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Sofya Shutkina: "having Lived in Europe, I became a patriot" discussed with the actress, the benefit dance and rise at five in the morning

Sofya Shutkina never wanted to be in a movie. Happy doing Latin American dances, and even played for another country. But at some point life has led her to the door of the theatre of the University.

— Your native city of Perm is the birthplace of many stars. There lived Sergey Diaghilev, Georgy Burkov, Stanislav Govorukhin, Pyotr Velyaminov, mark Zakharov, Svetlana Permyakova, Kate Spitz. Why do you think that is Perm is a real smithy of talents?

— In Perm really born many athletes, stars of show business and the great artists. I think it depends on many factors. There are very good schools: ballet, dance, figure skating school, theater. But I guess a lot depends on the family, that has placed in the human parents.

— You usually offer the role of women. Such have you ever played "Witch" and "Junior". In the new series "On the edge" is she too pretty?

— Well, not quite. Let's just say — beautiful, very interesting transformation that occurs within it. As for the beauties, I am always afraid of that word. (Laughs.) Like it's some kind of surface.

Софья Шуткина: «Пожив в Европе, я стала патриоткой»

Sofya Shutkina (pictured third from right) was a great addition to the team of the series "Junior", where it appeared in the form of dazzling, cheerleadersthe: materials of press-services

— Are you ready to reincarnate so that no one might initially guess, who actually plays a role?

— With pleasure! For all the new experiments I'm open. Most desirable, so the acting role was varied. In this sense, for me, an example Charlize Theron in "Monster."

— Before becoming an actress, you danced, and professionally...

— I was dancing professionally all my life. Reached in this matter greater heights and success. But, of course, to combine an acting career, and professional sports is impossible. Dancing is hours of training every day, and you have shooting. But the dance of my life have not gone away. I practice all the time. Put the dance numbers to the guys on College skits. In General, the dance is always present and everywhere.

— Is it true that you even played for Slovenia?

— At some point the circumstances were such that I moved there to live and began to represent this country. But I am a patriot of Russia, and having lived in Europe, became a two-time patriot. (Laughs.) Slovenia is a beautiful. There are incredibly beautiful. But to live there I don't want.

— After all your success in the dancing had not regretted choosing acting?

— Not for a moment regretted. But I never wanted to be an actress. Always, as we have already said, my priority was dancing. Just at some point the circumstances were such that I began to think about expanding their horizons. (Laughs.) Decided to try it. Once it became clear that it would be difficult. But I was supported by the mother, as in all my endeavors. And now everything goes as it should go. In General, working on it. (Laughs.)

— With experience in the entertainment industry you're probably already used to shoot colleagues?

— Thank God, in my life, all mischief was reduced to slander. But it's the little things, a matter of perception. I say, well, let them say. You have your own way, they have their own.

Софья Шуткина: «Пожив в Европе, я стала патриоткой»

Sophia not only sheltered home two cats, but with her partner for the Junior team Alexander Sokolowski is the activist movement in defense of zivotniho: materials of press-services

— So there were no tears. And when did you last cry?

— I went to a concert of James blunt. This is one of my favorite artists. Wanted to get on his statement of six years. And as I sat there with my mom, I was overwhelmed with emotions. It was clearly tears of joy. A unique feeling.

— I want to ask about bad habits, but the girl who is dancing since childhood, such, probably just not?

— This is one of my favorite topics. (Laughs.) First, I run. Secondly, I'm a vegetarian for six years and one year as a vegan. Always involved in sports, wherever. After a workout in the gym pay hour dance. I don't drink alcohol. Don't smoke cigarettes. Carefully follow the regime. Wake up very early — at five or five thirty in the morning. Working or non-working day, does not matter. In the morning do gymnastics. Breathe, meditate. Wake up your body, your thoughts, concentrating. The most important thing in the HLS — no one and nothing is imposed. No arguments, no discord. Often they like to do meat eaters, but I say that the debate of vegetarian and meat eater is the road to nowhere.

— Rise at five in the morning? And how much do you sleep per day?

— I try to go to bed at eleven. Sleep at least six hours. Matter what time you go, and not much sleep. The sooner you go, the less time you need to sleep. Before I woke up in the morning. And here was filmed in Egypt, where the daylight was short, worked until four or five o'clock in the evening, so was able to go to bed at ten. Getting up, he felt a surge of energy. At five in the morning was fresh and fun.

— You do not even have the strength to participate in charity events to help homeless animals...

— People I'm helping. In the orphanage send things. Never walk past a person who needs help, who asks for alms. With animals it happened in my life. Here, by the way, and it's my vegetarianism. It's all connected.


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