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Alexei Agranovich: "Carelessness and amorousness — synonyms"

He could be a regular major, and became a producer, entertainer and actor. Details — in interview

Alexei Agranovich was born in a star family — father, Mikhail Agranovich, the famous movie-operator. Mother, Emilia Kulik, Soviet radio announcer, and his grandfather, Leonid Agranovich, screenwriter, playwright and Director. Alexey held as Director, producer, TV presenter. Any ceremony of "Kinotavr", taffy and MIFF to social events, he turns in a vivid and exciting spectacle. Recently there have been a triumphant return of the Agranovich in the acting profession. What is this turn, and that the similarities between the nature of the woman and the phenomena of nature and why old age are best met in Georgia — in an interview with the magazine "Vibe".

— Alex, your are, in fact, a real return to the profession was bright. When you have accepted the offer to participate in the show fragment of the universe, imagined that he would become an event?

— Honestly, do not think about it, although, of course, success is a nice bonus to work. Since I recently dove into acting again, it was one of the first truly interesting proposals. The script itself is a very good, which is rare, plus Alain Zvantsova — a wonderful Director, and producer Valery Todorovsky and perfect partners. In General, all of the dreams. (Smiles.) However, Alena has a strange karma, she has a lot of excellent work, which somehow passed by large channels, but in the end still came. So what no one was sure, we just all realized that we have a good starting position.

The higher estimated jump time, in my opinion, scarier, especially in the case of the second occurrence in the same water...

— I had nothing to lose, because I do not depend very strongly on the acting profession, including in the everyday sense, so it was not terrible. The question was only about whether I'll be able to do it. And before the "Particles..." I starred in the films "Acid" and "Humorist", where I play the main role.

Алексей Агранович: «Раздолбайство и влюбчивость — синонимы»

"I lived in love. And our family has always appreciated the respect, even to a young child. So I took a important for children decision"Photo: press-service of the "Gogol-center"/Alex Yocu

— Are you an ambitious man? And in acting, in directing, in producing the events?

In my youth I wanted to be an actor, but it was in the mid-nineties. I left the Institute, did some work in the theater and now realize that my time in the profession had not yet come. Plus all that was happening around, it is not made to a young man, an aspiring life, suddenly associated himself fully with the acting profession. There wasn't enough work, and really interesting — even more so. So I started doing what I do and to this day, the productions of events and producing. This gave us the opportunity to be with family, but to say that I never thought about acting and not dreaming, it is impossible. But when in 2014 Kirill Serebrennikov invited me to play adueva-old-Sheha in the "Common history", I honestly stopped to think about it. And as often happens, as soon as you stop something to dream about, it suddenly BA-boom — shoots. So for me it was a complete surprise and joy. And fear, perhaps, was when I agreed to "Ordinary history". I was afraid to be in their role. At first, even tried to refuse, but Kirill Semenovich was wiser, and we agreed that we will try to do it without obligations to each other.

— As a producer and Director, you become widely known in narrow circles. So your ambitions have been realized, satisfied?

Yes. I absolutely do not suffer and do not suffer from lack of demand. (Laughs.) But all that is associated with the side effects of the acting profession, to me is not reached. I quietly walk the streets. But perhaps it gave a little extra confidence.

— Until you've switched completely to acting, not neglecting other areas?

— All magically folds itself. And what is not needed, falls off, there is a new, interesting. Now I have two major projects, the festival "on the Edge. East" in the Sakhalin and Kaliningrad "on the Edge. The West." And in General, when there is an opportunity to do something not himself, but someone — it's worth it. Since I have a lot of classes, I'm acting not at all agree, while I appreciate the opportunity to choose.

Алексей Агранович: «Раздолбайство и влюбчивость — синонимы»

The role of a psychologist in the TV series "Particle universe"Photo: press-service of the First channel

— You played psychologist in "the Particle". You feel good and understand people?

