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Evgeny Mironov: "I have everything in life and I chose love"

The actor said in an interview about how the profession reconciled him with the outside world

In the acting profession to Yevgeny Mironov, probably, subject to all. But it was not enough. And he not only created and wrote the Theatre of Nations, in which put filmmakers from around the world, but brought back to life one of the best buildings of Moscow — a former Theater Korsch and branch of the Moscow art Theater. However, he does not zabronzovel — colleagues in the theater, as before, continue to call him Zhenya. It is interesting always. On stage and on screen, and in any conversation, because everything he does and everything he says always filled with keen interest, the children's curiosity, emotion and fantastic energy. Details — in interview of the magazine "Vibe".

— Zhenya, what age you can remember?

— Clearly I can remember probably at the age of five. This is a sad story, because I jumped at my grandmother's house from the sofa to the bed and missed. Then I had Perthes disease, the problems started with the hip, and it lasted quite a long time.

— It turns out that you have five tragic sense of life...

— More dramatic. Although, you know, I remember myself before. Even before the moment I stood in the dance team in Saratov. In my opinion, we performed the lezginka, and while on stage sat a Sparrow, and since I was very young, of course, stopped and became interested in the bird, which caused very immediate reactions.

— How much you remember. I am surprised every time...

— Actually very small. Goes through me a huge amount of information, and consciousness apparently gives a protective reaction of the body — the mass of things forgotten.

Евгений Миронов: «Я все в жизни выбирал по любви»

In the performance of canadian Director Robert Lepage's "hamlet | Collage" Yevgeny Mironov plays one of roletto: press-service of Theatre of Nations

— A role that went, but played for many years?

— No, it's erased. Although, if I'm a role not playing for two years, I read literally the first few lines — and all at once I remember. But for a long time nothing POPs up. I remember once I was flying somewhere and the plane is practically the only place where you can read a book, script, or documents, and became interested, but then I thought that it would be necessary still to sleep or upon arrival will not in shape. I saw that a neighbor had recognized me, and he tells me the phrase: "Be kind!" — I turn, replied: "Yes." He says nothing and smiles, I think "Weird" and close their eyes again. And he again: "Be kind!" and so I was tortured for an hour. And when I realized that I couldn't sleep, asked him: "What do you want?" and he said to me: "how was it?! 'Kindly" is the phrase from the film "In August 44-go..." She made a cruise and went to the people, and I don't remember.

— Sergey Makovetsky told me that in every role, even in the script, it looks if there's a phrase that audiences will love.

— This is probably the kind of his thing. And I remember one phrase my high school teacher for life. Somehow I was on duty, mopping the floor, she walked into class and said, "Well, who do you want to be?" — I said, "of Course, the artist." And she laughed in a voice, saying: "Forget about it". I was in the sixth class. And I have it imprinted in consciousness. I understand that this path is not taken seriously. But I lived as he lived and purposefully pursued his dream. We are in Tatishchevo in DC passed an accounting concert of Amateur military units in which I was very active as a dancer. In this club I first time came on the big stage. At the same time experienced and the first jitters. In our military town was not a drama club, and later I corrected this situation by the fact that organized performances at school, he wrote scripts for him and played.

— You overcame your shyness onstage. At what point do you feel better or it still preserved?

— I have always had problems with social skills, but when you're doing business, you are completely immersed in it and then automatically forget about what you fear, and you can be, and do not care how the audience reacts, but once you think about it. Remember how in the Saratov theater school I played in a small episode in "the Wedding" by Chekhov role of best man. I spoke French grand rond and ran in a circle and were first positively observed our master Valentina A. Ermakova. This was my first small success. And it happened because I was comfortable there, I wonder.

Евгений Миронов: «Я все в жизни выбирал по любви»

A new reading of the eponymous Chekhov's plays in the play "Ivanov". Elizabeth Boyar.Photo: press service of the Theater of Nations

Who, apart from parents and masters, in his youth greatly influenced you?

