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Lena Semenova: "a New song I would dedicate to my son"

On the eve of their tour of the Far East, the singer met with and talked about inspiration, big family travel and baby behind the scenes

The participant of the show "Songs," a teacher of pop-jazz vocals, the singer Lena Semenova combines a busy touring with concerns mom: last year she gave birth to a son in whom doted.

— Lena, it is no secret that last year you became a mom. How do you feel yourself in a new role?

— I couldn't be happier. My son is already a year old, and this year, despite all the complexities and nuances of motherhood were the happiest in my life. I very long could not get pregnant and so now try to spend more time with the child.

— Probably hard to combine touring and care of the child? Do you have a nanny who helps you?

— I am strongly opposed to leave your child on someone else, even if it is very professional person. The child is still too small. My son has two grandmothers and a beloved grandfather — they live in another city but often come to visit. I treasure every moment spent in the company of my boy. Why lion is a real behind-the-scenes baby. With one and a half months, he goes with me to all concerts, filming and events. We even for these purposes, car seat, stroller available. (Smiles.) From the tour while it is necessary to refuse, but to go on vacation with the whole family now turns more often.

Лена Семенова: «Новую песню обязательно посвящу сыну»

During the show, "Songs" Lena met with the leader of the group Therr Maitz Anton Belyaev, the long is, simpatiaga: materials of press-services

And where you have already visited with the baby?

— Your first vacation Leo held in the Maldives, and three months later we visited Turkey. During the flight the boy was asleep. Adaptation to a different climate was uneventful, and the salt water is very fond of the baby. My husband and I really love to travel, have traveled halfway around the world. I think son would follow in our footsteps. (Smiles.)

— Lena, we know that your participation in the TV project "Song" happened almost immediately after the birth of a Lion. Must be hard, have you been to?..

— Indeed, at the casting project, I came across nineteen days after delivery. At the time of filming, his son was two months. The most difficult part for me in all this adventure was to find his former self, confident and strong-willed singer. I as a vocal teacher knew that during pregnancy and after childbirth due to hormonal changes in the body, the voice changes. And it is on "Songs" I had the opportunity to verify this by personal example. Maxim Fadeev, Timothy and Paul Will not miss me in reality: my uncertainty and excitement has let me down. I got a lot of experience and I know one thing: all that is done, the better. I wasn't ready to part with his son for a minute. After participating in the project again started singing lessons, and today we can say that I'm in good shape.

Лена Семенова: «Новую песню обязательно посвящу сыну»

The singer and her husband love to travel and hope that my son will share their passion. In his young age, Leo had already visited the Maldives in Terziite: materials of press-services

— Well, in your vocal Studio, you continue to teach?

— It so happened that my departure on maternity leave coincided with the end of the school year. My most dedicated students received certificates of completion of the Studio "Wooland", and the other guys received from me recommendations went to the world of music and vocals without me. I stopped Studio work for a while, because today, my most important student is the son.

— It's no secret that children inspire. Once you become a mom, you have a new creative idea?

— Indeed, after six months from the time of the birth of Lev Konstantinovich, I really wanted to release a new song that would describe my mental state embracing love. My friend, colleague and author of most of my songs Ilya Gurov offered me a choice of several texts. One of them was a beautiful song under the working title "When a woman loves". It happened with the musical support of Ali Litwinowicz. By the way, in the Studio during the recording of the track along with the authors present and my favorite son — he is my inspiration and source of positive emotions. And recently I was happy to sing for seven thousand spectators in the "Crocus city Hall" on one serious event.

All the creative plans of my weight. In the near future I am planning a recital in my historical homeland — in the beloved city of Yaroslavl. And, of course, have to record new songs, one of which will devote son.


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