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Svetlana Kolpakova: "I'm not lazy, though Muscovite"

The actress is convincing in the images of the naive provincial girls, because she misses the purity of feelings. Details — in interview

Charismatic and distinctive, it fills their roles with a whole sheaf of bright colors, so it's impossible not to succumb to this charm. For reference a Russian appearance and prowess most often she is invited to play simple women from the Russian hinterland, and Muscovite Svetlana Kolpakova famously cope with them without problems grasp his style and patter. She is one of those Actresses who does not compromise, professional relevance appreciate more fame and even a long time personal life was overshadowed. About this star told in an interview with "Vibe".

— Svetlana, you know, I haven't talked to successful actress-the Muscovite?..

— A few people believe, among other things, that I've lived here since birth and Vernadsky Prospekt, Vorob'evy Gory my home. Apparently, so deceived by my appearance, and imbued with characters from somewhere in Ryazan or Voronezh. In principle, I think, doesn't matter of you or the periphery, it is important who you are and what you can. Many of the leading artists was not born in the capital of our country, and what great provincials! But I'm not lazy, though, and Muscovite. (Smiles.)

— Thanks to the profession you probably tour a lot. Tell, whether there is a difference between the inhabitants of the capital and urozhencami regions?

— You know, not really. If it was, it is clearly long been erased. Though perhaps people in the regions more independent and purposeful.

— And they kinder?

— I believe that it is impossible to measure these categories. All individually. Yes, the filming of the series "Native shore" in the Perm region, I was faced with an unprecedented warmth, openness to local residents, with their desire to help. They gave us their cows, trained Actresses competent milking, haymaking rules... But among hereditary Muscovites are many equally sincere and friendly people.

Светлана Колпакова: «Я не ленивая, хотя и москвичка»

Fame among the General public Svetlana brought the role in the TV series "Mom"Photo frame from the series

And with the view that fashion in different cities perceive differently, you do not agree?

— In an era when the Internet is available everywhere, even weird to talk about it. Fashionable characters now appear everywhere. I think that to look stylish girls of any place of residence. Now I have a closet quite diverse. I don't mind dressing up for publication, but for every day dress up is quite simple, I'm not one of those passers-by turn around. Still, my lust for selecting the ideal suit was more pronounced in the work, not outside of it. I was there looking for expressiveness of the image and underachievement.

— Tell, and what you have to work the strongest motivation?

— Doing things you love. At me all is simple — I have a child wanted to act, be on stage, thus to realize their potential, to share with the audience energy. So in my life and there was a wonderful children's ensemble named Loktev, with whom I toured the country and the world. I remember our gala concerts with the choir and orchestra in the Tchaikovsky hall...

— So you were the perfect child busy?

— I roamed the yards, in the discos, especially not misbehaved, so serious problem with me do not arise. But mischief nevertheless I was inherent. I regularly due to excessive activity broken arms and legs and brought trouble to their parents. My older sister who is now a doctor ultrasound was quieter. (Smiles.)

— All child you only danced, listened to music, but not singing, right?

— Of course. Only after the Higher drama school named Shchukin, when I went to the Moscow art theatre, and later Oleg Pavlovich jokingly admitted that he took me "out of greed, to such have not got anyone" (smiles) — were distributed to performances with live vocals. It became immediately clear that my voice is completely raw, so I went to the teacher. Did it with pleasure because I like to work hard. By the way, this is my teacher said that you need to develop only a rumor, but the singing can absolutely everyone, apparently, and so inspiring. Now the result is already much better and I feel freer. Although still rejoice that directed by Konstantin Bogomolov, for example, can sometimes be dissembled — there is such a role. (Smiles.) I love theme nights at Maria Stanislavovna Brusnikina, either on Christmas day or the works of the war years! There are very responsible because you're singing from my side and you can't hide behind the character.

Светлана Колпакова: «Я не ленивая, хотя и москвичка»

The image of Princess Radmila, "the Golden Horde"Photo: materials of press-services

— It's funny what a dramatic actress you are advised to become a mum-the economist...

— It's true. She saw something special in me, something that was manifested first, in a characteristic folk dance, and later in modern dance, I got carried away. After graduating from high school I stood at a crossroads, and mom suggested the right choice. I went at random. Learned one, and the most banal fable, one of the same poem and piece of prose. With this minimal set went to take the exams. A rare stroke of luck, I did the first time. Because people are stubbornly prepared, it happens for years stormed the University. And here again — and already a College student. I read "the Crow and the Fox", Zoshchenko "the Unequal marriage" and Akhmatova. When I said, "How helpless the chest cold with...", the members of the Commission from laughter began to slide under the table, and I was accepted. A few months later I finally asked my teacher, so then I laugh. "Have you seen his chest?! She can not helplessly cold!" — I had the answer.