— Remember how during his studies in the Saratov teat-the real school our master said, "today we Have a meeting with the artist." A man came, who played us a solo performance of poetry Velichansky. He had virtually no props. I'm interested, and it turned out that he was an unemployed actor, before that he served in the Volgograd theater, then somewhere else, but the moment was interrupted by their programs. He probably arrived here accidentally, waiting Ermakova at the service entrance of the theater. And to me, he made a very strong impression, because it was an incredibly talented man, absolutely obsessed with art. He was probably forty years, then what we thought the ending of the life. But his eyes were glowing, he was so happy when we read the program that I will remember for a lifetime. I think that in our profession without such crazy eyes you can hardly survive.

— And whether there were at you moments when you feel that now that this burning is not?

— I am a happy person, I always have spark, because everything was chosen for love, only what it could not do. So I choose both the script and the way, because in my life such changes of destiny, the solution of which I took myself. Suppose to leave from Saratov to Moscow or to go to free navigation of the Tabakov Theatre and play "Orestea" Peter Stein — and then, of course, has agreed to head theatre.

— You are completely independent in its decisions or opinions are important ones?

— Of course, I listen to their opinion, but the decision is always taken by himself. And often it is contrary to the viewpoint of loved ones, such as heading to the theatre.

— You say: "essentially I am a happy artist," but the post of artistic Director takes up most of your time. As now it is placed in places on the shelves?

If it is necessary. Here to our interview we sat down with the film producers and worked on some new project. Now I'm excited about it. Then I start filming a big movie, which, of course, at that time will be a priority, and has just opened a new season in theater, which is to me extremely important. Plans again very much! On the main stage three premieres in February the musical "Stilyagi" put Alexei Frandetti, in April, "Tartuffe" staged by Yevgeny Pisarev, and his second performance in may, we will show Andrew the Mighty. And on the Small stage will host three premieres. I'm not a dreamer, I practice. Although there are in me and breaks, because it, too, is prone to contemplation and dramatization of the life time. But as soon as there is a difficult situation, and it can be any call, or, for example, I need to have the charity Fund "Artist", because we have 27 Oct coming decade, oblomovism ends immediately and appears on the verge of Stoltz. (Laughs.)

Евгений Миронов: «Я все в жизни выбирал по любви»

The image of the leader in the television series "the Demon of the revolution"Photo: scene from the TV series

— In your memory remains the more happy, joyful moments, or heavy?

— Unfortunately, over the years more and more reminded of the sad moments, and most often it is associated with the loss of loved ones, that's probably natural for a maturing organism. But these people you do not go away, and in the most unexpected moment, even work, suddenly remember them and stops for a while and then go back to reality. The way the memory. One of the milestones in my life was the meeting with Solzhenitsyn. Not long ago I was talking to Natalia the Solzhenitsyn, and she said that before the departure of Solzhenitsyn suddenly remembered his relationship with her mother. And although he was a very good son, said that was so self-involved, even selfish, and the most important human attitudes and ideas that mom was not necessary. And at the end of his life he often spoke mentally. In General, these notches have accumulated a lot, because I have quite a few years.

And appeared fresh, such as the departure of Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov.

Yes... (Long silence.)

— I think the figure of Oleg Pavlovich — one of the most important in your life.

— There are people that I owe who I am today. And one of them, of course, Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov, who was more learned not by words but by his actions. It was in the beginning, when we worked in the Studio School, and he brought gifts from abroad, we are not yet able to go. Remember how they brought rum,] shoes forty-seventh size, then this size is not sold. I was very lucky that I was there with Tabakov. I analyze and understand why Oleg Pavlovicha such a result, why he has such disciples, why does he have such theaters. And because he is after the "Benches" or "Amadeus" at the Moscow art Theater went on "seven" to us, in the basement on Chaplygin. I now think that I, having played "hamlet", this would not want. And it was a joy. He could go to a restaurant — he loved to eat, but instead we sat in a stuffy basement, and two hours furiously rehearsing. I think we didn't appreciate it fully. But not the healthiest person was, before that, suffered a heart attack. Then many times I watched how he behaved and with artists, and with the big bosses and it was beyond textbooks and novels. But perhaps the most important quality that I am missing and never be missed, which I was not able to learn from him by and large, but which has always fascinated me is the love of life. He overcame everything, and I watched it in terrible, very difficult situations, but he's like Phoenix was able to recover.

— And you gave some of your characters as a person?

