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Timur Rodrigez: "to Maintain a healthy body and to serve an example to his sons — that's right"

The actor said what rules help him to save the form

Talented, energetic, forever young. So Timur Rodriguez remains for their fans for many years. At the same time, Timur — a man over thirty, with a complicated life schedule and rather nervous work. How to preserve an enviable shape? met with the artist and wrote his rule of life.

I used to like was preparing my grandmother, mom and now wife is preparing. Anya is fantastic it makes. Of course, in no case did not make has some bold things to say: "Well you try, the wife humour!". Anya is well aware that I have to keep myself in shape, so completely revised menu, both for themselves and for me. We stopped to eat some Goodies, which make the person get better.

I'm a real sweet tooth. Ten years ago, I could eat tons of cake potatoes, biscuits, cakes, but now ready to abandon a huge number of things that I love. Don't want to read that I've gained weight. Now I don't eat bread, pasta, and drink no milk.

Тимур Родригез: «Поддерживать себя в тонусе и подавать тем самым пример своим сыновьям — это правильно»

On the stage of Timur himself no regrets and shows the audience the super-energetic show. For the sake of the singer closely monitors its physical, formattato: materials of press-services

At the moment I have a berry diet. I don't eat fruit because it contains fructose, but it is also sugar. But the berries are healthier than fruits. And I've given up apples and tomatoes because they contain certain acids, which irritate the stomach. It seems to me that to eat several times a day — for example, three times in small portions — much nicer than one or two times. Important at night not to eat.

If you want to avoid any serious procedures even ten years, you need healthy sleep. So, if I used after midnight sat to watch movies and TV shows that will definitely give me inspiration, especially as I'm a fan of good cinema, now go to bed before twelve. To body time to recover. However, do not always work, because often I go out on the night scene. It is required by the viewer.

In the hall I do not go, do at home. Push-UPS, work with dumbbells. I believe that to maintain a healthy body and to serve an example to his sons — that's right. In addition, fifteen minute sessions per day will help keep yourself in shape, where were you ten years ago.

Тимур Родригез: «Поддерживать себя в тонусе и подавать тем самым пример своим сыновьям — это правильно»

A family holiday is a good tradition for Timur, his wife Anna and their sons. New year they met in Thailand (photo), summer went to Italiote:

I don't do anything that can be called serious cosmetic procedures. Periodically can go to a specialist, to moisturize the skin. This is a must, because I do a lot of flying.

We are a sportive family. The eldest son, Miguel, now nine years old, he has long engaged in football, then paused. But perhaps this will come back. Miguel, in principle, a lot of talent. I think its main merit is that he loves to read and does not do it under duress. So sports is more of just an opportunity for physical development. The youngest, Daniel, five, he is also interested in football — just fascinated by the guy. And wants to give hockey. And I'm sure, doing hockey, he too will make us happy. Both of my sons are very creative. They love music, sing along during a song that is listened to. The question is, what will happen next. I'm not going to press them, they want everything to happen by itself. I wasn't pressured, I was just doing all that I was wondering: has performed on stage, danced, sang, led the event. And make it still. So I believe that pushing children correctly.

Тимур Родригез: «Поддерживать себя в тонусе и подавать тем самым пример своим сыновьям — это правильно»

Singer trying to teach their sons Miguel and Daniel to the active way of infoto:

Diet smoothies from Timur Rodriguez

August is a great time for ripening of various berries. Diet smoothies contain a lot of vitamins.

Ingredients: strawberries — ½ tbsp, blackberries — ½ tbsp blueberries — ½ tbsp. raspberries — ½ tbsp. flax seeds — 2 tsp

Preparation: washed berries put in blender and whip for a minute. If the drink is too thick, add a little water and whisk again. Added sugar is not required. Bon appetit!


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