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From Petlura to Dorin

Victor Doreen: "I sing the same chanson, just more adult"

Once this singer was known as Victor Petlyura. But times have changed: the artist decided to begin a new phase in his career and chose a different name. And now the fans are happy to sing along at concerts Victor Dorin. "MK-Boulevard" was discussed with the musician the new name, extreme filming, as well as the UPS and downs in the career of a musician.

От Петлюры к Дорину

I know you were recently in the Crimea. It was a holiday?

— Yes, it was a great vacation! Today I have two favorite places in the world. In the winter it's Thailand, Phuket island, and in the summer the Crimea. Moreover, despite the fact that I was a Crimean citizen, born in Simferopol, every time I come to the Crimea, discover something new. Crimea is much more than just beaches and the sea on the South coast. Crimea is rich history in every corner, this magnificent mountain, is the stunning beauty of nature. It's a pity that the tourist Crimea is not so popular. My wife and I love to just sit in the hotel or lie on the beach; we are interested to explore the places where we rest. At this time we thanks to our friends discovered the Baidar valley, located at the foot of the famous mount AI-Petri. To stay we love the pop places where, as a rule, boils resort life. We love those places, where has it all: history, sea, beauty, fishing and a little bit of reasonable extreme.

— And if to speak about a recent business trip... What performances were the most memorable for you?

One tour story broke in people becoming almost comical. One on one speech fits me a girl with flowers. Gives a bouquet and whispers in his ear: "Hello Sweet (a pseudonym) from the city of N". I say, "Thank you, shoutout to the Mile". She again: "Hello from Mila from the city of N". I again: "Thank you, I send greetings". She again: "No, you don't understand you greetings from Mila from the city of N". Pause decently long, the room fell intrigue, the audience quieted down. And I have nothing left but to ask her: "And who among us with Cute? A boy or a girl?" Hall is a second exploded infectious laughter. Generally, of course, remembered most of all the places where there is time to visit attractions; enjoy local cuisine unknown to us; where there is a possibility to communicate with people.

От Петлюры к Дорину

You again pleased fans with a new clip for the song "Saletoda". What is the most memorable during the filming of the movie?

— In the video there is one frame where I sit on the chair at the island in the middle of the intersection. In the frame that entered the roller, the intersection appears empty, but during the shooting process was just terrible tube. People came to me on smartphones, someone shouted "Bravo", so that you know how to relax. They just didn't see the camera. At this time, through the life raft a few cars, ignoring the rules, decided to turn around. That was a memorable acting experience for me. On the one hand, a few scary, I am interested in what happens in the frame. I admire the talent and courage of the protagonist of the clip, played by Tanya Malkova. She had about an hour to spend in the pool of water 16 degrees, while in the video she has a very happy rest of the girls.

— Earlier you were Viktor Petlyura. Now we know how Victor Dorin. Why did you choose such a pseudonym?

— I and now Victor Petlyura. This is my first and last name. Doreen is my creative alias. My new music name. Since a new name had to break my head over it. Well, first, "to" is the first note of the scale, secondly, in English language it will sound as the Door in, which translated means "Door to...". As for the new name is very important for all "front door" as easy as possible opened.

— Such changes to the artist are not easy. Why do you need to change a well-known name?

— The fact that the name of Viktor Petlyura for the listener is closely connected with the yard song. A song for young people and about young people. About their lives, worries and joys. Any songs we need to sing with a heart, sincerely, with soul. I am absolutely convinced that it is impossible to deceive the listener. It always feels false. Genuine creativity requires the complete immersion in a song, and then I should feel absolutely "vivement" in the yard theme. I grew up, and from the height of my age became difficult for me to do this song sincere. My attitude changed as I did, it was over. So I began to sing the songs that became close to my new sense of time. This is the same chanson, just a little more Mature. Viktor Petlyura was the audience, and she was waiting for the yard lyrics. Then for me the question has risen an edge: either to conclude his musical career, in order not to lie to his listener and to himself; or to start with a clean slate, but with a different name. Honestly, in any other case do not represent myself as a fan of music since childhood, so I decided to take this risky, but very interesting step. And thank God that my relatives and loyal audience has supported me in this and support. I'm also sensitive to their new work, as well put my heart and soul and all the forces, working on stage or recording in the Studio.

От Петлюры к Дорину

— How would you describe what now sings Victor Doreen?

— In my new repertoire of completely different songs, there are hooligan, including, for example, "Rum, tequila, whiskey." Many listeners like the songs about love, about the meaning of life, such as "Dimpled cheeks", "Sweet", "White snow". There are philosophical songs such as "Men's tears". In General, sing about life and what happens in it, and that we feel around and inside ourselves.

От Петлюры к Дорину

— It is now fashionable theme of a healthy lifestyle. Do you play any sports? Adhere to a healthy diet?

— I train at the fitness club. But I treat it without fanaticism. Actually, I believe that a full happy and healthy life, man needs the right balance. To eat everything, but don't overeat. To play sports, but not to kill herself. Most importantly, everything should be in moderation.

— When you come to the realization that music is something worth doing in life?

— I like to do what you really like people. In my childhood I watched my parents, their friends and many other people admire actors, singers, musicians. I wanted to try on this admiration. Then I realized that to be a musician, especially an artist, is very hard work, it is fantastically hard work. Music is my love. And I'm just doing this love.

От Петлюры к Дорину

— How has your professional career artist? They say you even in the restaurant sang?..

— Yes, sang and played the guitar. It was a very bright years of my life. I was fifteen years old when I started working in the restaurant. Up to this time with another team we played weddings, anniversaries on weekends. It was a huge school — professional growth and communication with people! After all, the Soviet restaurant — it was a completely different culture than now. At that time the people came to the restaurant not just to lunch or dinner — people come to walk. And when people walk, the situations are different. Remember the movie "the diamond arm" has a famous scene in the restaurant "Weeping willow"? When John Travolta sings the song "About hares"? In fact, it's not grotesque — it is all it has actually happened! But I loved it. And the reward for the work was decent. For three days, I could earn my mom's salary for a month.

— Remember what did you spend your first honorarium?

Of course I do! Everything that was earned "back-breaking labor of the child", all this child was given to the family. I was pleased to do it. With this gesture, I also proved to my parents that music is not just guitar strumming and bread.

— Victor, tell us about your family. Surely you children grow up. They are as creative as you are?

From first marriage I have a son Eugene, he is 17 years old. Stars in the sky is not enough. Learning technologist of food production, then there are chefs. In my opinion, this is a very worthy, popular, and most importantly, a creative profession. And what's more important, this profession is promising. Sometimes he writes songs, or, as they say now, tracks, rap. But while it's more like a hobby. Nikita — son of my wife Natalia. He is also seventeen. My Eugene were born in the same year in may, with a difference in nine days. He is in the eleventh grade, after school is going to study physics and mathematics faculty. Although our opinions coincide with his wife somehow in a completely different point. It seems to us that he needed a profession diplomat. Nikita is very charismatic, charming, sociable guy. Is fond of music. Takes voice lessons, plays the guitar. Composing songs in the style of R&B. We've already recorded one track. Now in the second. Music priority has not yet raised. Overall, I believe that the child himself must choose a profession for everyone. Everyone has their own way. Our job as parents to support them in any good endeavor.

От Петлюры к Дорину

— Don't miss the rest of the household when you go on tour?

— I think there is no artist or any other person, who would not miss home and your family. Of course I do. Before going to the Playground was just calling to hear a native voice. It is my great support, which fills me with strength and confidence.


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