They all left a strong imprint on me. I realized that when you're on a role, the interchange of: you control the hero, but turns out to be the hero then affects you. But I'm not thinking about it. Important to me not only meeting people, but with my heroes. Oleg Borisov wrote in his diaries: "so collect them all at the same table," and I could imagine sitting at the same table iudushka Golovlev, Myshkin, hamlet, Dostoevsky, the Film... this is a difficult meeting. Once my friend and teacher, remarkable artist of the avant-garde Nikolaevich Leont'ev, told how he had quarreled with his friend, a very famous man, and it was a terrible insult. But suddenly after a year he called and said, "Let's go to the cemetery to our teachers." In the first second Leontyev had a desire to send him away, because this is not goodbye, and then he thought, "what would Prince Myshkin in this situation?". Agreed. After that, they resumed relations.

Евгений Миронов: «Я все в жизни выбирал по любви»

The Duo of Yevgeny Mironov and Konstantin Khabensky in the historical drama "first Time" had the whole of filmphoto: still from the film

— Which of your characters would you like to be friends?

— With Don Quixote. But I haven't played and may never play. It reminds me of the artist I saw on our course, with the craziness. With all my heroes I have a good relationship, although they are all incredibly complicated. But with some I only slightly opened the door, as, for example, with Dostoevsky. I can't imagine that was friends with him, but he is very interesting to me.

— And with someone of simple characters, such as in "Shukshin's Stories", I would like to close?

— I, too, am friends with them, these people around me, I'm making up for the lack of spiritual simplicity in their native land, in Saratov. I come in and all the relatives gather.

— There are still people with whom fate did not take either in the theater or on the set, but if you really want this?

— I very many Western artists like. With Ralph Finchem, with John Malkovich we keep in touch. There are artists with whom I will never meet, such as Marlon Brando or Laurence Olivier. Would like to see Kevin spacey, for example. And our, in my opinion, I'm all worked. Now we made a documentary, a joint production of the First channel and the Studio "Third Rome". Honestly, I had envisioned it as a kind of meeting with Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov, where he shared would be things never said. There is a serious conversation with Yuri Solomin, Oleg Basilashvili, Valentin Gaft and Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov. Talking Pavel Tabakov and three young artist "Gogol-center" Nikita Kukushkin, Aleksandr Gorchilin and Philip Avdeev. But the fourth story, for what I conceived the project, was not carried out, we did not have time to remove Oleg Pavlovich. Therefore, we together with Pasha read excerpts from his books. I introduce young artists "Gogol-center" conversations with the masters, therefore, connects two generations. Called this film "Choices".

— Vivid impressions of meetings with some beautiful places important to you?

I never had the opportunity to experience the beauty of the places I have visited (and I traveled all over the world), because usually I come back with a theatrical tour or filming. When you play the main role in the play, you don't have to look pretty. Remember how we brought "hamlet" Stein Hong Kong, I couldn't leave the rooms because we needed to focus — was held a major international festival. In General, all colleagues enjoyed walking around the city, it's a different planet, civilization, moreover, they sunbathed. And on the play I was the only pale in the truest sense of the word. (Laughs.) Someone was just red, burned, Sasha Feklistov, who plays Claudius. And the next day published an article in the newspaper where it was stated, what an interesting interpretation of hamlet stands out even by the color of their skin. While on tour in Toronto, we played twenty consecutive performances of "the passion of Bumbarash". Don't know how I survived. And the producers have given us a gift after the last submission was lucky enough to see Niagara falls. I remember drinking brandy in the bus, I was too tired, I just carried on from the bench to the waterfall, and then brought back to the bus. (Laughs.) So I didn't see it. I don't even have any pictures from there. In the summer I was back at lake Baikal. They gathered volunteers to clean the lake. And I opened the year of the volunteer in Moscow, and I was asked to Express their wishes and to congratulate this year. I arrived, stayed there for two days and just went crazy. I saw that for all the locals Baikal is a very powerful energy charge, they are almost religious, fanatical. Or I was in the town of Mirny on tour. And there I was very much impressed by the fact that near the city is the mile hole leading to the core of the Earth. It is surprising that the city is next to her. Baikal gives energy, and this hole it sucks.

Евгений Миронов: «Я все в жизни выбирал по любви»

In the painting "Carp crazies" actor played the son of main geronimoo: still from the film

And just relax you can afford some self-indulgence?

