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Alina Titova: "I'm not familiar with the actor's envy" met with the star and discussed the virtual samples of real Boyfriends and acting friendship

Actress Alina Titova already remembered by the fans for his roles in such television series as "Police with rublevki-3", "Kitchen" and other well-known projects. Recently, the actress starred in an unusual Comedy, where most of the action takes place on the computer screen.

— Alina, I've heard that before the movie "b-day" you were a very unusual casting...

It was my most unusual casting. The first stage, sonoprobe, I was shooting at home: put the phone to the window, sat down in front of him in pajamas, without make-up, styling and shot a video. From the Director had one request: nothing to play. Later I was invited to meet him. Interestingly, the sample also took place via Skype: my partner and I interacted with each other through computers. And the Director was sitting between us and also looked in the laptop. I went to the audition seriously, but at the same time with ease, which apparently helped me. That I took, I learned while in Finland. At the site needed to be the next day, so I changed my ticket and flew to Moscow.

— The plot of your choice the heroine makes for her incredible deeds. And the sacrifices were of young people in your everyday life?

— At the time, the boys wrote notes, called on the home phone. Someone painted the staircase of love, what was very unhappy with the neighbors, and dad hired master, that he painted over all the arts. My first high school love has drenched the town where I lived. Almost every house was written: "Alina, I love you." Girls were jealous because he was the "bad" guy in school (laughs). When did the social network, another girl signed up under my photos, began to correspond with a guy. And when he wanted to meet, she confessed to the deception. So he tracked me down and arrived from Moscow to Vyborg, gave a great bear. We talked and that went. We are still friends in social networks, it's all good. And during the studying at the Institute I had a fan — a young man followed me for a long time. I once had an ear ache, and I left the house to drive to the pharmacy. So it is at four in the morning got into my car, can you imagine?! I got scared, screamed, pushed him out of the car. He I kept calling, but I was too scared. Fortunately, it was cold.

Алина Титова: «Мне не знакома актерская зависть»

Charging at home, jog in the Park and sessions with a trainer three times a week. Before the trip to the resort Alina can not worry about its figurato: materials of press-services

On these stories could be a movie. Do not be surprised if you since the childhood wanted to become an actress.

— In the childhood I liked to draw and wanted to become an artist. But once presented: here I sit alone in a dark room in the middle of which the easel, paint, and draw. "What a boring job to be an artist — I thought then. — You need to think of something else..." I was five years old when parents brought me to the "adult" show. And I thought that to be an actor — it's interesting: you're onstage, you're watching. I became more interested, and my desire only grew stronger.

— You are friends with someone from colleagues? Do not feel envy from friends in the shop?

— My good friend — Julia Topol'nitskiy, who played in the movie "the louboutins" the group "Leningrad". We worked together long before the clip, and I'm glad it all came together. So I'm not familiar with the actor's envy! Proud pleasant to me when people achieve heights. With classmates, we are friends, even share information about the auditions, contact. I even for the first time in the cinema got thanks to a friend who called me for the audition.

— How do you play in the TV series "Police with the ruble"?

Mostly I've worked with Alexander Petrov. Working with him was easy and interesting. And before that in the movie "the Shadow" played the role of girlfriend of Michael Porechenkova. The script together we jumped with a parachute — an invaluable experience!

Алина Титова: «Мне не знакома актерская зависть»

Alina Titova and Eldar Kalimulin in the Comedy "Birthday"Photo: materials of press-services

— When you have free time, what do you prefer doing?

— I'm shooting a short funny video on Instagram, write scripts, edit videos. Found during this time, his audience. Still can not imagine life without sport exercises at home, jog in the Park three times a week with a trainer.

— That is, lead a healthy lifestyle: sports, diet?..

— Experience with diets, by the way, was negative. Once got so carried away that looked like a concentration camp prisoner. Then I became interested in nutrition and realized that only a balanced diet will help keep yourself in shape and be healthy.

— Tell us about your family: your parents are related to the acting profession?

— My parents are the main gift in life, my back. When I said I was going to enter the theatre, supported. Themselves to creativity have no relationship: the father is engaged in passenger transportation, mom and brother help him. We can say, family business, and I only went into acting.


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