— Why are you late and still graduated from graduate school at the Department of plastic expressiveness of the actor?

— Believe me, it was helpful. The more skills, the more you are in demand. Moreover, such training never superfluous, it is perfectly supported shape.

— Speaking about it. We meet in a cafe shop that serves ecological food. This means that you simply fan of a healthy lifestyle?

— In connection with a new project for the First channel where I play a major role, I decided that I sense more clearly identify their perfect shape and lose five pounds. (Smiles.) The screen, as you know, adds non-existent pounds, and there's no escape. So I seriously took up the body, cut yourself a sweet tooth, carbs, drinking natural black water from a deep well.

— As I understand it, from time to time you resort to such extreme measures. I read that a few years ago, you're looking trim that Oleg Tabakov has advised you to return to your normal weight...

— Yes, it was, and I to the master listened. But anyway, since I'm a tall girl, I need to be careful to weight. Saves my crazy mobility. I was a child was restless and she enjoys dancing for the soul jazz, modern, choreographing, stretching in the machine in the hall. In the end I have the same dad coach gymnastics, and I know many secrets. How else a nice bath for the General tone!

Светлана Колпакова: «Я не ленивая, хотя и москвичка»

For the role in the new TV series "ulterior motives", the actress learned to ride motocicletta: Olga Surovzeva

— It is believed that the owners of dogs unlike the cat owner is much healthier and more active, and you just live Labrador...

— Labric chocolate with honey eyes. Incredible handsome and a very demanding character. No idea how terribly hard this morning to force myself to get up by the howling, dressed for a walk... Dog appeal I have already replaced the alarm clock. But I am familiar: as I can remember, we always had dogs.

With the father-athlete, you are probably close any kind of competition. How, in your opinion, in the acting profession strong competitive moment?

— Hardly it is there. How can you compete in such a subjective field? I'm a man not weak, but never set himself the task of struggle, like who is better will play. Taste at all different, just professionalism.

— How in your opinion, what are the advantages in front of colleagues do you have?

To say it is extremely immodest.

— You are the winner of the youth award "Triumph". What you mean awards?

Oh that was gigantic to me in advance. Now it is stored in the parental home.

— You have brilliant work in the films "the Golden Horde", "the Last hero", in the TV series "the Thaw", "Native beach", "Moms", "Secrets of the city EN"... what's your theatrical employment today?

— I play "Snuff" in "the Seagull", and in Mat I have about ten performances.

Theater for you home or office?

— Neither that nor another. Home is still where the family is. And the theatre is my business. In a global sense. And this is a perfect, regular training. Only in the space of the stage actor creatively grows daily, unless running around in the crowd. But I love no less. I was lucky with these roles-gifts. For example, now nearly a week removed in St. Petersburg in the full meter — in debut film "the Ancestor" by Maxim Zykov. Play the strict teacher. Also already filmed for the national TV channel a great series of Fluty Farshatova "Diary of a new Russian". There is also an interesting story. I'm happy being in working condition.

Светлана Колпакова: «Я не ленивая, хотя и москвичка»

Svetlana admits that he feels himself as the eternal child. And it shows in her ability to be happy, infoto:

— You have a role as a battle ax. Directors often directly use the texture...

— This is not surprising — typical movie in General art. The chances are that I will get to play the girl-Daisy, no, that's a fact. But I'm inside it are not. I'm fragile, but persistent, not a sentimental romantic. Although I have so much mixed... And I am sincerely curious my heroine. Especially because the source data they are quite heterogeneous, and the paintings of various genres. Definitely not feeling a certain repetition.

— You have one hundred percent hit in the aesthetics of the last century...

— A notice. And I myself sometimes find myself on the fact that it is not today's hero. Now the trend is glamorous, but it is not my pattern — he is so indiscreet and the same! I represent the generation of the eighties, but I was close to the last paint — a kind of openness, naivety in the best sense of the word. When I watch old Soviet movies, you share the views of their characters — not as cynical as the current one. I still don't agree with the statement that the time is always the same. No, they change significantly. Before the whole idea was to invite a girl on a date. Now, thanks to the gadgets that path no longer seems so timid. Often I have some nagging feeling, when I once again enjoy the masterpieces of the Soviet cinema, whether he Ryazanov, Nikita Mikhalkov... Today, the picture of reality is different. But I'm far from perfect and trying to justify the actions of others, find some explanations.

