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Roman Curtin: "I have a lot of Flaws, but I carefully concealed"

The star of the sitcoms are about muscle mass and the actor's arrogance

Roman Curtin is very convincing in the role of the coach in the TV series "Fitness". As, however, and in other roles that he played in the series "Ship", "Krym", "Superbboy.People's Avengers", "I lose weight". met with the Novel and discussed the cheating in the movie, lean muscle mass and dramatic audacity.

Roman, I personally was not surprised when I saw you in the role of a fitness instructor. Probably, sample was not special?

— I was immediately invited to be the lead, and I was approved before we approved the rest of the cast. The only thing I was asked by the producer — that I was in peak physical shape to such Kurzyna haven't seen on the television screens of our country. That is requested that I, in fact, did not get out of the gym.

— What have you been doing?..

— Yes, I started to prepare for this project three months before its beginning. And during filming, and they sat on a rigid diet and twice a day went to the gym. The training was diverse. This karate, and tumbling, and crossfit, and gym rocking. Because my hero is a fitness coach Oleg — professional needs to know all the nuances. And I had in this subject deepened. So I can declare with all responsibility that I now more and a good coach. (Smiles.)

Роман Курцын: «Недостатков у меня полно, но я их тщательно скрываю»

"On the set of "Fitness," I said, "Guys, if you forget the text — no complaints to me, because I play the role, I'm dumb Jock"Photo: materials of press-services

— If to speak about the details: how many pounds of muscle you've gained for these shots?

— My weight all the time 77 kg at growth of 177. I gained three pounds of lean muscle mass. The guys who are preparing to compete in bodybuilding, keep the diet in fifteen hundred calories for two weeks, and I have such a diet was for four months. Because athletes just one day to act, and then they can gain body fat and do a thick skin. And I had to stay in the same physical form for three months. But it was worth it. I was happy with my body at one hundred percent, so I can't say that strongly suffer. Like sometimes sweet, but I had some days when I eat everything that I want. My hero Oleg these days wanted soup, and I was drawn to sweets and ice creams.

— Trying to understand how such a schedule could fit the time in to learn the text...

— I admit, I had problems with the text: I never had 7 projects, little sleep. But sometimes you have to speak great monologues, which I forgot the text. And we have even introduced fines for every mistake I did pushups for fifteen or more times. With each error, this number was multiplied by two. When reached 150 push-UPS in one take, I said, "Guys, if you forget the text — no complaints to me, because I play the role, I'm dumb Jock". (Laughs.)

Роман Курцын: «Недостатков у меня полно, но я их тщательно скрываю»

After starring in the TV series "Fitness" of the Novel had to drop muscle mass to play a rock musician, is very similar to Kurt, Cubanate:

— No matter what advice you could give to those who decided to buy the same uniform as you?

— You need to listen to your body and how to live in harmony with yourself. And if you feel harmonious, being thick, you the shit in this state, then continue to do so. And if you want to change something do it, no one listening. First of all, motivation is important. The strongest man is a motivated man: for the profession, or his girlfriend, or himself first.

— Admit it, you do have a flaw?

— Fully. (Laughs.) But I carefully conceal. This probably better to ask the people who communicate with me. Well, I guess arrogance and self — confidence of my flaws. Although I don't know if you call them flaws or all the same advantages? I, on the contrary, it always helped, although I the people said: "Curtin, you have been so arrogant! Why? You know who this man is? He is the General producer of all of the General producers! Why are you talking to him?" And it works! Arrogance and confidence, I think, on the contrary, help. The main thing — to believe in yourself and yourself, then others will not dare to doubt you. If I say, for example, that's not my role, I work so hard! I went to the producers in the office, insisted, nine times, show me off, but I continued: shaved bald, dressed like a bum that only did not do, to play the role when he was a hundred percent confident in it.

— Shooting in the TV series "Fitness" is already finished. Now you allow yourself to relax and have everything you want?

— Now I have another story. I lost seven pounds because I play a rock star, conditional Kurt Cobain if he lived in Russia, in feature film directed by Paul Ruminov. Had to drain all your muscle mass and be that lean guy with a guitar and drums. So worried about this: I'm as much meat increased the role of the fitness coach, first time in my life, happy with yourself! Interestingly, for the second season of the series about fitness I'll have to go back to Oleg, who saw the whole country.

Роман Курцын: «Недостатков у меня полно, но я их тщательно скрываю»

Roman Curtin refuses to comment on personal life. Nevertheless, we know that with his future wife Anna Nazarova he met in the Yaroslavl theatrical Institute. Couple together since 2003. In 2017 they had, sentto:

— And your free time you also pay only a sports hobby or is your hobby list something not connected with preparation for the role?

— No, it's 24 hours a day is either preparing for a role, or to work on the next project. Even on weekends when I'm not, this process does not stop. I can watch a movie, eat, crossword puzzles, exercise, but inside of me all the time is the ongoing process of preparation for the next project. And in most cases over the weekend, I still learn something new. For example, now learning to play the guitar and drums. Already know that as soon as I have the day off, go to the Studio to rehearse new songs, record tracks, the voice, music and so on. That is, can't even call this day a holiday.

— Before you owned some musical instruments?

— No, I did not own. By the way, in the movie "Grandma easy virtue" I play a star in the NHL, but never in my life before that was not on skates. However, six studies have already started to drive! Movie fake (laughs). And I did it very well to deceive the audience in the given circumstances, which I provide, and make believe my hero.


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