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Natalia Bardo: "I control everything, except your husband"

The actress believes that role-playing games in the family should be maintained. Details — in interview

Russian Kate moss — so many people call a young actress Natalia Bardot. In fact, whether the circumstances of his personal life has affected Natalia, or stay in Makkah all the stars of Hollywood, but appeared in it some sophistication and chic. Three years ago she met with the Director Marius Weisberg, the novel was rapid and vivid — and they are already a family, raising a son Eric. But contrary to popular belief that to become the wife of the Director for the actress all the same what to draw a lucky ticket, in practice it turns out that it is not. Why Natalia refused the Hollywood project as it became a victim of a medical error, and why did you decided to revise priorities in life — in an interview with the magazine "Vibe".

— Natalia, you look rested, refreshed. Tell us how you spent the summer.

It was beautiful, but difficult, because in may we started shooting the second season of the "Cool crew" for the CTC. Went to Peter, and almost all summer I spent on the set. Surprisingly, this year the weather was quite unusual for this city. Only the first day of shooting was cool, and I even asked for a warm jacket. I was told that since the first season left puhovichok, offered to bring him to the set. But the next day the temperature rose to thirty degrees, and all summer it was hot, the jacket was not needed. The change was difficult in the stuffy pavilion, and we have something in the form of: jacket, cap, all as expected. In some moments my partner and Alexei Chadov even forgot the text, because the brain melted from the heat. At the same time it was great: we lived in Repino on the Gulf of Finland and in his spare time sunbathing there on the beach on the sand. And of course, the second season seemed richer and more interesting. My character Polina Ovechkin appeared love line. I'm still sorry to see it end — we have a very cool team assembled. I hope the audience will like the series, and they want the continuation of the story.

Наталья Бардо: «Я контролирую все, кроме мужа»

Bodysuit and Cape, all – yanina couture; sandals Alberto Gozzi; jewelry, chopardФото: Anastasia BUZOVA

Three months is a long time, when a small child. As you endured the separation from the family?

— Of course, it's hard. Constantly on the phone: how's the house doing, is all well? In General, on the one hand, the acting profession is an amazing and wonderful because you can try on different images, some time to live a different life. But there is another side, because quite often we have to go to kinaesthetic, being away from home. I'll give a master class and I want to ask the people who will be there: why do you want to become actors? Most people think that our life is a tale: the actors look great, wear them and the designers they get decent fees. But really there is another: shifts of twelve hours, difficult living conditions and unstable wages and, most importantly, separation from family. Even if I am in Moscow, leaving in the early morning, when the son still wakes up, and come late at night when he is asleep. It turns out that first you are so eager to success, dream to place in the profession, forget about everything, and then I realize that the happiest memories are of that family, loved ones, family, child. I was thinking of taking Eric with him to the shooting, but the kid is not a bag of food. This is the man that needs care and who needs to organize for a comfortable life appropriate conditions.

— You as-that try to adjust working hours?

— Now I got to choose from many projects refuse. From his thirty years fifteen I just work non-stop, I don't think about how many hours I sleep, what I eat, as I have not been on vacation. But you begin to understand that it is not necessary so to be killed on the job. We must find time for her husband and child, and for mom. With friends at least occasionally meet.

— Especially — if to speak about the earnings status of a married woman allows a man to lean on.

I used to work, and I even somehow strange and weird to rely on a man. That's probably my big problem. In our family it's a given that every man for himself. But I know if something happens, Marius, of course, will support me.

Наталья Бардо: «Я контролирую все, кроме мужа»

Dress botrois; jewelry, chopardФото: Anastasia BUZOVA

— Even there is a concept of maternity leave when a woman three years to sit with the baby.

