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Jessica Chastain: "giving Birth to children, I'm putting his career on the second plan"

The main feminist of Hollywood, said about his views

Jessica Chastain appeared on the Hollywood sky recently. At first only a passing role in the series, and then she suddenly noticed large Directors and began to actively entice to your project. While at the auditions the girl continued to assert that her looks are too old-fashioned. But now every movie Chastain — the absolute hit. Perhaps because she is confident in his abilities and believes that the girls, if they really wanted to subject everything?

Jessica, you now have five nominations for "Golden globe" and one win. Probably time to get used to?

— Not at all. The first nomination happened in 2012 for the film "Maid", and now they have five. And in such a short time: just six years ago! Honestly? Yes, I'm in shock!

— Talk a little bit about the film, for which you were nominated, "the Big game". Its heroine, Molly bloom was a successful skier, but after a foot injury suddenly decided to make poker game for VIPov. Whether it was interesting to play such a character?

— Originally, I didn't hear about it, and it's a real person. And, they say, she insisted that I played her. Don't know whether it's true or not, but I still nice. So, Aaron Sorkin sent me the script — and it shook me. I started looking for information about Molly, read her book. Remember that in this story I was particularly struck by the fact that men are willing to accept a woman in your world, only if it arouses sexual interest. Intelligence, ambition — none of it matters. Sounds awful, but that's life! And I try a little to change these awful stereotypes. Think the movie people are always telling Molly what to wear. That is, first it only slightly changes its appearance under their dictation, adding the touch of sexiness, and then did not see the face. On the court she has to remember what it means to dress normal.

Джессика Честейн: «Родив детей, я отодвину карьеру на второй план»

In the painting "number one" a CIA employee in the performance of Chastain for more than ten years to catch bin Laden – and in the end, pomelatto: still from the film

Then there are the outfits in this film are very important?

Yes, that's right. At the beginning of the picture Molly even says: "For the first game I bought the dress, which is not similar to itself". Clothing changes a person. Becomes his mask. I talked a lot about it with the Molly, when preparing for the role. And she said sexy outfits in a man's world makes you noticeable. Otherwise, you're just invisible. You have to dress so that you wanted but the purpose is quite different — not to find a man, and pay attention to you began to do business. I do not blame them. The woman is supposed to look like as she wants. Show as much naked body as she's most comfortable. But also, no one should dictate her what to wear in order to be successful. She can wear anything! And Molly twice in the film say that she was dressed inappropriately and would have to change suit. It is bad form, I think. Such tips people should keep to yourself unless the woman herself, they have not asked the opinions.

— Pro poker you knew something before the movie?

— I was a total zero. (Laughs.) But it repeats with each painting. When I played lobbyist Elizabeth Sloan in "the Big game Sloan" had to learn all these political buzzwords. And before that was the "number one Goal" about the elimination of bin Laden, and, of course, again, new language — this time slang for the CIA. It always will be, and it is inevitable: it is impossible to be a Pro in all areas. Your task is to quickly understand, otherwise the audience will understand what you say clever words, but actually understand nothing. People don't like being deceived.

— How was it to work with Aaron Sorkin?

— I will not dissemble, he's the best screenwriter in Hollywood. For his directorial debut could choose any story. And he decided to make a movie about a strong heroine. Actually it is not nonsense. I know a bunch of venerable Directors, who are successful in the profession and produce hits for more than thirty years, while they have no single picture of the woman! I can not even understand. Are we not interested? That's why I'm so happy to get started with Aaron, this film is really important for understanding women's roles in the cinema.

Джессика Честейн: «Родив детей, я отодвину карьеру на второй план»

Molly bloom in the "Great game" joins a collection of strong women played, accrisoft: still from the film

— Is there a difference in how you prepare for the role of a real person and the fictional?

— Of course. With a real person, especially if he is still alive to talk to. But when come up the way you need to work. For example, in preparation for the role of Sloan, I studied how the lobbyists. It was important for me to create a character that is most not like me.

— Now you're playing entirely dramatic role. And in the Comedy would you shoot?