— I think that know a little about them. I'm not one of those who can manipulate people, but learned quickly enough to understand who you are dealing with. In General, I love to chat, I have many friends, sometimes I even blame relatives that I spend more time with them than with family. (Smiles.) By the way, one time after the army, I talked with friends psychologists. Of special interest me, it never was, but curiosity aroused. Then came a wonderful book "People who play games, and the games people play", I read it with pleasure. But I am a psychologist will never go (although neither of which can not renounce), bad idea that he can tell me stuff that I don't know about myself. But I know that some of my friends — and those whom I did not expect this, goes to the reception, and they are helping, readjusting. A lot depends on the person, it's like the same medicine... someone believes in it, and it works, and someone your entire life will argue that it's a placebo.

— If to speak about Russian model of life, then we are psychologists — friends. You ask someone for advice?

— Yes, often. Some of the questions that confused, ask always. And to convince me that red is green, is impossible. But there are people whose opinions I trust, rather, are interested in it, and when you start to think, why the position of the person is. And sometimes change their point of view.

— In the company of friends you are the leader, the soul of the company, or rather, contemplate and listen?

— Depends on the company. Some I probably have more attention to yourself take it, and some people do that can be and soul and anything, and this is the most interesting.

And how many people are you most comfortable company?

— It doesn't really matter. I birthday, always call a hundred people. There is already a tradition, the friends know that there is such a fall day when they call and call. Often people who do not see each other for a year, and once a lot of contact meet at my place with joy.

Алексей Агранович: «Раздолбайство и влюбчивость — синонимы»

In the film "what men talk About"Photo: still from the film

So you extrovert?

— This is a complex issue. It's hard for me to answer, because by their appearance I'm more of an extrovert, but just to myself to say I can not. There are things I don't share with anyone, not because you're hiding or have any complexes, but simply because they do not want. This does not mean that it is ever someone I don't talk. But I must admit, I used to be chattier. (Smiles.)

And with the wife you always honest? Whether, in your opinion, to be some zone of reticence in the relationship of men and women?

I have no such zones. Only when I'm in the internal workflow needs to do something, it is not always ready on these topics to talk and can't share what's bothering me. While the rest of the secrets from the man with whom I live, I have not.

— In the childhood and adolescence you were very dependent on parents?

— I am very lucky with my parents, although, like many families, we've had some difficult moments. I had a wonderful grandfather, and grandmother, and uncle, all the people who surrounded me in childhood. I lived in love. And our family has always appreciated the respect, even to a young child. So I myself took many of the decisions important for kids: what to do or not to do, to do or not to do homework. (Laughs.)

— You are not forced to do homework?

— From time to time certainly flew, but still no such tool that could get me to enroll in the history Department if I wanted to. With me could talk on this subject, have something to offer. In fact, so after school and didn't arrive anywhere two summers. I just never thought about it, was a rather frivolous person. The result went to the army.

Алексей Агранович: «Раздолбайство и влюбчивость — синонимы»

With his wife, actress Victoria Tolstoganova, have been together for eight legendary Avramenko

— School life in the army were?

Technically I was wearing a naval uniform, but he served two years. It was part of the Leningrad region, providing activities of military institutions, testing, experiments. The average Soviet army. The resort will not name, but it's not much different from normal human life in any yard in our country, unless it is within the Boulevard ring.

— And your yard where you are?

— Six years I lived in the area Butyrskaya street, the beginning of Dmitrovskoe highway, but the bright and beautiful part of his childhood and adolescence lived in the metro area "Airport" from grandma and grandpa. There was cinematic and literary co-operatives, and the time I spent with them and part with her mother in Sochi, when we got an apartment there. But in Sochi I was little, only went to school and returned from it. I graduated from a well-known and excellent school of Leonid Milgram. And still I have many friends from there. Sometimes you meet a man who has passed half his life already, but 45-I the school is such a password. I'm now a student at the eldest daughter. This, of course, is not exactly a school, but nevertheless.

— Your grandfather was a famous writer, dad is a large operator, but you came from the army, decided to enter the acting Department.

But my mom's an actress by training. I have a lot of time in childhood and adolescence spent with her friends, it was just the theatre, as we now say, party. Mom graduated from the School-Studio of MKHAT. So to say that I for no reason went to the artists, it is impossible, but the operator I have no desire to get any on the second. And still I have the visual embodiment of anything so-so, even bad photograph, in this sense, nature is resting on me. And the grandfather's dramatic and directorial lessons it's not that I made, but remember much. Taste to this fact I have from him.