— When I gave birth, Marius said, "Natasha, stop eat a lot: in three months you play a stripper in the movie "Night shift". Don't forget about it and go to the gym". (Laughs.) On my maternity leave ended. Indeed, during the pregnancy I gained twenty-three pounds. And because lose weight very hard: sometimes I had three or four training sessions a day. To get in shape was not easy. Anyway this whole period has been some hustle and bustle. I didn't even notice I was pregnant. Until the fifth month I was doing, then went to America, where birth and three months later came back to shooting. I think we still have to give birth, to how to enjoy their position. (Laughs.)

— I read that even the health problem has arisen in you.

— Yes, it was a nightmare. I in the childhood was engaged in ballet and injured his knee. And again when I began training with the choreographer, trauma reminded of itself. One day I couldn't even go to the rehearsal due to severe pain. And so I made an appointment to one very well-known doctor in Moscow, which I strongly recommend. From his lips I heard absolutely terrible diagnosis of bone necrosis. He said, "Surgery will not help. Just be glad it's not cancer". Three months I was dead mentally, eating tons of calcium, or walked with a cane, or moved in a wheelchair — Marius took me. At some point, my husband said, "nonsense, you're only twenty-eight years! It is necessary to consult with someone else." We flew to Los Angeles.

— And here you do not go to counseling?

— Went, but no one dared to refute the diagnosis of "medical luminaries". When we arrived in America, the Professor just took my wand and threw it away. Said a funny phrase that from his office I will go on foot. It turned out, the thing is that I am very thin and my joints can not withstand such strenuous exercise. Here are medical errors, and these three months were just taken out of my life. Every night I cried, thinking how to live. Even was going to tell Marius that I don't want to be a burden to him.

Наталья Бардо: «Я контролирую все, кроме мужа»

Dress, yanina couture; headband, Gucci; shoes, jimmy choo; jewelry by chopard;Photo: Anastasia BUZOVA

— A terrible ordeal. It's all a role of a stripper — it was not necessary so actively to lose weight.

— Probably. And the most insulting that my gorgeous pole dancing, which I was actually prepared, Marius eventually changed. Decided it would be much better if we Agrichem dance of flamenco. Despite the fact that I had twelve workouts on this pylon.

— How difficult the character of the Director.

He's professional at his job, and rightly so. But if to look from the outside, my life is one big adventure. One thing after another. And very rarely I can just sit on the couch with a book and disconnect from all problems. I have endlessly ringing phone — I already have the call the silent song, not to flinch every time. I am by nature a lazy person active. Now another parallel, doing their business, which is to anybody. But, apparently, there is some limit. I have all the time in the work, and, in fact, I have never had a real vacation. Even when my family went somewhere abroad, I always acted as the organizer, the solver of all problems and could not relax. And with some time I began to dream about getting one to travel. Dreamed, visualized image, I walk the beach, swim in the sea, and fifteen days ago it happened! I flew to the Maldives. Mom asked me: what will you do there alone? I said leave me alone! I just want to relax, lie on the sand, to finish finally three of his favorite books: "Hollywood", "swing Time", "lady Chatterley's Lover". I carry on shooting, to read during the break, but all the time someone or something pulls. And when you're several thousand kilometers from Moscow, you can not draw to solve problems, become useless to society and to himself. (Smiles.) The hotel people looked at me like I was crazy: I was here for Breakfast and dinner, alone sunbathed and read books, itself photographed. (Laughs.)

— Like to be alone, right?

Yes... I just didn't want to leave. I was on the plane, listened to music, and suddenly at some point realize and scared that I feel so good one. It's a disaster.

— Each of us sometimes need to be alone with him.

— Actually I got a great pleasure. Did a hair mask, smeared all my creams that I have presented on the set, and which long stood idle, read, and just lay on the beach, swam, ate whatever he wants. So emotionally charged, came a different person. Colleagues were surprised: "Natasha, what happened to you, you laugh!" The last time I was in some horrible state of chronic fatigue, very poor sleep, even drinking antidepressants. Of course, this was largely associated with postpartum depression and with a busy work schedule, and health. Now it's understanding that it is time to slow down. We have to live for yourself sometimes, just to be a woman. I remember there was an interesting moment at "Kinotavr" — I ran somewhere along the corridor in the lush beautiful dress and literally ran into our casting Director who stopped me and said, "Natasha, look at yourself. Where are you going? In these dresses, people move differently." I remembered those words.