— Type in "the help"? Of course! By the way, when I was in Juliane, I participated regularly in the student comedies. I'm very liked. In the end, the emotions that you experience on a film set, have an impact on you. If it is the eternal fear or tears — no wonder that you will quickly run out of steam. But joy and laughter are unable to get bored. So yeah, I'm currently looking for any Comedy project.

— How do you define fame?

I'm trying to strictly differentiate between personal life and work. For example, there are restaurants in Los Angeles and new York, where it is sure to be photographers — I'll never go. If I'm not doing the movie and are not engaged in its promotion, I was becoming extremely difficult to find. I just live a normal life as possible. The majority of people understand my desire to leave the personal personal and no problem. But the wedding was just a nightmare! (Jessica is married to businessman Gian Luca Passi di Proposal. — Approx. ed.). I didn't expect this! Everywhere circling helicopters, paparazzi rushed the fence and climbed trees. I had to accept that this is part of that same glory. Good thing it rarely happens.

Джессика Честейн: «Родив детей, я отодвину карьеру на второй план»

After the movie "Tree of life", which made Jessica a star, only the lazy didn't ask her what it's like to kiss brad, Petchompoo: still from the film

— You collaborated with many Directors-women such as Kathryn Bigelow on "number one Goal". There are differences in their method of work?

— I wouldn't have to share them. The ability to tell a story — that's what's really important. So I can't say that all films should be removed by women, and to campaign for it, but at the same time, it is recognized that women can create successful films in different genres. Action, adventure, fantasy blockbusters — we do everything. In the same way as men, can remove a great romantic Comedy. No sexual limitations that was hammered into our heads over the years.

— Therefore, the number of strong women that played you, all increases and increases?

— Yes, I love heroines who defy society. And because I'm a woman, and this character must be female. In the past ladies in the movie were very one-dimensional, they did not attach special significance. So, a pretty picture against the background of the main character. Now everything is different: the heroine is complex, they have strengths and flaws, complex history... They are multidimensional. They became much more interesting to play. In addition, every woman that I talk while working, too bright, self-sufficient person, a true professional of his craft. So men, it's time to move.

— That is, the situation begins to change...

— Of course. From birth girls are taught that they are easy to replace, so it is necessary to keep all hands and feet for a job, husband and everything you have. And then take another, younger and more impudent. (Laughs.) Want something more — forget it, there's a limit women's opportunities. Agree, hard to live in a world where it is impossible to claim their rights. I think the changes began to occur, precisely because women are just tired of it. They have joined forces together to achieve equality. Only a few at first, but then began to join the others, and all began to slowly turn. In General, I am an ardent feminist. Of course, I'm not going to the barricades, but I believe that my roles are important. For example, after watching "interstellar" or "the Martian", the girl might want to be an astronaut or a quantum physicist. It is important to show strong heroines who succeed in life and in work. It gives a great example of a new generation. Actually, I always wanted to be an actress. The first striking part I remember is Sigourney weaver in Alien. Perhaps that is why I always saw cinema as a way to break gender stereotypes.

Джессика Честейн: «Родив детей, я отодвину карьеру на второй план»

"Men are willing to accept a woman in your world, only if it arouses sexual interest. Intelligence, ambition – all nobody cares"Photo:

— Maybe someone from the family has influenced your beliefs?

Once grandmother told me that a woman can't drive a car. I was surprised to hear this, is, hard, to press on the gas and brake and that I to get behind the wheel in any case impossible. Ladies this. (Smiles.) And I already thought that I can do whatever I want. In the framework of the law, of course. (Laughs.) And nobody has the right to limit me.

The family supported your decision to become an actress?

— Yes, they are very proud. Actually, I the first family were able to get a higher education. But my main ally and support was grandma Marilyn. Sometimes I think I was doing a movie, to please her. Take her with you to the premiere and acquaint with famous actors. For example, presented by al Pacino. His photo has long stood at the grandmother next to the bed. However, not so long ago there appeared the image of Matthew McConaughey...

— Probably, every journalist asks you a question about age...

