he said, "Need to learn". I graduated tenth grade, and a few months Anatoly Borisovich Agreew prepares me to enter. And then I also studied in the eleventh grade and freshman year at the Gnesin music school on musical theater actor.

— You have been accepted, despite the lack of musical education?

— Yes, on the exam accompanist pressed the keys and asked: "what is music?" — and I turned away from the piano, answered. It turned out that I have naturally good hearing. And they took me as an auditor. But this year I admit, a little time spent in gnesinka. The school said that the food there, and there, I'm at school. In fact, the boys walked, do nothing. I went just for the vocals. Remember the exams after the first year. I played last. I already had wild butterflies in my stomach and when I went on stage, to the piano, and saw that the hall full of people, a little crazy is not gone. I began to sing, and from the simplicity of his heart a familiar face wink. Looking for support, because his legs were shaking. And me all cackle: is a shaggy type in a baggy suit with a green jacket, it is not clear that sings, smiles, and winks. But I still took the second course. This has changed my life. In those three years I made up for eight years of education and middle, secondary, and music. I had to read mountains of books, learn to speak, which is important in the profession. And this was the period of first love, great love.

— The feeling was mutual?

— Of course! It was the strongest feeling in my life. We still communicate, are very fond of each other.

— Why did you split up?

I do not know. Suddenly something happened, and it was incredibly painful. I months three, probably went crazy. As it was summer vacation. Everything is freeze-dried in a very easy admission to the School-Studio of MKHAT. I went to the Shchukin school for a course-Evgeny Knyazev, but chose the School Studio because he wanted to get into "the Box" after I saw the play "Crazy". I immediately started a crazy life. But we are protected, cared for and cherished. When we came to Eugene Kamenkovich, on our first lesson, he said, "Remember, you are all geniuses!" And these words we have been inspired, brought hope. And then we kept saying that we are the best, and if something else do not know how today, you still then will be able to do. Already there I absolutely fell in love with the theatre of Oleg Tabakov, was just sick of them as woman used to be a fan collecting tickets.

— A wedge a wedge from coming out? I love...

— Not beaten. Long, by the way. And so the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre was for me just the job.

And even light Hobbies, is not it?

— No, nothing. Then, after School, I started to throw in different directions as interested nature. And then we rehearsed at night, just was not there to cram novels. Ended the study and I felt some emotional burnout.

Александр Ратников: «Мы, как многие семьи, не избежали сложностей»

Son Nikita seven years, he is an active boy, swimming, gymnastics, loves chess and risovaniem: Vladimir Myshkin

— And what do you think?

— First, it was associated with greater fear because they let you go in the cage with serious lions, and secondly, it was probably the period of my shattered self-esteem, since it is a floating thing, sometimes it could rise up to the heavens and sometimes through the floor. I understand that the proposals of my love — the Tabakov theatre — no (laughs), some guys have already played at the Moscow art theatre, ran in the crowd and nobody would give me. Thought I would go to work in an advertising Agency to his brother. Left to rest in the Crimea. Then there was a call from "Snuff". One of the actors suddenly left the theatre, and invited me started on his role. Two years I practically lived in the theater. After the evening rehearsal we spent the night in the dressing room, because earlier this morning I was following a rehearsal. The nerves passed, the tension grew. At some point around the cash machine I met Oleg Pavlovich, and he asked me: "Sanya, how's the pay?" — and I was not in the company. He looked at me and said, "That was a big salary you get, go to the company". (Laughs.) And on the same day I signed the contract — and there role. But there was a huge number of migratory and small, two year, I have plugged all the holes. And dreamed not about that. However, I am feeling reminded of the play "the Last". At that time, did not play because Sergei Bezrukov grew out of his role, and wanted to extend the life of the play. And the choice fell on me. I don't really understand his own happiness, is only now coming to grips with what it did for me. I spent six months rehearsing in person with the Olga Yakovleva — a legend of the Soviet theater. We fought, she kicked me, then cuddled... It was a cascade of emotions, a real relationship, although between us the half-century age difference. We came to tour where I was supposed to play his first performance. Teeth did not fall, because there are a huge number of very emotional text, and next on the stage people like Olga Yakovlev and Oleg Tabakov. In the end, all went well, I was split into scenes where amused Oleg Pavlovich, he loved to do. When I am asked in an interview about Oleg Pavlovich, I will only say one thing — remember how after the show he kissed me on the forehead and said, "a Capable boy." And then I got the bonus Tabakov. I bought myself a snowboard dreamed of. Oleg Pavlovich is the man and the era. For many teacher and second dad. Therefore, the artists — grown men wept when there was this trouble.