Наталья Бардо: «Я контролирую все, кроме мужа»

Dress, mono studio; jewelry chopardФото: Anastasia BUZOVA

— In General, we must also learn to live in the moment.

— Yes, exactly. Only on the seventh day of stay in the Maldives I raised my head, looked up at the sky and see what stars! I forgot when was the last time it was done. It is impossible for life to spend in a hurry, you should be able to pause.

— We met three years ago when you started to chat with Marius. Globally this person brought into your life?

Baby. (Smiles.) He wants joint creative work, wants me to shot in his projects. So believe in me and I like him as an actress. Everyone knows that Marius won't take a man that will spoil him the picture. For him profession in some moments becomes more expensive family ties. He will not invite me for the role, doubts that I can handle it. He's got a lot of new projects that I'm not busy. And I am very happy: maybe then people will stop saying that her husband promotes my career... You remembered our interview three years ago. I also want to ask the question: do you think that I'm different?

— You are now older and more responsible, then there was a feeling that a girl flying in love...

— Yeah, a bit I miss the ease. Had a child, and seems to be outwardly nothing has changed, I'm in the same physique and even look better, but think more about the consequences of their actions. Continually turn round: what I say do, where to go and whether I go. If I wanted to jump with a parachute, now would never do. And suddenly I fall, you crash then what will happen to my child? He's very attached to me. Marius, we're not talking about it in detail in an interview, not show photos. Although our baby is an angel, very pretty. But people, because they see his pictures, neither hot nor cold. But for me it's the act of sharing your innermost. This emerging responsibility is stopping to enjoy a carefree life, just little by little, I begin to take the ease to get used to his current state that I'm a wife and mother. Plan the day so that everyone was happy, and sometimes allow yourself moments of joy.

— Natasha, and there were problems associated with the child?

He's still very small. Thank God healthy, it's important. Already understands that mom and dad work, and rejoices when he sees us. I adjusted to his regime, try when the opportunity arises, to drive day home. We have a babysitter, and helping my mom. So I have everything under control, I am a very organized person, that's why in the family they call me a top Manager. (Laughs.)

— Everything always goes according to plan?

— Yes, amazing but true. I also sometimes hate the planning. But I already know what kindergarten will go and where you will learn our son.

— You will not be tempted to stay in Hollywood? Still, "the dream factory".

— No. And if usually the actors respond to this question: "Why there I such a lot", I say simply: no, don't want to. I had the opportunity to act in Hollywood, I was offered two projects. One demanded serious sports training, and I started to train. Marius still laughed because of the disabled I immediately turned into a ninja. (Laughs.) My English is not perfect, but there was a bit of text. I even have three girlfriends boasted: "Imagine, I was invited to a Hollywood picture." In General, began to read the script, prepare, and then returned to Moscow and realized that I didn't want to go anywhere. I love the language, the city where she was born, my mother, friends, and work galore. Although many people probably think I'm crazy. Because I do have the opportunity to live and work: there is a house, the documents needed for residency, even my knowledge of the language enough to play some role, but do not want, uninteresting.

Наталья Бардо: «Я контролирую все, кроме мужа»

Dress, mono studio; boots, stuart weitzman; jewelry chopardФото: Anastasia BUZOVA

— Did not like it there?

— I liked very much. I love Los Angeles. Not so long ago gave an interview to the edition on the theme of travel and favorite places — and one of them, of course, Los Angeles. The year I spent there was magical. And I don't mind to go there on short visits. Many of our friends live in two countries: spend the summer in Moscow, winter in Los Angeles. But to go there for ever not want. Although three years ago I could not think to refuse the adventure. (Smiles.)

— Marius, explaining why he makes comedies, said that he had such a mentality, he sees the world in a rosy light. You are too optimist?