Алексей Агранович: «Раздолбайство и влюбчивость — синонимы»

Son John and eldest daughter from his first marriage, Villaretto: personal archive of Alexei Agranovich

In my mother's acting company was about people with famous names?

— Of course. It's my mom's classmates, Vsevolod Abdulov was her very close friend. We still lived on Butyrskaya street in a communal apartment with my mom. One day of Seva arrived and brought a plate of "Alice in Wonderland", which has never been sold, only what was printed, where he sounds together with Vladimir Semenovich Vysotsky. And I still have it stored with the inscription: "the Cheshire cat". It was such a wonderful teacher, Director, actor Gennady Elovich, people know him for the famous episode the barbecue from the movie "Moscow does not believe in tears", where he plays a friend Gosha, and starring in the film "Thirty-three". Lubov Strizhenova — mother's closest friend. Sasha Strizhenov — my childhood friend. By the way, he claims that he would pick me up from the hospital. However, he was a little less than one and a half short years, but historically, it sounds like. (Laughs.)

— You were a full participant after-dinner events? You were not sent to sleep, if the time was before midnight?

— It depended, but my mom often took me along on some events, birthdays. I must say that my grandfather, and I've seen a variety of amazing people. For example, Vadim korostylev, the playwright who wrote the screenplays for the films "the King stag", "Aibolit-66", and a bunch of plays. A man of incredible wit, very kind, I remember him well. On the other hand, the grandfather wrote a lot of criminal or near-criminal dramas, and he was a friend of the investigator Alexander L. Speer. You can remember a million people, and Bulat Okudzhava, Oleg Nikolaevicha Efremova... So I was lucky enough to be born into a family that was friends with a lot of wonderful people. Grandfather served in the famous arbuzovskaya front of the Studio, which worked and Andrei Goncharov, and Valentin Pluchek, and Alexander Galich. Alexander Arkadyevich they were friends, but he left the country when I was four years old. A lot of his records that still go made at home. Oleg Dal played his first starring role in the picture is my grandfather "a Person who doubts".

— You frequented during filming?

On "Mosfilm" I've been to. But the shooting got less because it was a time when my father had little contact. And the grandfather of my conscious childhood took "the Shield of the city", but in Kazakhstan, where I did not fall, and a picture of the "Statute of limitations" in Nizhny Novgorod. But part of the set was at home because his grandfather wrote scripts, and reading them has always been a home ritual.

— You said that you and dad had a break in communication. When the relationship resumed?

— At the age of fifteen, in tenth grade. We started to chat, and we have great relations to this day. This coincided with the release of the film "Repentance," and even before all Premier dad quietly took out a copy of the workshop color grading of "Mosfilm", and it was shown to us at school in the evening. The rumor was already all over the country. Then when I went into the army, came to visit him for a couple of days in Nizhny Novgorod, to say goodbye, he was there filming the movie "Mother" Gleb Anatolyevich Panfilov. And then we have and worked together, he was shooting, I was trying to direct.

Алексей Агранович: «Раздолбайство и влюбчивость — синонимы»

As a city dweller Alex appreciates moments of relaxation, when it is possible to get back on peradotto: personal archive of Alexei Agranovich

Why didn't you finish my studies at VGIK, she dumped him?

— A topic for another interview, I don't want to dwell, still alive some people. But in a nutshell, there was a conflict in which, as it seemed to me, had two sides: workshop and Department, and I was the monitor of course. As a rule, VGIK masters were the big names, but they come a month before the exams, and some teachers as we taught the course continuously. And I fought for the fact that the schedule was convenient for them. But it turned into a complex story with a split among the masters. And after the third year I left. His teacher believe filosova albert, God rest his soul, and I am glad that he saw "Ordinary history" and was satisfied. It's important to me.

— You did not think about the fact that you have no diploma, not worried?

