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Daria Pogodina: "as a child dreamed of becoming a veterinarian" I asked the actress about the profession, beauty secrets and the most unusual gift on birthday

Actress Daria Pogodin well aware of those who watches TV a few years ago she played a detective in the TV series "the Reader", which was successfully held on the channel TV3. After that, Daria had a lot of different projects, including "the Policeman with the ruble" and "Kitchen in Paris". And last year, the actress debuted on the theatrical stage, when the premiere of the play "the Lover" based on the play by English playwright Harold Pinter.

— Daria, we all come from childhood. Tell me how you were a kid?

— My childhood was the same as most of my peers. Most of the time we spent then it is not in gadgets, and in the yards where we played, built huts, which the boys then pulled down, and we, the girls, and was very upset. We tore the ash from the trees, jumped into the house, ran with the boys to catch-up, loved to play hide and seek. In fact, it was always fun and interesting. Sometimes in my dreams I'm going back to that time and realize that childhood is a special time, unique and, of course, unique... (Smiles.) Despite this activity, we had time to go to school and attend different hobby groups. For example, I worked in the drama Studio at the youth Theater, although at the time of becoming an actress I was not, I wanted to do a different — to become a veterinarian and care for animals.

— If it were possible, what would you change in your childhood?

— If I could change something, it's likely friends with other people, at least, more carefully to choose a girlfriend. Despite the fact that my memories of childhood in the most part bright and cheerful, I can not mention that they are a little overshadowed by the fact that some of my then friends was quite rude and aggressive girls, which had started to smoke. And yet, a little then, I would have extended the child years to 25... (Smiles.) It was too fast it ends! And, what is most offensive, it cannot be undone. But if it was a happy one, we can always in my dreams for a while to go back!

— Your desire to become an actress somehow affected parents? They have, as they say now, motivated?

The most important motivation, in my opinion, this is a personal example. The love of theater I really instilled in my mom. It is very early to take me to theatre, so I became a theatre-goer and realized that I wanted to be an actress, I was attracted by the scene, the world of the theater — complex, interesting, unpredictable. It was then that I realized that the years spent in the children's drama Studio, not passed for me for nothing, I beckons this world.

— Is it true that the first education you the Manager? You needed the knowledge gained?

— Since I have one not worked a day in their specialty, the only place where I can use my knowledge, it is the stores. (Smiles.) Yes, I graduated from the Institute of Management and business, but in the end chose a different profession. As is often the case for teen parents decide where to go, whom to study, what to become. Although at first it seemed to me that I could be a good leader, I liked some items at the Institute, but quickly I lost interest. Nevertheless, I graduated from the correspondence Department of the Nizhny Novgorod Institute of management and business, already living in Moscow.

Дарья Погодина: «В детстве мечтала стать ветеринаром»

Daria did not immediately want to become accrisoft: materials of press-services

— What do you think, what qualities should an actor to succeed? And what is the fundamental difference between these two ways?

Like any other profession, acting requires a full commitment, diligence, physical and emotional strength, patience. Success is quite a complex concept. You can have one or two successful film/play, and then years of emptiness. Yes, it is considered that it is better to play in one high-profile project, the memory of which will remain forever, than 100 bad. But it's not just from the actor but from many circumstances. How many examples of well made picture failed at the box office, because it was released at a bad time or a marketing campaign "not included" in the audience. How many brilliant actors sometimes act in third-rate films, because they need to earn money. The circumstances are different. Success is ephemeral thing, but I understand what you mean. The actor must be "thick-skinned", to perceive the criticism, the rejections at the auditions, be immune to envy of peers. People with a complex character can be difficult to find a common language with the Director, producer. But it also happens that the person is very light, comfortable, hard-working, talented, in the end, and it comes. Everything must coincide — the time, place, situation, the request of the audience.

With the theatre a little differently, this kind of art is also massive, but not like the movie. The theatre mostly go to those who loves and understands him. This audience is more selective and demanding, if you want. While I have no so much experience to analyze and talk about what you need in order to succeed in the theater. At least, to love what you do. But in the theatre and there are those who don't like working on stage. Everyone chooses their own path. There are actors who are equally good both on set and in the theatre. There are those who are closer to one or the other.

— How do you usually prepare for a new role? How do you prepare? Perhaps do yoga, visit the Spa, listen to classical music... in short, do you have any personal ritual?

In interviews I am often asked this question. (Smiles.) Yoga and Spa go, soon after filming or performance, and not before. If you're too relaxed, you will be able to work?

No rituals I have, of course not. Just trying to play with no one to talk to, especially on the phone. The internal energy should be protected. During the rehearsals, in the movies, in the theater, I'm so used to his character, taking on the role that special attitude I don't need anymore. I hit the floor/stage and work. It still depends on the project. Series, for example, are shot in a certain way, at their own pace, there is not to deep settings and dives, here's another speaker. And in the movie a single scene can take a few hours just because the Director is not getting the desired result, or is not the weather, if shooting on location, or something else.

— That you are now interesting in your creative life?

— I continue to work in the theater, and immediately on two projects. One of them is "Lover". We are very pleased that the play finds such a positive response from the viewer. And although we went on tour with him and not just in Moscow, I still get nervous before going on stage. But, once there, the excitement is instantly! Because the images of our heroes are already so beaten, Nikolai Perminov improvise, occasionally departing from the script. Our Director Vladimir Malinko believes that we have reached such a result when you can afford a little freedom, in the end, our performance is Comedy. Most importantly, the audience was happy!