Can. I love skiing, but I do not often get to go ride.

— When do you feel addicted?

— We were in France, with "Boris Godunov", has traveled the country and accidentally drove into a ski resort and I fell in love with him and this sport.

— Were not afraid?

— Certainly, was afraid. Such a Mat of the mountain never heard (laughs), because I rode without the ski suit, just took the ski out and fell, all hands tore into the blood, because the snow was covered with scabs. I learned myself, without a coach. And still ride like a self-taught. But get pleasure from it. I love the mountains and the sea, and any. And our Black sea, in Bulgaria.

— Maybe because in Bulgaria you come when there is resting your whole family?

— Of course. A rare moment when we can all see.

— They all probably want your attention...

— Try to escape, take time somehow. We have a lot of holidays, because my sister has three children, she celebrates all the days of angels, and a lot of them during the year.

Oksana had tried to do something on stage after a ballet career. Did not appear you got the idea that it to act in the Theatre of Nations?

— No, it is not necessary. It has its own Studio, there has been more than a hundred and fifty people, they are very successfully competing at different venues. Some girls are already enrolled in ballet school, so she feels self-realization. We have a common cause, such as Fund "Galchonok" Yulia Peresild organize charity events and participate in them and the team Oksana. Or another concert of the project "Want to go" will also be her children.

— You probably often ask why my mom still works in the "Snuffbox"? Must have a rest, think of some...

— No, I understand everything, because she's a diva, she has long been a landmark of the Theater Tabakov. (Smiles.) And I'm very grateful, honestly, that they could change it to young employees, but they themselves pleased, because she has more than twenty-five years to welcome guests.

— And you have some life, not the creative desire to do something for yourself or family?

All my desires are only associated with the profession. As for your family all depends on me, I do. Although all my attempts to help administrative my sister did not succeed. It doesn't take any of my help in this sense. Protects me. And household items, of course, I try to do solve.

Евгений Миронов: «Я все в жизни выбирал по любви»

"Some power, I want it or not, leads me through life, sometimes pushing, sometimes I fly, sometimes falling, she catches me"Photo: press-service of Theatre of Nations

— By the way, do you think that without family support you with your character and determination would have achieved everything?

— Probably not. Although some power, I want it or not, leads me through life, sometimes pushing, sometimes I fly, sometimes falling, but she catches me. But, of course, with such love of my family, you can do everything. It is fortunate that I have such family! They are my guardian angels. They save me in many situations. But I try to protect them from the negative, to conceal any problems. But to hide it's hard because they have to work in the KGB (laughs), they feel everything, know everything.

— And the support of friends? Although friendship is not a one-way street and requires an emotional cost, too...

— Of course, I have friends who support me, root for me. But for me always the main friend was my job. And is it good or bad, but for the sake of it everything else goes by the wayside. I'm not talking about something extreme, if you want to help. It is not discussed. In other cases, just say, "Take me as I am!"

— You say that you catch yourself on the fact that often intuition helps you...

— Yes, of course, intuition is a great thing, but we must learn to hear this voice, I would say, you have to earn it. So cherish those that listen to him. And if you make a mistake, so it had to be. Many years later it may turn to you is the right thing to do. You don't know what is error. "And the defeat from victory you yourself must not distinguish", that's all. I played the play "More van Gogh" Valery Fokin, this was an experimental work. After the premiere performances half the room was gone. I was very upset, because accustomed to success, because my teacher Tabakov said: "Everything that is not successful without me." I was approached by Valery Vladimirovich, knowing that with me something not so, and said, "Jack, our performance is very important. Try to evaluate it for yourself differently, and then you will be much easier." Fokine and I am grateful for these words until now. However, it was the only time my performance the audience left.

And against people you have intuition working?

— Of course, have to be around the people from whom you don't get hit in the back. But to understand the man, it takes time. This is a test. Sometimes the first impression is wrong. It can be negative, and then man appears on the other side. And Vice versa!

But to strike back was not?

— Sometimes.

— But you yourself did not become less sincere and open? When time and fascinated by the man and don't want to be cautious, to look?

— What do you want to I just became a liar? (Laughs.) Then I will cease to respect themselves. In the circumstances, of course, have to think where and how to speak. But if I always controlled it probably would have gone crazy. (Smiles.)


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