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Igor jijikin: "In work I am a cosmopolitan" he discussed with the actor fights on the set, domestic conflicts, as well as dogs and training schedule

Igor jijikin became part of the team for the new series "the Joker-3. On the hunt" premiere November 11 on REN TV, and turned into a not very positive character.

— Igor, tell us about your character on the show...

— I play mean and nasty person. He only thinks about himself and his interests, and ready by any means these interests must be protected, because he believes that everything is permitted. I have shown the worst side to such characters did not appear in our lives.

— As far as I know, on the set you had to show off not only her acting, but also physical training...

— Yes, the main character, played by Dmitry klepatsky, we had a fight. But, thank God, Dima a professional actor and professional martial arts. A pleasure to work with such people who do everything well, so not to worry. But still when filming such scenes we tried each other not to hurt.

And in ordinary life, when was the last time you had someone to fight?

— It was a very long time. I hope I never have to. I'm already old enough to go to some stupid conflicts.

Игорь Жижикин: «В работе я космополит»

Bright charisma allows Igor to play sharply negative characters. In the "Joker 3" actor got it, califato: materials of press-services

— Your roles often involve sports and a healthy lifestyle. And how is it really?

— I try every day to go to the gym. Prefer to do everything little by little. In the gym I stretch, martial arts, acrobatics. I used to be fond of special sports: swimming, pentathlon. And now I train for health. In General, whenever possible I still try to lead a healthy lifestyle. But, unfortunately, does not always work and often eat properly and go to bed on time, because a lot of night shots, travel, flights...

— If you receive free and special physical training, what you love to do?

— I love to read anything interesting. I'm all the time looking for new scenarios, some stories for plays and films. Plus I have family commitments.

— It is no secret that you live in two countries. In some of them spend more time?

— Lately I spend more time here in Russia. Before that more in America. In General, it does not matter where, because the time I spend, and busy with work. In this respect, I am a cosmopolitan. If tomorrow I will offer an interesting project in Mongolia for a year or two, I'll be there to live, work and play. Recently traveled to China last summer was in Bulgaria, then another movie filmed in this country, and I'm three months left — that is, almost six months spent there. I travel a lot: in Belarus, often, in Ukraine — Yes, everywhere!

Игорь Жижикин: «В работе я космополит»

The actor live in the house with two dogs, besides Igor helps shelters to find homeless animals, joseite:

— And in Russia do not miss when you have long travel?

— I always miss Russia. When you come to Los Angeles, miss Moscow, and when you arrive in Moscow — Los Angeles. I'm still there for almost thirty years, so of course, this is also my second home. I am very glad that I have the opportunity to frequent these two cities.

Your Instagram always featured incredibly cute animals. It may seem that some of them live at home...

— Yes, I have two dogs: York and Corgi. And what you see on Instagram, is I so, to the extent possible, support shelters for homeless animals.

— It seems to mean that you are a very austere man. And what you really are? How you want to create the image of a movie similar to you personally?

— All depends on the situation and the people with whom I communicate. I can be angry. But if not anger, then I am good and kind. If you see that a person is despicable, it goes negative and it behaves very rudely, I'll be treated the same. I don't like to swear. Always try to find a compromise and solve the problem. But, of course, like any person, I can ruffle.

— And can you be soft and fluffy?

— It also depends on the people with whom I associate. Even saying this is: treat people the way you want them to treat you. But their interests must be defended, sometimes you need to be able to be hard. But mostly I people are very good. I am a positive person...


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