— Is necessary. And certainly asking what exactly I am, I'm the real numbers never called. Now me, well, forty-one. Yes, a lot. And often I feel so old. To be honest, that feeling never leaves me the last ten years. In fact, during this time, everything changed. In 2011, he released five successful films with my participation, and I began to learn on the streets. I was already over thirty, when other much more successful actress wonder whether it is time to gather in peace, because the best is behind us. (Laughs.) And for me, it's only just begun! My age is actually quite a strange relationship. My younger sister killed herself at twenty-four. We then spoke a little, she lived far away and, as it turned out, was suffering from severe depression. It changed me: my beliefs about success, money, career, relationships and, of course, on the age of the other began. I began to live differently, as is often said — one day. In the end, what does this ridiculous number in the passport? No one knows what will happen tomorrow. Not taken in the picture — nothing to worry about. Changed the guy will survive.

— Is there any other question that you keep asking and which you just can't stand?

— There is such! In fact, with each passing year and with each new film they are becoming more — can have a notebook to write it down. (Laughs.) But first I will remember forever. It was a press conference for "Tree of life", I was then still little-known actress who was lucky to get such a large project. And there starred brad pitt. And, of course, whenever I was asked what it was like to kiss him? Guys, come on, it's just a job! Understand that he is a star, but not so corny to think. By the way, to the casting to the "Tree of life" I was initially do not start wanted. Like, maybe the actor of the calibre of brad pitt to do it is unclear with whom! But nothing broke. (Smiles.) And after painting became famous.

Джессика Честейн: «Родив детей, я отодвину карьеру на второй план»

The chosen one Jessica, who eventually became her husband, far from the world of cinema. Gian Luca Passi di Proposal successfully engaged in fashion minnesotta:

— You're a conspirator, to be honest. No one even knows where exactly you were born...

Just I have my own life. I chose all the hoopla and constant scrutiny of the paparazzi. My family want to live in peace. But the biographical data I do not hide. (Laughs.) About my sister I told, still have four brothers that are still in school. We have, to put it mildly, a poor family: mom works as a cook and his stepfather was a fireman. When I went to Juilliard, they were glad and angry at the same time. They didn't have the money to pay for my studies. But I, fortunately, received a grant from the Foundation of Robin Williams. But thank him never had. Honestly, just shy. After his death still found a way to contribute: I always transfer money to his Fund to other talented, but needy young men and women also could learn in Juliane. I think gratitude is one of the most important qualities. We should appreciate when you help. But here I am a little disingenuous, because help from parents, I stopped taking as soon as went to learn. And so it was hard. So I rented a tiny apartment and put the money in envelopes:"", "phone", "products"... And only a couple of years ago bought their own homes. About my personal life I also try not to tell. It seems that in Hollywood, my reticence was the byword. Now, of course, have nothing to hide — I got married.

— What about your rule of not Dating actors? That's why you chose someone completely different profession?

— I do have such a rule. I want to be sure I'm known thanks to my work, not because they meet some kind of star. Well, it is worth to note one fact: Dating with the stars sheer torture — the constant flashes of cameras, even to eat and talk normally not allowed. In General, I always found it difficult to find a life partner, because my stepfather is a fireman and a real hero, I compare it. Husband, thank God, has no relation to the movie (he's the Director of the Moncler brand), so you can not worry that through me he wants to meet Steven Spielberg or Robert Rodriguez. (Laughs.) He makes me very happy. I think our Union for a long time. I hope so.

— It is possible to wait for the advent of the children?

Yeah, I really want this. I love kids! Perhaps, when they appear, I've got a career, and children will be the center of my life. If only not to become the crazy mom who runs over their crumbs on the Playground and yells, "Sammy, quickly zip up your jacket!" (Laughs.) But if mom and I will not — is not a tragedy. So there are other magic things in life. I don't think that women who decide not to have children is not necessarily right and they should not be condemned. Everyone has a choice.

Sounds pompous, but how do you see your legacy in film?

— I try not to think about it. Only time will tell. It seems to me much more important, am I satisfied with what I'm doing right now, and whether I have to change the world at least a little bit. Yes, I also have pompous left. (Smiles.)


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