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Irina Medvedev: «Now is the happiest moment in my life»

Star sketch show «6 frames» and popular theatre actress arrived in Irkutsk the Second international film festival of family and children's movies «the Heart of Baikal» with a performance of Krzysztof Zanussi «Educating Rita». WomanHit went after an actress, having prepared a lot of questions.

Ирина Медведева: «Сейчас самый счастливый момент в моей жизни»

Irina Medvedeva. photo: materials of press-services.

- Irina, you, feels the long-awaited visitor here, the audience you enthusiastically takes...
- I have several years of cooperating with the national program «The family», and all the festivals that organize these people become to me already native, all activities, the installation of monuments of saints Peter and Fevronia of Murom not leave me indifferent. To us for a performance at the festival views come as whole families, with children of different ages, and it is extremely pleasant. And the work with such a master as Krzysztof Zanussi, a separate gift. We released a magnificent spectacle «Educating Rita»and soon we will start to rehearse still the one setting, and will do so in Warsaw Krzysztof have at home. Every rehearsal with such an ambitious person like Zanussi, brings me something new not only as the actress but also as a person. He knows how to disassemble a piece, to explain one or another stage, so beautiful to convey meaning, and then you discover a hitherto unknown truth.
- At the family festival very pertinent question: to what extent you a family man?
- I am very family is correct. Family for me is absolutely sacred concept. And, I think, often need to remind people, especially the young generation, about this cell of society. Condemn those who try to debunk the status of marriage. I am against civil unions, where no one wants to take responsibility, and at the slightest problems at first. If you defined for itself that can't live without this person, you need to get married in the Church and to register. The nonsense that stamp means nothing. All this is цементирующими, dissuading from wicked temptations factors. Being legally married, man, before you look to the left or say something wrong to even think will concede. And I have a low opinion of recognition of same-sex marriages. It is frightening. Maybe I condemn, but it seems to me that if to suggest, if this is normal, disaster strikes. Let say a grandmother, but if not we, thirties, who is going with all of this fight and what lies ahead for our children?! Prohibitions save. I don't smoke, but when imposed severe sanctions, found that quite a lot of people have given up cigarettes. And the traditional family needs protecting. Married obligatory love, respect, friendship, and children must feel it. My childhood passed in Bobruisk, Mogilyov region, was very happy. We celebrated together all family holidays, and it was fun. It is a pity that in the modern world lost the quality of devotion, and many people are ten children may celebrate the New year without parents, and this is wrong. On Easter or Christmas need to be with the loved ones. These traditions I am definitely going to follow in his family. My home will always be satisfied, обихожены. I am a good housekeeper.
- For you it is important that beside you was a creative person who understands?
- Man is still the head of the family, and every woman should make it I felt like a man. Alas, today, in эмансипированном the world, many men do not feel comfortable with a strong, self-sufficient woman.

Ирина Медведева: «Сейчас самый счастливый момент в моей жизни»

The sketch show «6 frames», where Irina constantly changing images, made the actress is very popular. Photo: materials of press-services.
But you just that way and produce.
- I know that. But, believe me, the impression is misleading. Yes, I am working tirelessly, a lot of things to pull myself, but when there is a man, never gonna raise my suitcase and not I rush to hammer in a nail. For such activity sometimes scold her mother. Our mother, brought up in Soviet times, used to not wait for men, themselves rearrange furniture, carry several bags in the hands of themselves wearing a coat in the home... And that's a mistake. In our team «6 frames» I never independently not get out of the car, waiting, when the guys will be served hand. It's not because I'm such a Princess, but I want the men felt this way and so courteous gestures would be natural and that the women were not surprised.
- Somehow think that you grew up real pretty darling girl, made friends with the boys...
- I can't say. Friends and with the boys, and girls. And the friends I have always been very much. And now, by the way, is a big problem to find time for friendship in my crazy life pace. Mostly communicate by phone. As a child I was creative, a lot of fond - dancing, athletics, was active, participated in all competitions.
- You participated in the «Big race», and now are in the «Ice age». All for different reasons make this project: for someone to experience yourself, someone just to raise the rating. You have a case?
- Me on TV, and so every day, show, and lack of popularity, I don't feel, believe me. I originally agreed to participate, to experience something new and, most importantly, to enjoy the process. My partner and Povilas Vanagas with me completely agree. We do not aim necessarily be the first - we are happy to attend rehearsals and don't fixate on the evaluation results. We'll see what happens, my strenght physical and creative. And if I will go the distance at some stage, this means only that I was unworthy to go further. In the first time, I ice literally dreamed, but in reality I asked them to teach me immediately to all complex elements. In me woke up as sports and creative excitement. I in all of this - when something fond of, I need to get to the end, to do the most difficult, not to go the easy way. For example, in my childhood I decided to learn to play the guitar. So I soon came to class and наматывала circles around the building, because the energy in me literally seethed. And I for the first year mastered year program, greedily absorbing new information and constantly receiving admiration for teachers.
- I know that you are still perfectly fine singing, especially romances, and once said that the child saw themselves as a singer. In this regard had a wish to go to a casting of the musical?
"Right now, I play a major role in the musical. This is a story about the life of the first European actress, who conquered Hollywood, which had, by the way, and Russian roots. Very proud that I will participate in this wonderful event and that won star casting, because this role is to try and Ekaterina Guseva, and Anastasia Stotskaya, and Alena Babenko and other wonderful actress. But unlucky for me. (Smiling.)
- Once you dreamed of playing in Oleg Tabakov, but today are in free flight, do not belong to any репертуарному theater...
- And I like it. No I do not dictated from outside. Myself to choose something that will play, look at the script, command, Director... If the project I «hook», I shall go to him and for a penny. And if not, and a lot of money to me not entice. Now, with the acquisition of experience, I feel already a dramatic actress, convinced that much I can. Let some more people perceive me as an actress Comedy genre is also a compliment, so as to make people laugh harder than make cry, everyone knows that. And only woman and the humour of the things the more incompatible. (Smiling.) But I am glad that I have the role as such, I've been getting a wide range of suggestions. As you can see, God has put everything in its place. We don't always want what we actually want. Now I don't think and accept that gives fate. I trust her. But if to speak about their preferences, that is thought to play Tatiana in «Onegin»... let's See what happens...
- Our masters - Zakharov, Govorukhin, Menchov confessed that look «6 frames». In their work, they call for you?
- No. While other name is renowned Directors and meetings exclaim: «How I love you! You program in five such class of women!» - «We are only two» modestly " I answer. (Smiling.) But when I see a positive response is not from the audience, and from colleagues, it is certainly worth it.

