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Evelina Bledans: birth live

Famous TV presenter, has made a unique statement. She is ready to have another baby through IVF — treatments of artificial insemination. find out the details

Evelina Bledans has always said that he wants a lot of children. Today she has only two. The General public knows about the youngest of them — Semyon Syomin. The son of actress and producer Alexander Syomin was born with developmental delays. However, Evelyn decided that this is not a reason to hide the child from the General public. So, on the contrary, plans to make it public nature. Simon was the first of the children of Russian celebrities who have appeared own microblog on the Internet. Three month semen Semin already told you — mouth star mom, of course, about the details of his life in Twitter, and a little later got to Instagram'. However, she assures Evelina that in this case it is pursuing primarily educational purposes, and blog her son is part of a social project aimed at supporting families with children with down syndrome. Because in it the actress talks about the challenges faced by parents of "special children."

Эвелина Бледанс: роды в прямом эфире

Simon, the youngest son of Evelina, despite the peculiarities of development, leads an active life and often appears at social events with his co-star, mamotte:

Marriage of Evelina's father Seeds Alexander Semin has long been considered the ideal. The actress did everything that the husband felt and looked like a man with a capital letter. She insisted that Alexander lost. But in the end, when he dropped twenty pounds, he straighten the wings and he began to glance to the side. As a result, the six-year marriage ended in 2016. For the actress it was a hit.

After the breakup, the actress decided she wasn't ready to live alone and wants the completion of the family. "I used to hope in this life only for himself — said Evelyn in a television interview. — I had a very rich men, but in marriage I was working, saving money. Now I want to have for themselves, not for men. I have my strong, muscular wings that I can hug their children."

Эвелина Бледанс: роды в прямом эфире

Nicholas, the eldest son of the actress, was left with his father after his parents divorced. Now 24-year-old Nicholas lives in Israel, but Evelyn tries with him regularly, vstrechatsya:

And she decided to give birth to a baby girl. This will be the third child of the actress. The eldest, Nicholas, after the breakup of the parents stayed with their father. Nicholas is now 24 years old, he lives in another country — a few years ago together with his father Dmitry, he moved to Israel. Recently, Nicholas reminded himself, appearing in the microblog singer. And I was surprised by their appearance. I remember the photo taken five years ago, Nicholas kinky blond teen pretty big build. However, in a recent picture that Evelina has published in social networks, the audience was a real punk. Now Nicholas is a slender young man, he is made to wear a Mohawk with a bright green color, and wears bright and eclectic. What explains such a striking metamorphosis, the Evelina did not explain. But it is known that the young man serve in the Israeli army.

A girl

"I understand that if not now, when? Don't know if it will work, but I want to believe in the dream," admitted Bledans.

Эвелина Бледанс: роды в прямом эфире

Recently, the actress appears on secular parties in the company elegant man named Boris. However, spicy actress denied the rumors, calling Boris just preelementary Avramenko

To a new member of his family Evelyn be taken seriously. She went home healer Vanga to her family blessed her. The stories of Evelyn, with her son Sam, she sat in a Holy, sacred place — the beds known soothsayer, and prayed to the icon, helping the birth of healthy children. As she spoke, she made sure that Sam was ready for that he had sister. The whole process it is possible to capture the famous TV show.

Now Evelyn is preparing for her future role of mother. "I believe I will be able to become a mother for the third time. And who believes that it is a sin, let him first cast a stone at me".

While Evelyn has not commented on his new status — in conversation with the correspondent she asked me to wait a bit to do was the subject of conversation. But in the near future we will be able to get all the details.


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