— How the decision was made to leave "Snuff"?

All happened by itself. I started to invite to the movies. The first important film was probably the show "Victoria" with Tanya Arntgolts. And the role of Arkady Kirsanov in the painting Avdotya Smirnova "Fathers and sons" was the first very serious role. In General it was an extraordinary school for me. I remember the work as a holiday. Incredible Dunya Smirnova, Andrey Smirnov, Natalia Tenyakova, Sergei Yursky, Sasha Ustyugov, even a beginner Katya Vilkova — tender, young, thin talent, turned now into a strong adult actress, Alexander A. Adabashyan -- We filmed in the best traditions of Soviet cinema. (Smiles.) Often, when all was ready for shooting, Alexander A. for all fried eggs for Breakfast. And all this under the leadership of Valery Todorovsky as the producer. It was a very serious step in my life after the School-Studio of MKHAT. After starring in "Fathers and children" I felt as if I stood under a warm shower. Remember how we sat with Sasha Ustyugov, he played Bazarov, in a hotel room Mtsensk, godforsaken town — Soviet yellow walls, arched beds, drank, I got drunk and the next morning I was completely wrong, because I do not know how to do it and my bad body treats alcohol. And now I understand that it is absolutely incompetent. I bring to the platform, pale, with drops of cold sweat. Any other picture would be a scandal, and then I'm all for a good laugh. I was approached by Dunya Smirnova, patted on the head, saying: "Go lie down", I quickly dressed in the nightie that I was going to do, and I fell asleep. In the meantime, Alexander A. Adabashyan especially for me made broth. It was epic. And the scene where I Wake up after a wild hangover and made it into the film. (Laughs.)

— A first recognition when it was?

— We came with Sergei Selyanov Peter to present the film "violence around Football", after the premiere I went to town, and I have been recognized everywhere: in cafes, in the shop and on the street. And still in connection with this film, I often stop for an autograph or photo.

— What caused the feeling?

— Was also a range of emotions. First — a pleasant inconvenience, and at some point getting a bit boring. But I was always lucky for people, no, I have not climbed with the words: "Hey, brother, come here..." it was All very delicately, correctly, and I am sympathetic in this regard.

What can you now move to the city?

— On the machine. I love the car, it's my second home, a small apartment. I'm the man in this respect to the bone. I have a great jeep. (Laughs.) My car is so perfect that I immediately think, like Michelangelo said, "How you create your masterpieces?" and he said, "Cut off all unnecessary."

Александр Ратников: «Мы, как многие семьи, не избежали сложностей»

"The whole crew was trying to get us to push each other closer. During the kisses of our heroes, when it was time to say "stop", they watched and were silent"Photo: Vladimir Myshkin

— You have not played in the theater. Don't miss the stage?

— Somewhere very, very far away, in the depths of the soul. I see some pieces or reports on television, and occasionally something jumps, but not at all in the theater and on the small stage. By the way, the decision to leave the theatre was my first independent adult and honest decision. The last time I live under the slogan "All you need to do in a rush." Contrary I can't, I can't do something, if I swear, in an atmosphere of dislike. Not without criticism, but with love.

In 2007 you starred in the series "trust", which turned out to be crucial. What happened before: meeting at the site with George by Taratorkina or Anne of Taratorkina?

— It happened at the same time. The first day of shooting I went to the bus — makeup Department, I remember it was blue, and there sat Anna, dressed and away Georgy Georgievich. And I watched this scene: she stood up and walked right to where was Georgy Georgievich. I immediately said: "wow, went to the young artist!" — he opened the curtain, and I saw they hug and he tells her: "You're my girl". I was amazed. And only then learned that Anna is his daughter. (Laughs.) George G. was an amazing human being. And what a handsome man! Alain Delon nervously Smoking in the corner. It is an unexplored planet. Unfortunately, in recent times the producers could have him to shoot more, he has long been in great shape and worked almost until the end of days. For him it was very important. And so with Anna we met on the next day, when we were introduced to the Director, Elena Nikolaeva. By the way, Anya — absolutely daddy's girl. George G. meant more to her than anyone and anything in this life. I remembered George G. incredibly warm story. He will be very pleased to hear it there. In one of the regular visits to the cottage at Vnukovo, where we lived during the summer with the whole family, we have a leaky pipe. There was no water, but there was a flood. There is a small cellar, where in full growth will not rise, only on all fours. George G. cut off the water, now you need to understand where, in fact, flowing. He opened the hatch, climbed up, I followed him. We crawled on all fours to each other, my face was right behind his ass. And he said, "San, how was people's artist of Russia and laureate of the State prize, Georgy Taratorkin "back to the woods"?" (Laughs.) By the way, we fixed it. Me too, I think, can do with their hands. For me it is very important for men.