— Can you name the product, the analogue of which you would like to participate?

— I am a fan of the American TV series "the handmaid's Tale". There are two excellent season, and last summer in Italy I sat and watched them without stopping. I love everything that makes woody Allen... I Think you need to try yourself in different forms. I would have responded with enthusiasm to the Comedy...

— Due to the optimism of nature?

— Including. I'm not a hypochondriac. Why offend the fate of moping? I'm Aries by zodiac sign and continue to believe that the best is still ahead.

— You have never been seen in long-running projects, generating stable earnings. You are discerning in the choice of material?

— Of course. I need to sincerely illuminate the scenario. I'm not obsessed with the net making money. But, frankly, haven't encountered a situation when I was offered a fabulous fee, and there would be nothing to play. Fortunately, so far everything is going organic — I come across good material. Recently I played in short films, student thesis work, and it was great!

When fatigue accumulates, what kind of holiday do you prefer?

— This formula have been invented — a change of activity. In my case, changing the stage to the Studio and Vice versa. Vacation rarely allow myself. Can outline, but if you get approval for the role, no problem relax and lay their heads in the process. I guess I have a decent supply of natural energy, you do not want to restore too often. (Smiles.) But if it does fly away, the place chosen as a pensioner — in silence, in the water, away from the action.

— You seem extremely household girl...

— It is misleading. I'm damn bad! I don't have hours to clean and cook. I prefer to eat in the cafe. But I blame myself for indifference to life. I even flat, in the South-West, bought ready to avoid the repair and decoration. For their own property I have to thank Oleg Pavlovich. He helped many young actors of the theater — we bought a house at the lowest prices.

— For shopping you are also indifferent?

— Of course not. Here I am wasteful. And Pro Spa-procedures, massages, cosmetologists are spent, without remorse, since feel good about yourself. (Smiles.) While this does not pin up — trust in mother nature. Personality first and foremost.

And there are traits that you would be destroyed?

— I'm irritable, touchy, impatient, stubborn — enough?

— You have a lot of male friends?

— They are. I easily find common language with the opposite sex. But friends, I'm certainly not deprived.

— White-skinned gray-eyed blonde is bound to be a Heartbreaker...

— You think so? I can only say that the white skin is extremely sensitive: partner caught somehow failed — and just a bruise! (Smiles.) You may not believe me, but I initially was not of that breed of girls that are permanently configured to novels. Although talent I can't help but fall in love. In any case, in the area of real love I came quite late — at the other was focused.

Светлана Колпакова: «Я не ленивая, хотя и москвичка»

"I was not of that breed of girls that are permanently configured to novels. And in the area of real love came quite late"Photo:

— And acting is no experience required?

Is like writing: if something is missing, saves fantasy. She's limitless. A vivid imagination helps, as faith in the alleged circumstances. It's an axiom: to play bitter drunk, you don't need to be an alcoholic. However, playing the loving, it is desirable to fall under the charm of the partner.

Is your heart taken?

— Yes, and my part of our creative environment, but not an artist.

— That's a plus?

— I since a youth was not provided the counterpart. There were proposals but I rejected. Still, this profession imposes a specific imprint: tenderness, moodiness, need to be liked. I didn't see myself as the eternal comfort girls that soothes, approve or be sure to line up the pattern role, and so on. (Smiles.)

— What you captured in your choice?

— Giftedness. Masculinity. Respect me, care. This man does so much for me... including feeding Breakfast, dinner, tolerate my emotional outbursts stress. I do have a natural terminator, although friendly. But in General, with this person I feel on the pedestal. (Smiles.)

— How to think, what actions of men can not be forgiven?

— I wouldn't want to face deception, betrayal.

— What things are you proud of?

— On a motorcycle learned how to ride. Receive such sarcastic reply? I for humorous dialogue. I daily try to enter laughing, the irony. The laughter prolongs life. Alas, ever come across on the overly serious attitude of people to themselves, to others, to circumstances. It's such a misconception...

— Once you said that you live an eternal child. In what ways?

— For example, that I can't get bored of the rides. Now, unfortunately, closed in Gorky Park, and so would I after our conversation probably went there! (Smiles.)


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