Ирина Медведева: «Сейчас самый счастливый момент в моей жизни»

In a performance of Krzysztof Zanussi «Educating Rita» Irina plays rough, but sincere simpleton, which is under the influence of Professor (Fedor Dobronravov) becomes educated lady. Photo: Igor Steps.
- You graduated from Belarusian Academy of arts in Minsk, the year then played on the stage of the Theatre of Belarusian army, worked on local television and very quickly saw, that have already reached the ceiling in this territory, and felt no prospects. Behind them you rushed to Moscow, where he lived hard, and then there was a break... This classic biography. Now you might beckon horizons in Hollywood?
- No, the English language that I speak from childhood here. And I'm not prepared at this moment to start from scratch in another country. Me and here is what to do. In the summer starred in the magnificent television film. But now, alas, a full schedule are not able to undertake a full meter. We even our «6 frames» take off at night, and I have no time to read sent me the scripts for the films and theatre plays. I live in a non-stop mode, sleep in fits and starts, eat not always have time, but not complaining, because I know as soon as you begin to grumble about excessive workload, the feeling sorry for yourself, life instantly takes away everything. It is the law. I feel that now is the happiest moment in my life, says my heroine in the play «Educating Rita».
- I randomly asked about America, because your native elder sister settled with her husband in new York and works in the jewelry company...
- Yes, it was good. But I still never get out, the only plan. And now she brought forth and have come here with the child. Here she is accustomed to.
- The rest, as I understand, time is no more... And I've heard that you like at your leisure to read classics...
- All right, modern literature is not attractive. Fiction, detectives hard to perceive. And I can read only on vacation. This year pulled out for five days. Going to fly to Paris, but I realized that there can't relax, you need to sea, and at night issued a trip to Turkey and me and mother, and in the morning I left. On the same day made there massage, накупалась plenty...
- All the same you work hard for wear after all, not only for the sake of creative component, but for the sake of recognition, a stable financial base. What for you is the minimal program?
"I never aspired to greater glory and to big money, they always have a negative side. Recognition is a plus when solving bureaucratic issues, in the hospital, on a road, and just on the street, a burden. I have autographs even abroad are asked. Although it would seem that I am so special about done?! But this situation implies that you should be in a form on the alert, you can't relax, and live like in the reality show, which can at any time end. As for the money, they should be enough. It is important for my life was arranged comfortably. So I change cars every three years and do this not because of the maggot, and not to rush through the services of the repair. Then I wandered for a long time without money on removable жилплощадям, was all the time in limbo, suffered from the emotional instability - falling asleep, I thought: what if tomorrow lose my work and I will be asked to vacate the premises, go outside, in the cold... it is Clear that dreamed already purchase your own corner in the capital to have a secure rear. First I bought a small apartment in a house with a kind of gloomy, dark yard, where I broke the Windows of the car, and I realized that I, first, you need more space, and secondly, be sure house with security. Year I was looking for a viable option, but finally found. Now from my Windows offer stunning views of the Serebryany Bor. In addition, the house is maintained: if that happens, immediately come electrician, plumber, etc, and how pleasant it is to go into the landscaped entrance, then climb to his beautiful apartment!.. With the design, I helped a cousin sister Olesya. I sketched out about what I want, she said that'm inclined to classical style, with a touch of Provence, adapted to the urban way of life. Many things I have done custom - made-doors, kitchen. There are two fireplaces, however, are fake... half a year I hanging around the tours, did a repair on the phone and the Internet. Ordered tile, requested to send me a diagram of sockets, the master called me early in the morning with questions... It was hell, but now, crossing the threshold, I see that suffered not in vain. (Smiling.)
- Now you have exclusively the working stage. Personal life is not a priority?
- Why did you decide? I am harmony, and it is in connection creativity and love. A woman should not crystallize your body, work all the time is wrong. While this may be, but do not get involved in it. Woman made for home comfort, save the hearth, and I do not forget.

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