Yeah, optimist... and a realist. (Laughs.) Actually my mother taught. Ask her: "Mother, how to live? Products are getting more expensive, the dollar is growing, sanctions. Would you have left?" She laughs: "No. There will be nothing there — going to grow potatoes". Adapting to the situation helps to relax. I is such a person, despite the fact that ride on Porshe, quietly sit in the "Lada", can live in a five star hotel and in a trailer with no amenities on the set. We used to live a wealthy life, and I familiar to all.

— But usually the opposite: people who have had a difficult childhood, having reached a certain material level, afraid of losing him.

I miss our apartment. (Laughs.) Important for me emotions that I like in different ways to live and feel. This is my life, and I love everything that happens in it. This is the same adventure: today so, tomorrow otherwise. I try to have fun.

— It turns out you and Marius has no points of contact in the past.

— Yes, he was born in a complete family, my parents divorced (we even helped dad with a disability). Marius lived on Novy Arbat, and I'm in Butovo, in "odnushke" where we used to stick Wallpaper. In twenty years, he moved to Los Angeles, became involved in the film industry, and I scrubbed the floors in our apartment, because mom worked all the time and don't have time to do something on the farm. Of course, we had different lives.

— And yet you say that is similar.

— Yes, energetically. We're both cheerful, always Wake up in a good mood. Both are fascinated by my profession, love of friends, of company, we like to dance. Many things we have in common. We as a whole. Must confess I didn't think so.

— He is the man you can trust everything?

— I think to tell my husband about all completely optional. I want to be for him a mystery. And it needs to be predator (laughs) — some role-playing games should remain on the mental level. Even though we are not the first year together and raising a child. I trust Marius, but everything is good in moderation. That's my motto. Do we have such a relationship that I don't have to think about them. So all is well.

— You said that the family you are called a top Manager. Her husband also keep it under control?

— That's it, I don't have time to do. (Laughs.) He keeps himself under control. He has a lot of work, he is constantly in their thoughts, future plans. Sometimes even I suggest him to relax, to go somewhere, to meet with friends. So I have control of everything except her husband. That's probably why he thinks I'm a wise woman. (Laughs.)

Наталья Бардо: «Я контролирую все, кроме мужа»

Dress, mono studio; boots, stuart weitzman; jewelry chopardФото: Anastasia BUZOVA

— Do you separate work and personal?

— At first we played a bit of it: here we are, two creative individuals met, it is necessary now to support each other. "I have such a difficult stage, advise how to play better?" — "What do you think about this idea in the script?" Then it was gone, no neither time, nor forces. Of course, if you need, we can always to each other to turn to. Creative disputes have happen. Remember, each desperate to prove their opinion, some Directors can be called a genius. But in the end after about six months repeatedly raised this issue and it turned out that somehow we have come to a consensus.

— Was the project of Marius that you wanted to go and he refused?

— While this was not. First, I am an adequate person and understand that some roles are not for me. Then Marius works in partnership with others, we remove samples and send them to the producers. He will never take on such a responsibility: it's my wife and it will be removed. Doesn't like to push someone to pull. Yes, I own this. That's why we respect each other.

— And is that other Directors refuse you due to the fact that you are the wife of Marius?

— Generally Yes. In a couple of places to me this in so many words. Even a little not on itself became. Maybe Marius knows it too and is thinking about how to help me.

— You most comfortable in Comedy?

For me, the drama not only tears, it's about people, their feelings, attitude towards each other, to the world. When we shot the first season of the "Cool crew", there were many gags, jokes, really funny situations. I was getting shooting pleasure and thought that Comedy is my thing. But in the second season the story became deeper, my heroine appeared real experience. And I realized that I was much more interesting to play. Everything is important for me that happens with people, and the drama is closer to me.

— Does this mean that in the future your husband creative ways can go?

Of course I can. I even hope for it. (Laughs.) To remove the same woman gets boring. Let him be other Muse.


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