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Tatyana Vedeneyeva: "Almost all things from world famous couturier I alter under myself" discussed with the presenter's clothes to order, champagne sorbet and house with a twist

Tatiana Vedeneeva has been living in the status of telligence, but it remains the modern woman is often called a style icon.

— Tatiana, you probably often hear compliments about your sense of style. Can you talk about what you often visit stores?

Can't say I'm a Shopaholic, I just don't have time for this. But when it happens — I will certainly visit stores. I can see fashion trends very quickly passing several shops or if you pick up a magazine once, immediately understand that are now. I do not necessarily need to show all collections in a row. In my opinion, stick to fashion all I need. This expression, and then we are modern. However, this does not mean that you have to follow the fashion.

— In times of shortage of many rescued the ability to sew. You've mastered this craft?

— Yes, I know how to sew really don't know how to make patterns, because it requires special skills, special knowledge. When I was in school, then the girls took sewing, cooking, and I remember a lot of things so far. As for sewing... I even sewed one coat and cocktail dress, very beautiful. These were the years when the stores had nothing. Now such necessity has disappeared. But when I buy some clothes, then with her rework. Do another cutout, cut off the sleeves, or Vice versa, somewhere to stick the right parts, shorten or lengthen the skirt. That's what I do constantly. Sometimes when something is very expensive or difficult, and I don't have time, use the services of one of my friend. She's a professional. I come to her, and every time she says, "well, what the designer reinvent today?" (Laughs.) They're not for me specially sewed! Almost all things from world famous couturier I alter under myself.

Татьяна Веденеева: «Почти все вещи от известных мировых кутюрье я перешивала под себя»

Tatiana often called an icon of silentale Medincine

— Your figure is a great gift for any designer. The harmony of you parents passed down or on a diet?

— All my life on a diet. (Laughs.) In principle, I always eat the same: fish, vegetables, fruit. Love ryazhenka. Almost every day eat it. When I am somewhere abroad and there is no milk, I suffer.

Fish prepare yourself?

— I can cook, although, lately, I stand at the stove infrequently. I have a certain number of favorite dishes that, if you have spare time, I can do myself. For example, in school I was taught to cook Peking duck — all my friends are constantly asking me to drink. Or French cheese pie. Champagne with sorbet, soup with shrimp. As you can see, the selection is small, but very high quality. So what's in the food I understand. Can check the eye. When go shopping, can mean to determine, it's delicious or not. Here is five kinds of cucumbers, so I immediately know which are good and which are not.

I heard you're a specialist in interiors and now bring to mind your vacation home...

— At me really is building. I'm very tired to live in Moscow, I want to move. Many years ago I bought a place about twenty kilometers from the MKAD, the whole village lined up besides me — didn't have time. The house itself is ready, but we need to do everything inside.

Татьяна Веденеева: «Почти все вещи от известных мировых кутюрье я перешивала под себя»

Recently allegedly prefers nature to the bustling city. Soon Tatiana intends to move to a country house, where already completed, remontowe:

— How big is your home?

— Well, not a castle. (Laughs.) An ordinary house but a stylish, modern, cozy, with its highlight in the interior.

— What, if not secret?

— I work with the theatre "School of modern play", where two performances play a major role. And the theatre there was a problem: two years ago in his unique building on Neglinnaya the roof caught fire. Now the building is under restoration, and we play in different places. Usually this took place in Presnya, in the Palace of culture. Then the owners of that building were going to move, and the house is demolished and something new to build. We, of course, was in shock, because this is a very interesting building of the early last century, constructivism with elements of art Deco. There is an incredibly beautiful staircase with a handrail in the same art Deco style. I then asked: "Is it broken?". And I was told that break. Then I asked if I could take the handrail. You can't imagine how the builders, who had to endure, happy with the fact that it is possible though to save something! I went on a business trip, and calling me their leader and said, "Tatiana, we beat off the ladder, then say the address and it will load, our work will bring — and we have not a penny will have it." Idea did! So in my house is the stairs, which more than a hundred years.

With all these concerns, you might not to leave?

— I hope that I will find time to rest and go to the South of France for a few weeks.


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