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Galina Bob: "the Second child I gave birth literally in the car with your followers!"

Star "Devchonok" is about first love and the man of my dreams

Actress Galina Bob is not the first time in my life in a situation that somehow happened to her on the set. The star of the series "Deffchonki" long time married and raising two children. Family well-being can boast, and her on-screen character, Mobilych. met with Galina and discussed about first love, meeting the man of my dreams and birth on Instagram.

— Galina, in the series traditionally is a lot of funny situations. What was the most memorable on the set of the last season?

— The most memorable, of course, was the participation in them of my elder son Lev. I was very worried about this. Played for him, and for myself, but Leo handled the task just fine. I'm proud of him. He shot as many takes as you want, say what you need, not capricious. I watched the scene with his participation — it was very cool. So this moment became the most iconic for me.

— In the story your heroine returned to Saratov, where they come from. Have you been in this town?

— In Saratov I visit two or three times a year. There my sister lives with her husband and children. So we try to get out on birthdays, some holidays. The time are usually, family. Generally, Saratov my second hometown. First — Penza, where I come from. Well, the third — Moscow.

Галина Боб: «Второго ребенка я рожала буквально в машине вместе со своими подписчиками!»

The actress has two sons: three-year-old Leo and Andrew, who was a year and four MetaCafe: materials of press-services

— Babelic meets the first love of the local bully. Do you remember your first love?

— Yes, the first love I had in school, in ninth grade. Until the eleventh grade we met, walked, held hands. By the way, it was all very chaste and childish. We were hiding to kiss. And then I went to Moscow, in fact, all over.

— Can you tell us what your ideal man? What qualities he must possess?

— Sense of humor is first and foremost. We must be on the same wavelength. My ideal is my husband! With all its positive qualities. (Smiles.)

— Many stars recognized that to meet the man of my dreams and then to marry him popular to people is not so easy. You remember how he met with Sergei?

Of course I do. It was at the casting in the project "Deffchonki". Then we first saw each other. But the relationship we started a year after this, after shooting the pilot and after a couple of months after the start of filming of the series. At the time I met you, I was in a relationship and actually getting married, so even could not assume that Sergei will be my husband and I would give him two children. Our relationship began as something very sharp. At the time I broke up with her boyfriend, and I wanted some new emotions. From Sergey had proceeded with such tenderness, warmth. He conquered me its just a brilliant sense of humor. In General, it was not love at first sight. Our relationship began immediately.

— I heard shooting in the series for you turned out to be prophetic: you played a pregnant woman, and then found themselves in the position of...

— Yes, it really is. It turned out that in my life everything happened the same that happened to my heroine. And I then was a fad, I thought, that must give birth to up to thirty years. And it seemed to me that Babulic also should have that. I asked the writers about this season finale, but they from us in every possible way hide the a script that did not send the final series. When I read it, literally cried. I was excited for her character. Well, two weeks after filming, I found out she was pregnant. So that all came true and I have.

Галина Боб: «Второго ребенка я рожала буквально в машине вместе со своими подписчиками!»

Galina Bob with her husband, the Director and the film Coregoninae: materials of press-services

— Remember the reaction of my husband when told that you will have a baby?

Of course he's happy! I was scared, even cried when I found out, from happiness and fear at the same time! What he wanted, happened. And Serge was happy and soothed me (smiles), he had a rather common reaction, ordinary joy. No one in a faint did not fall to his knees did not get up, as is often portrayed in the movies.

And as he had to adjust his schedule when it became known that you were expecting?

And I haven't done a pregnant. It happened so that the two children I gave birth in between filming just! It does not have to postpone filming and wait for me. All happened by itself.

— However, without contingencies still not done. Heard that during the first birth you stole the car...

— It was a very interesting story. That I stole a car, I learned from journalists. After the birth on the second or third day, when my family celebrated the event at home, I called the media representative, congratulated with the birth of his son and asked about the stolen vehicle. This has me stumped. I called my husband and asked about the car, he replied that everything is in order. But then he still had to admit that the car really was stolen. And I didn't tell not to upset me, don't let it go dry. But to be honest, I'm not too upset. Because at that moment for me was more important than motherhood. After a while, of course, seeing the way, the car is the same brand and color thought: "Maybe mine?!" Second birth, too, were not without adventures, because I gave birth literally in the car with your followers in Instagram! Contractions started at home, and the map shows a nine-tube! My husband got in the car, in every way violated, in a hurry. In parallel, I was making a video and posting it on Instagram. My subscribers will still remember it, how they "gave birth" with me. In the hospital we managed and everything went well in the end.

— The husband was present at birth? Not afraid?

— Was present both times. To be honest, we doesn't seem to have discussed this point. I just asked that he was there, supported me. The first time he had to sleep on the chair was not very comfortable. The second time I gave birth in comfortable conditions, where joint labor is provided.

Галина Боб: «Второго ребенка я рожала буквально в машине вместе со своими подписчиками!»

Part of episodes of the new season of the series "Deffchonki" was shot in Saratov. The main stars of the series Galina Bob, Anastasia Denisova (left) and Polina Maximova (right) had a great time on Olgafoto: materials of press-services

— And of course, after such a bright history can not help but ask about your children. They already show character?

My children are very different. The older lion — he's a Professor, a scientist. Curious, interested. He can hold, he was interested in everything. Andrei is not the same it must always entertain. I remember that Loew could just lie in bed and quietly look at your fingers. Andrew needs attention and the environment. But it is more open, emotional. He's the extrovert, while Lev is more introverted.

— Are you a strict mom?

— I can shout, but then I blame myself, feel guilty. For men's education and we have a responsible father, and I'm more of the "very much and treat".

— How do you play with your "kinemages" Alexey Vorobyov? What is it partner?

— Alex is very easy, talented, charismatic, he knows how to create atmosphere around, open, and easy to play. Only positive emotions from the shooting with him.

— A real man doesn't get jealous when you are involved in scenes with kisses or hugs?

— Why be jealous, if he's approved it for the role? No, not jealous. And the reason I do not give. It's my job, and have to play a different scene.

— It is true that the second half of your heroine, singer Zvonareva, Sergey's name is in honor of your real spouse?

— Yes, it is. So I decided my husband. He just wanted me more in the frame called his name gently. Soren! I like that name. And affectionate — Boss.

— If you have free time like to spend it?

— Family walk, rest. Can get together with her husband in a cafe or the Park. As assistant we have a babysitter.

— You are romantic spouses? Love to make each other some beautiful surprise?

— I can cook a delicious dinner... and Soren suddenly, for no reason to give a bouquet of flowers.


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