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Ivan Rudakov: "I radically changed my way of life" he discussed with the actor's iconic roles, adventure and family

Ivan Rudakov was born to a family of filmmakers. His father is screenwriter Alexei Rudakov, mother — directed by Elena Nikolaeva. And one of his first notable role (in the film "Pop") he played just mom. However, John says that he is against dynasties.

— Ivan, in your filmography includes more than forty roles. What do you consider iconic?

— "TSyganochka with an exit", "do Not deny loving". These significant. And so — all roles favorite. Especially when you have to play to overcome. For example, I had a role, not very big, but significant. I played a priest. Nineties. Humpback bridge. And there was father Michael, a real chaplain. I went to see him, talked in a week, was watching him. He has blessed me with the role. In the film I'm doing the rite of baptism. It is believed that if you do, no matter if you have a San or not, you should conduct the ceremony according to the rules. It was goodness. Imagine being approached and asked for advice? Honestly all listened, answered. Stayed a priest.

— Now you are engaged in four projects. Isn't it hard?

It's not easy. A huge amount of material that you need to keep in mind. Sixteen episodes of one story, twelve — another. Playing somewhere in the twentieth century, somewhere in the present time. And then there are images that are absolutely not typical for you personally. And you need to understand and justify the actions of the heroes. But to love your character — is required. And that's what's hard. I used a long time came to himself. But I have a vast experience, which helps to cope. Now learned to prepare. Otherwise, no way. Strength is not enough.

Иван Рудаков: «Я кардинально изменил свой образ жизни»

Serial "TSyganochka with an exit" gave the actor the role, which made him very popular. And on the set of Ivan met Laura Keosayan. Soon colleagues became husband and wife, and then, roditelyami: materials of press-services

— Reincarnate is a talent?

— I wouldn't say that. It is a technique. After all, what is professionalism? In my opinion, this talent, coupled with skills on your skills and experience. One talent, as they say, can not eat.

— How do you train your memory to remember a number of the text?

Is already tried and tested such things. In General the human memory is so arranged that puts exactly the amount of information that you need. I, for example, like this: "fill up" the two, three, four scenarios that we're working on right now, the rest is left for later. And somehow everything is stored. Such a mini-computer in the head. Well, over time, techniques, how to remember more. I'm usually shooting period to read the entire script, to understand their role, consult with the Director if necessary. And just before to enter the frame, again remember.

— Do you have any taboos or, if an interesting script is ready to go to any concessions?

— Well, what taboo? There are certain standards of our cinema. And it is clear that porn anyway, not suggesting. Of course, within a certain format I'm ready for anything. And always try in the next project to do something new. This is interesting. It is important for me to grow. But as a person grows? Only when he comes out of the comfort zone. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. And I try to implement it not only in the acting profession, but also in everyday life. For example, last year participated in the reality show "My fight" — a few months of intense training with a professional trainer and fight in the ring. Such things force you to mobilize.

Иван Рудаков: «Я кардинально изменил свой образ жизни»

For the sake of the reality show "My fight", the actor has mastered martial arts and even won the fight with a professional fighter.Photo:

— Why did you decide to pursue mixed martial arts?

I've talked with coach Alexei Popov. And then I had health problems — after the premiere of one performance I was in the hospital. And doctors forbade me to lift the weight more than five pounds, and of all sports — forever. I have a couple months to mourn, then went to the shooting in St. Petersburg. Here and there at some point freaked out: spit on all the doctors ' orders and ran. Ran after filming — first for three minutes, then five, ten. And really feel better — against all logic and the verdict of the doctors. Then fitness went swimming. Then I started to drag a piece of iron — after a year of pushing from the chest and ninety pounds. And somehow I had the idea to do this show. I called Alesha: "what if we try?" At the end of six months went from zero to the professional ring. And, by the way, when then came to the doctors, I have found nothing. And even themselves are unable to explain this phenomenon. Even then they again examined me and said that this is basically impossible. And the show was excellent: I had a fight with a professional fighter and won.

— What are you addicted to besides sports?

Since I radically changed my lifestyle (for the last four years do not drink and do sports), I have other interests now. Hang out somewhere, the desire is no longer there. I understand that most enjoy from those challenges themselves, about which I spoke.

Иван Рудаков: «Я кардинально изменил свой образ жизни»

Ivan Rudakov daughter, Serafimovitcha:

— How do you relax?

— Last year we rode around the Caribbean. All the pirate Islands swept. Winter has visited Madagascar, went out on the boat. Again in the journey, as long as it was adventurous.

Your ex — wife — Laura Keosayan, in this marriage was born a daughter Serafima. How often unable to meet the heiress? And how is the relationship with her mother?

— I'm weekend dad. The relationship is wonderful. Laura we've been friends. It's all good. And my daughter together. It is like a rod. Madly in love with her. It is very similar to me. Friends say that this "little Vanya". It I already learned something — not by what he says and his behavior. We have favorite places, favorite entertainment. Walk, I often go to the climbing wall, which she loves. Serafima loves to learn and do it myself. For example, studying languages. The staff took my tablet. Still not able to speak, and this gadget fumbled. And started to watch English cartoons, some educational programs. We then argued with Laura on what she is language to speak in Armenian or Russian. In the end, the first word she said in English. Looking at my car, said "Big black". And now began itself to teach poetry. Gave her a book Marshak, now calls me, tells by heart.


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