— Do not worry. At that time it was not so scary. Diploma a diploma, but six months later I was working in the theatre of Anton Chekhov Leonid Trushkin in the play "Underground", played by Mikhail Olegovich Yefremov, now a close friend. I sat at the premiere of this performance in the dressing room Dzhigarkhanyan, when my classmates still partially finished. Honestly, I still don't understand what is lost, besides, he would never become the Minister of culture because of the lack of a diploma.

You passed some crises: age, mental?

— Like any normal person, of course, Yes. They were bound, usually with some biological changes and changes in his personal life.

— How do you out of them?

Each is a very long story. But I try always to act. Work helps. In such cases, you need to do what you don't want to do. And in General, everything that happened to me in life, is the little Luggage that I can enjoy working in any of their professions.

— How you were a teenager and boys — amorous or just gouging?

— I believe that carelessness and amorousness — synonyms. The whole school from the second grade I was in love with one girl, but we never had any relationship. We became friends much later. And then, like many young people, different stories were full.

— You have two children: a daughter from his first marriage and a son from his second, who is now seven years old. The first time you fully felt his father's feelings?

In my particular case and he and the other episode is quite complicated. Paternal feelings... I love my children. And I was interesting in all periods of life.

— What do you like doing with the van?

In the past six months, my son had an passion for football, it is in the section, so almost all of the talk about it. We watch cartoons, go to the movies, something we read and discuss. He is also an independent person, decides what they want to do than not. We try not to interfere, but not to give quickly give up.

— But with my daughter you how often to communicate?

— Unfortunately, a little less than I would like. Cooking is a very talented girl. She certainly has the ability to artistic language, she is engaged to a wonderful Studio Misha Lobazova, she has had several exhibitions. They make sculptures, something is cooked and cut, constructing some spaces and projects in the areas. Her mother is one of the best graphic designers in the country. But the daughter of all kind makes me realize that it is absolutely not going to do it, dreaming of the theatre Institute.

— And you have a different relationship with a boy and a girl?

— No. For me, all the difference between a man and a woman, although I understand that it certainly exists in some things not so fundamental. I care about that person.

If we're talking about a woman, removing "chemistry", as the main component of love, it is what qualities you select, in addition to universal?

— If you remove all what you call "chemistry", personality means person, and what is expressed, always vaguely understand.

Алексей Агранович: «Раздолбайство и влюбчивость — синонимы»

In the play Kirill Serebrennikov "Ordinary story" Agranovich played Adeva-stregatto: press service of the "Gogol-center"/Ira polar

Your wife Viktoriya Tolstoganova is a first — class actress, personality, but she has a very strong and impulsive character, which, I think, can create difficulties in communication...

— You love the city in which you live? From a climatic point of view, it is what it is. It does not make it neither better nor worse, so nature — this is what I at my age are quite natural. This phenomenon of nature.

— That is, you can sometimes fly prominences, but you safely take?

I don't even know, do you have any family or relationships, in which people are in a state of weightlessness. And the more interesting the deeper, thinner people, the harder it works and the harder something called character.

But can you name three traits that you especially like Vick?

Sincerity, perhaps, intuition and talent. Not to mention the beauty.

— You know something to do with your hands?

— Unfortunately, no. It's not my virtue.

— What else will you call your virtues?

For example, I am quite lazy and do not like to deal with the fact that I was not interested, not like it and not immediately obtained. I'm not one of those people who will achieve something.

— You live in Moscow. Wouldn't want to be a country resident?

— I had a period when I few years I lived outside the city. I love nature and some places near Moscow, but I'm a city resident and if we all have free time, we go somewhere and travel. Perhaps in my old age I want to live outside the city, but so far it seems to me that the ideal age is somewhere in Georgia. Children you're not needed, and Georgia I love.

— Would you like to briefly return to some part of your life or time?

— Definitely would not want to return to the life that already lived. I'm more into inventing and production of disposable things. And at one time suffered, what you do what does not live long. The festival was opened and all, no one needs it in half an hour. But on the other hand, now realizing the amazing thing that it's probably the most honest thing a person can do on stage, because this is really happening once. Of such episodes and moments and life is formed, and if it is you each time it gives the opportunity to do what you want, be grateful and don't make any sudden movements.


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