— From the first sight fell in love with Anya?

— At first glance it did not. The whole group and Elena V. we tried to push each other closer. While kissing our heroes, when it was time to say "stop", they looked and said nothing.

But the kiss was purely acting?

— Yes, the actor, but with desire. (Laughs.) Then it took some time, and Anya accidentally met on the Garden ring, close to Mossovet Theatre, she left the car, we bought a bottle of wine and cheese, sat on a bus-a bug (Used), rode, broke off the cheese. It was very romantic. And that's all. My feelings immediately became serious. Remember how Anya was sick and the first time he called me to his home. I came with oranges, something that, in my opinion, it could bring relief. The door opened, stood Anna, her George G., and mother Ani, actress and author Ekaterina Markova. She very appreciatively stared at me. And Taratorkin warmly invited. George G. not often, but told me after some work: "you're a Good artist, well done!" And it was incredibly nice.

— What you then have delighted in Anya?

— For all his strong-willed character Anya inside is very soft, quiet, calm person. But she is trying herself and her energy to flood the entire space. She separatisten. I also considered responsible and reasonable person, but comparisons with Anya not stand. It envelops him, and you're like mist in the veil stay away from her. It is in global terms a positive thing.

— Three years after the beginning of the novel you have a son, Nikita. This event affected you?

— The realization that I'm the daddy, came to me on may 31 this year at the parents ' meeting at school (laughs) — Nikita goes to school. This is a very famous school, where he studied and Anya, and other popular artists... unfortunately or fortunately, I understand the Psychophysics of the boy actor. To pedal this topic can not see, to steer. So at the meeting I turned on the recorder to not forget anything, and he sat and thought: "Dad..." And when Nikita was born, I did not feel anything. Until then, I thought that my life will change completely, will be something quite new. (Laughs.) No, but it's even better. I had a beautiful baby, which I just adore. Love arose from the first second.

— What Hobbies son?

— It's been four years engaged in swimming, gymnastics, and now are going to enroll in karate. Besides, he still draws and wants to go to chess. We do not force anything to do, that's his choice. He is willing, and already my job is to make sure that he is tried. He also teaches English.

— What have you do with languages?

— Oh, that my grief and sadness. In everyday life I'm more or less unable to speak, but to think and to learn text in a language difficult for me. I know a lot of artists who dedicate a lot of time to languages, and I just love them.

Александр Ратников: «Мы, как многие семьи, не избежали сложностей»

"The ideal thing, when we combine a certain responsibility with carelessness. This is absolutely my formula"Photo: Vladimir Myshkin

— You to Anja for so many years together. Easily passed the crisis of the seventh year?

— Unfortunately, we, as a family, do not avoid difficulties. The relationship takes work. Especially when you have something. We have a son, and for his sake we can do anything. Of course, life long thing and you're not safe from anything... But because the profession is such that today you're there and tomorrow here, I want to come to a locked door. I really important loved ones.

— Sasha, you have not once mentioned mom and dad. What now you have relationship with your parents?

— Dad is very good. And mom exactly a year ago. I then appeared in comedies, and this dissonance, of course, weakens the nervous system. My mom got very sick. And I helped to move her to a palliative ward, where she stayed for a year. It is there all very fond of, called exclusively Vera. We alternated with my dad on the day spent there all the time, I read her books, we listened to the radio, I smeared it with cream... And brother also helped. Surprisingly, when we were younger — that this strong brotherly connection I feel. We have the age difference is big — nine years. And in recent years we have become very close.

— You seem like a man to be emotional, but considered. You are capable of reckless acts?

Psychologist Mikhail Labkovsky says that man every seven years changes at the cellular level. And seven years ago I was more emotional, committed acts which now would never do, because there is something to lose, my son. So now I'm a rational man of about eighty percent. (Smiles.)

But, then it was not from cells, but because changed conditions incoming...

— Perhaps. Maybe after some time I again something will happen and I'll ride with long hair on a scooter in the city. (Laughs.) And when we love, we do not commit insane acts?!

Says Hippolytus in "twist of fate": "We stopped making big beautiful nonsense..."

— Yes, Yes, Yes! But even they do stupid things. We have forgotten what it is, unfortunately. But the ideal thing, when we combine a certain responsibility with carelessness. This is absolutely my formula. (Smiles.)


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