Also recently premiered a new show with my participation "Dodger for hire", where my partners are Oskar Kuchera, Viktor Loginov, Hope Angarsk, Timur Eremeev and others. Director — Nina Chusova. This play is also about relationships. They say all married couples will undergo crisis in their relations. Family life begins to seem too slow and boring. And often it is this way of thinking draws the tantalizing prospect of something new on the side...and our heroes, Boris and his wife Faith, secretly to each other began to have a desire to realize their romantic fantasies with someone else. But can you? That is the question! Caught in the maelstrom of events, sometimes very absurd and comical to the point of tears, they finally would have been starved, if not for their faithful housekeeper Pasha — handyman with a rare culinary flair. Helpless in the home and personal life, the owners entrust the Pasha his fate, and he has to keep the warmth of the hearth. Though not disinterested.

Дарья Погодина: «В детстве мечтала стать ветеринаром»

"Actor must be "thick-skinned", to perceive the criticism, the rejections at the auditions, to be immune to envy of one's peers"Photo: materials of press-services

— Your greatest accomplishment, what do you think? Optional role, which you are most proud of, perhaps, personal achievement.

It's difficult for me to evaluate myself and to be honest, I don't really like. I try to live so as not to disturb anyone, not to bring inconvenience, and to help. If I get it, fine. But I'm definitely not going to flaunt it and to evaluate from the perspective of achievements. As for my profession, I hope that my best role is yet to come. I am happy that you love your work.

— Do you have any family traditions?

Our family has always loved to welcome and entertain guests. So our house is famous for its hospitality, warmth and generosity. Mother with pleasure covers a large table, where all relatives and friends. We decided to celebrate all the family holidays and celebrations. As far as I remember, on the celebration of his birthday, I always invited friends: first kindergarten, then school, then Institute.

— What in your family was unacceptable?

Bad and irresponsible attitude towards animals. In early childhood I dreamed of becoming a veterinarian: a love of animals instilled in me, of course, mother. Once I picked up on the street ginger kitten, he lived with us for 20 years and was not just a pet but a true member of the family. Today we are living with a Brit named Chateau, I decided to have already in quite conscious age. His long sought and selected, and when found, immediately realized that the name had to be unusual — Chateau, Chateau Marmont, wine or "medieval castle". Chateau cat with character, and with what! Real hunter: hunts and he's right at home and those who live in it with him. If you go in the evening along the corridor, be prepared for the fact that you are attacked without warning. Of course, this is just a game, but we always get scared, and he, apparently, this story is a pleasure. When the Chateau was not yet a year, he was diagnosed with a rare and very dangerous disease, he underwent complicated surgery, opened the chest and moved to place the internal organs. We then very worried for him and tried to protect him from all possible problems. Today it is surrounded by our love and care and feels good.

— You are a creative person, where do you find inspiration? Do you have any Hobbies? What are you reading?

— I am inspired by all beautiful things, from nature, your favorite music, art, and architecture to movies, plays, read books. I'm everywhere trying to find sources for positive emotions. Love to travel, I think that travel can be gleaned so many ideas for inspiration — take, for example, Venice: its spirit and flavor give incomparable charge for creativity. I love to read, my favorite authors are Mario Vargas Llosa, Emma Donoghue, Gustave Flaubert, Oscar Wilde. In painting prefer Northern Renaissance — the mysterious Bosch and consummate landscape painter and master of genre scenes of Pieter Bruegel. Cannot imagine myself without classical music: one of my favorite composers — Donizetti.

— You can not imagine yourself on the set or stage and in some other roles that have nothing to do with the movie?

— Yes you can! Can, for example, imagine yourself in many years the owner of a cozy trattoria somewhere on the picturesque banks of the Mediterranean sea.

Дарья Погодина: «В детстве мечтала стать ветеринаром»

"Since I am impulsive, I find it difficult to plan something in advance"Photo: materials of press-services

— What are the genres of movies closer to you: Comedy, drama, action? What projects I would like to try yourself? In what roles I see myself in the first place?

— I'm interested in all genres: Comedy, romance, and even action. Of course, I would like to try myself in each of them and really hope I get the chance. I, for my part, will put all its forces. If we talk about roles, I'm interested in equally typical and dramatic roles. I'd say I'm more attracted to the role of negative characters. They are interesting to understand and look for why they have become so, to find justification for them and assign the role to yourself.

— Not far off the main holiday of the year. Where and how do you plan to celebrate the New year?

— Since I am impulsive, I find it difficult to plan something in advance, I prefer to prepare for the holiday shortly before it began. Yes, on the New year people usually think about two months or three, but this is not my case. By and large I don't care where I'll be in the warm tropics on the island or in the snowy mountains. As long as it's not corny. I hope my young man will come up with something interesting and mysterious!

— Can you remember the most unusual gift you have ever done?

— Favorite gave me a gift of a trip to the most mysterious and remote island — Easter Island in the Pacific ocean. It was an unforgettable journey! In General, I am always glad to any gifts. The gift may be expensive or the easiest, it doesn't matter. The main thing — the mood and emotions that it evokes.

— And last question: your script is a perfect day?

— Sleep, leisurely enjoy your coffee under the sound of the ocean. Under a light breeze to open the script with the new role and the gentle eyes to take in the study of the text. (Smiles.)


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